spr club pandemic guidelines

UPDATE: as per the advice from Westcycle on the 17th March, we are now at level 3. This means rides are still on, but it is recommended that there is no physical social contact before or after the ride. Training can still continue, but nothing more.
the spr committee has been in discussion throughout the day as to how we deal with the changing landscape created by COVID-19. we have developed the following strategy and just want to explain where we currently sit and what the next steps may be. again, we are not trying to enforce rules for the sake of it, but rather trying to find that balance between keeping our members and their families safe and providing training opportunities for as long as possible.
we have identified 4 levels of operation with each step further limiting social interaction.
level 1 is self-explanatory and is our default state.
level 2 is where we currently believe we are at this point in time. social distancing means not cramming into shared spaces and limiting physical contact to shared items. as such we are postponing the AGM to a later date. increase awareness of hygiene both on the ride and in social situations needs to be observed. juniors riding at parents discretion.
level 3 is social isolation and we do not recommend any social interaction after the ride. cycling itself is generally a non-contact sport and it is believed that the risk is lessened as long as you observe the previously mentioned hygiene guidelines. we will not stop anyone having a coffee after a ride, but at the same time we will not be recommending it. junior rides will be cancelled.
level 4 is a total restriction of any physical interaction. many areas in europe are now on total lockdown and there is no reason not to believe that australia may be heading the same way. if that situation occurs, we will endeavour to organise as many online rides as we possibly can.
as a club, we are here for our members and we are committed to keeping them as safe as possible. we are also aware that we provide a “service” by offering club training rides, so finding that balance is what we are endeavouring to achieve.
peter mah – president
on behalf of the south perth cycle club committee