Ride routes 25th – 31st July

Mud racing made a comeback last weekend along with mountain biking. So now we have road racing, time trialling, cx, mtb racing and I think that the velodrome has just reopened. Slowly we are climbing our way back to a tentative cycling normality. The response for the SPR ToMR teams has been great for the men’s teams with at least 4 teams and potentially 5, but we are still searching for a couple more women who want to race. If you or someone you know are interested in racing, please let us know ASAP. Things are underway for the planning of the Beverley and it has just been announced that it will be a team time trial format to complement the multiple time trials at this years ToMR. This will give teams a good hit out to see where they need to do some work. Closer, though is the Collie-Donnybrook in about 3 weeks time. A classic for the WA race calendar and one of the “monuments” that everyone wants to win. So get out and support the clubs and organisations that are endeavouring to run things during this strange time.

The Rules – just a reminder that it isn’t business as usual.

  • Social distancing still applies. This means no handshakes, hugging, high fives, down low too slow, or general touching is allowed. Please refrain from touching other peoples bikes, and allow space for people to gather before the ride.
  • The start locations in the carpark for Saturday will change slightly. See below for more detail and a new map, but basically, we need to ensure we don’t exceed the 100 person limit, by separating into two distinct groups.
  • No spitting, snotting or sneezing within the group. If you need to, move to the back of the group, but please look behind you to make sure that it is clear of traffic. That is all traffic, not just bikes. We don’t want some dash-cam footage of someone blowing their nose on a car the first day back.
  • No “hand of god”. Like most thing in life, any interaction requires two-way consent between adults. If someone is struggling and you want to push them, you both have to be comfortable with being touched. I’m not going to speculate on the risks involved with hand to jersey contact, but before you push someone, ask them first. If they are not comfortable with any contact, then don’t do it.
  • The post ride coffee is a long standing tradition with cycling and the hospitality industry is suffering so we need to give our support. However, we also need to moderate our social behaviour to ensure we minimise the risk of spreading infection. This not only includes maintaining appropriate social distancing, but also NOT bringing bottles, helmets and gloves inside and making use of the hand washing/sanitizing stations. Enjoy your coffee and social interaction, but make sure you do it responsibly.
  • Personal hygiene becomes very important in the spread of the virus so make sure that you either wash your hands whenever you can or carry a small container of hand sanitiser. Limit your exposure to common surfaces (chairs, tables) and don’t be sharing items.
Looking fresh on the start-line

ToMR EOI – Expressions of interest are still open for the Tour of Margaret River. We are particularly interested in any women wishing to represent the club. If you are interested, have a read of the previous post and register yourself so we can start sorting out teams. We are also interested in anyone that is happy to volunteer for this event. The course this year has no point-to-point stages, so there will be no shuttling of cars. However, volunteers will still be required to setup tents, stock eskies and generally help out the riders however, they can.

SPR Watertower Challenge – It’s back. The WaterTower Challenge is set to run in September this year after a couple of years hiatus. Choose from the Metric (100km) or Imperial (160km) challenge. Ride against the clock in group of 3 around the suburbs of Perth. Find WaterTowers that you never knew existed and visit suburbs you don’t usually ride through. Check out the event page on Facebook, organise some mates and pencil in the 20th September.

Collie to Donnybrook – This iconic WA race has now opened it’s register and is accepting entries for the race on the 15th August. This is a handicap event which means that the slower riders get a headstart on the faster riders, so if things pan out right, it can be anyone’s race. Entries will be capped at 220 riders and close on the 9th August and can be found here.

Our commitment to Core Values – We are a diverse club that made a point early on of committing to a number of core values to which we have built everything upon. These are – Safe, Inclusive, Organised & Social. It is under these values that we want all club interaction to occur, whether on the road or in cyberspace. Please read the previous post so you understand what we as a club, expect from you as members.

Where do i need to stand again?

Saturday Start Locations – In order to adhere to the new gathering regulations, we need to slightly change the meeting points of the groups. There is a 100 person gathering limit and when all groups are combined, we often exceed that when everyone is waiting for the start. There was a discussion about different start times for different groups, but what we settled on was moving half the groups to different sides of the carpark. This is not ideal as there are usually more cars using the eastern most parks, but we will just have to work around that for now. We understand that the COVID risk isn’t high, but it is more about how the club is viewed from outside. So, please congregate in the assigned locations, so we can continue to hold group rides in the future.

From the Ride Coordinator – As you all know, and as has been reinforced in a recent post, as a club we hold dear our core values of safety, organisation, social and being inclusive. So when a couple of members asked us whether the club would be prepared to organize a Saturday version of our popular Hills rides with a ride leader, we thought “why don’t we ask the membership base to see if that would fly”. So we have put the following simple and easy poll together to hear from you the members on that option. We will keep the poll open for a few weeks (in case people skip this bit and go straight to this week’s ride routes) and I will report the results on this blog in 2 weeks time. You can take the poll here.

Saturday 25th July

Sunday 26th July

Monday 27th July

Tuesday 28th July

  • Ride starts under the Narrows (cityside) at 5:30am
  • Ride starts Frasers ave at 5:45am
    • Development group – interval training kings park

Wednesday 29th July

Thursday 30th July

Friday 31st July