2021 SPR AGM Voting


At last years AGM we introduced electronic voting as a way of negotiating the Covid restrictions around the size of gatherings. This year we wish to continue that as we feel that it gives better transparency on who voted in meetings and what their vote was. In a coffee shop scenario, a show of hands doesn’t guarantee that only financial members are engaged in the vote.

There are a couple of issues that need resolution from the membership and we are calling on all financial members to cast their vote for us.

The first is endorsing the new committee. As our constitution requires that the entire committee nominate each year, all positions need endorsement from the membership. This year sees 4 of the committee stepping down but luckily 4 members have put up their hand to serve. As such, the vote for committee is not so much to choose which members, but rather formally endorse them.

Secondly, as previously mentioned in the blog, there are a few minor modifications to the constitution that require members endorsement. These deal with the changes to the governing body for cycling and allow us to continue to operate and attract new members as we always have. An overview of the changes can be found on this previous post.

The survey itself is quite short and will be open till the end of the week. At that time, the new committee and changes can be formally presented at the official AGM on Saturday. There is also a section that allows any member to ask questions of the outgoing committee. So if you have any issues that you think should be raised in front of the membership, then feel free.

The electronic voting is via Google Forms and can be found here.

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