SPR Women: News & Updates

As you may know, I had an accident in December last year that forced me being off the bike for almost two months. I missed lots of opportunities to represent green jersey at the crit season and few other races. However, taking that as the (proper) off-season and long (super long) holidays without bike riding, I have been watching our awesome SPR Women participating in events and racing throughout the season, and enjoying our monthly SPR Chicks ride. That is just fabulous! I really want to thank all amazing ladies for all kinds of support to the club and our group so far. So… let’s have a look at all recent updates from our SPR Chicks.

Sunday 21st February 2021 we had our first out of lycra event for the SPR Chicks. Approximately 35 fabulous members gathered at the Camfield for drinks, nibbles and few laughs whilst watching the sun go down. The SPR Women’s Sub-committee met beforehand to plan out some of the initiatives and events for the year. It was a great afternoon. Stay tuned for the next one.

SPR Chicks Social Ride & Coffee. We had our first monthly ride last year in October. It was our fourth ride on last Friday! Our aim is to encourage everyone, new or familiar faces, to come and join us for an easy ride with good vibes and catch up for coffee. This is an easy pace ride, conversational pace. Roadies, flat bar, MTB does not matter. Just spin with us and enjoy the ride. We love to meet you all awesome ladies! The next monthly ride will be posted in our Facebook group and website soon. Feel free to contact us at women@southperthrouleurs.com.au for any enquiries.

Meet Our Women Initiative. “To be inspired and get to know each other more…” SPR Women’s Sub-committee proudly to present this project. We have shared the great story from our amazing ladies in our SPR Chicks Facebook group. We may have been riding together almost every weekend for years but… there could be some stories that we never know! How and what has brought us together in the cycling community. The most memorable experience that could inspire you in so many ways. Those are our key messages we want to share from this initiative. Visit our SPR Chicks Facebook group and check out all wonderful stories.

SPR Women Racing. We have had many SPR members representing the club in the race in both green jersey and the cycling team. What a great achievement! We got podiums almost every weekend! (believe it or not) Crit season, Track cycling, Mountain bike races and more. Super stoked to see you all ladies standing on the podium everytime. (That has given me super positive energy to get back in the race asap) Cyclocross and road races are coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates. Of course if you are interested in racing but not sure where to start, feel free to email us at women@southperthrouleurs.com.au

Thank you.

SPR Women’s Interest Committee and Sub-committee 💚