COVID-19 club guidelines

in light of the rapidly changing environment that we are finding ourselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic, the club would like to set some standards for our group rides to keep everyone safe.

if you have recently travelled internationally or been in close contact with someone who has recently travelled, then the normal 14 day isolation rules extend to the group training rides a well.

if you have flu like symptoms (cough, fever, etc) then self isolation is a must and group rides would be a no-go.

although reports are that a high percentage of cases are mild and healthy adults recover without incident, the risk of spreading to the more fragile members of our community is high. this is an unnecessary risk that others don’t need to be exposed to.

as with most viruses of this type, you are often contagious before you show symptoms. therefore good hygiene is important during a ride. spitting and blowing your nose should only be done away from the group as this can create an airborne cloud that is inhaled by other riders.

social distancing is the new catch cry and this means that spending times in close proximity to others should be minimised. although we would never stop anyone having a coffee after the ride, please be aware of, and practice good hygiene habits. hugs, handshakes and sharing food should be restricted.

the federal government has advised that gatherings of over 500 people are to be cancelled and although this does not affect us yet, that number could reduce in coming weeks/months. at this stage the club AGM will still go ahead next week and we will update if anything changes. the goal of the club is for everyone to remain safe and healthy.

peter mah
president – south perth rouleurs

One thought on “COVID-19 club guidelines”

  1. Peter,
    another thing for reflection for the committee is that in the unlikely event of a serious outbreak such as other countries are experiencing, social riding can be still a risk for the health care system. Italy is experiencing a shortage of intense care spots and life support facilities at the hospital, therefore a potential bike incident that would result in a serious outcome would add additional pressure to the heath care system.
    Thanks for everything you are doing.

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