COVID-19 SPR Group Ride Replacement – Zwift Baby!!

So, as we know all SPR group rides have been cancelled. But that doesn’t mean we can’t ride together…virtually.

This morning was the first of what we hope will become an evolving opportunity for us to remain connected and operate as a Club where fun, inclusive, social rides can be conducted in a ‘safe’ environment…our homes!

While we still work out the details of a regular, reliable & sustainable ride program will look like, we’re keen to still offer rides that service our members needs.

This Thursday, at 5:30am (good to keep us regular) we will kick off a virtual ride on Zwift that will aim to replicate a typical Thursday ride…hard for the ‘G1/2’ riders and ‘solid’ for the ‘G3/4’ riders.

We will do 2 laps of the Sand and Sequoias course. The first lap we will run between 2.5 and 3w/kg. The second lap will see the G1/2 riders kick off and go as hard as they like/can. G3/4 will remain solid at 2.5 – 3w/kg. If you want a 3rd lap…be my guest!

In order to join the ride you need to be registered on Zwift and ‘Follow’ me (Rob Ramsden SPR). You will then be able to be included in the invitation list of the Zwift Meet Up. Please put “SPR” after your name in the Profile section of Zwift so I can see you! If none of this makes sense and you need help, email me!

Some suggestions to improve the ride/rider experience:
1. try to keep your cadence as steady as possible and avoid surging – aim to work between 75-90rpm
2. try to stay in the middle of the group (not near the edges) as much as possible to maximise the draft effect (you achieve this by minor adjustments to your cadence…’cos you can’t ‘steer’!)
3. watch the w/kg reading of the other riders in the group; aim to match someone you know is about your capability level in real life