2020 South Perth Cycle Club Annual General Meeting.

As previously mentioned, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant a number of changes to the way that we need to operate. Although restrictions in our state are beginning to lift, group riding to the scale that our club is accustomed to, are still not a possibility due to the number of people in our initial gathering.
How we proceed beyond these restrictions is a matter in which the committee will need to spend a great deal of time and energy debating. As such, we are keen to establish our 2020 committee as soon as possible after our initial AGM was cancelled.

The outline of this AGM will be very different to how we normally run things, but we feel that the important aspects are still covered. The agenda will be as follows –

  1. Open AGM and vacate all committee positions
  2. Members are invited to complete a voting form on establishing a new committee
  3. Members are invited to request a report and ask any questions of the club
  4. Voting closes midnight Saturday 23rd May
  5. Results of the Voting are counted and new committee is confirmed
  6. Questions raised will be answered by the outgoing committee and provided to all attendees

Although this will all be electronic, the basis of our normal AGM is covered with all committee positions vacated, new members voted in, reports made available and the ability to ask questions. Feedback will be made available after the votes have been counted and the new committee confirmed.

The voting form can be found here and contains the profiles of each nomination. The four standing positions (pres, vice-pres, treas & sec) need to be individually nominated for and since we only had one nomination per position, you don’t need to make a choice, just a vote.
The general committee positions were a bit more popular. There are 7 positions and we have 9 nominations. These nominations represent a quite a diverse group which is great for the club. Remember, voting for a committee is voting for who you think be best placed to represent all aspects of the club and ensuring that each type of rider gets a voice (gender, race/recreation, experience, skillset).
Things will eventually return to normal but at the moment, we have no idea when that will be. However, the club will continue and we need to be ready for when things change again.