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It’s new kit day!

If you ordered club kit in the last batch it is now ready for collection. It will be available for pick up from the DOME post the Saturday ride from 9:00am until 10:00am for the next two weeks (29/6 and 6/7).  After that time you’ll need to make alternative arrangements via

Please make the effort to come and collect your kit even if the weather means you aren’t riding…I will be making the effort to get it to the cafe! 😊

Free junior jersey policy

If you have been around on a Saturday morning recently you would have noticed the increasing numbers of juniors turning up to the ride (and eating pancakes at the DOME afterwards!).  In order to further encourage junior participation the Committee has resolved to offer all junior members a free club jersey!  And in recognition that juniors will keep growing, the policy allows for one jersey per year (as  long as they are a member) until 18 years of age.

The policy will work much like the our current crash rebate.

  1. Purchase a jersey for your junior as part of a normal kit order.
  2. Send an email to with details of the junior you are claiming the free jersey for (NB. the junior must be a club member – being part of a family membership is fine).
  3. The club will reimburse the cost of the jersey on confirmation of eligibility.

If you have already purchased a jersey for your junior, fear not, claims can be made retrospectively.

It’s new kit day!!

If you ordered kit before the last close off you can grab it from the DOME after the Saturday ride this week or next (16/03 & 23/03).  The boxes will be there between about 9:00am. and 10:15am.

If you want to make other arrangements for collection you can find some options on the club kit page here, or email me via

Kit order closing soon…

The current kit order will close on January 15th.

It’s a good idea to have a bit of a think now about any early winter SPR kit you might need.  The next kit order will close on May 15th but no arrive until the end of June…don’t get caught shivering on those early winter mornings…order what you need now.

Go to the  ‘Club kit‘  page and  follow the links to place your order.  If you have any questions send an email to

Time to check your membership…

There is a type of club membership for all levels and abilities of riding, from young kids just starting out to the pro’s in the peloton. No matter what stage of cycling you’re at, there is a membership category for you that affiliates you with the club, helps to develop and advocate for the sport, but perhaps most importantly, provides you with a level of insurance coverage when you’re riding.

All Racing memberships expire on 31 December, so if you want to be racing in the new year take some action now.

Other levels of membership expire on the anniversary of purchase, so check the date on your membership card to make sure you are still covered.  If you can’t find a way to establish if your membership is current send us an email and we can help…

You can find more information and links on our Membership page here.


New kit

New kit day!

The most recent kit order has arrived, so if you placed an order it will be available for collection at DOME Westralia Plaza  after the Saturday ride for the next two Saturdays (17/11 and 24/11).

There are also some kits still to be collected from previous orders…they will be in the boxes too.

Peter will supervise kit distribution this coming weekend as I am away.

If you need to make alternative arrangements for collection please email me at and we can sort something out.


New kit

Club kit is read for collection…

If you ordered kit prior to the recent May 15th cut-off it has arrived, and will be available for collection from the DOME post ride for the next 2 Saturdays (23rd and 30th June).  There are also some bags of kit from previous orders that still need collecting…they will be available too.  Boxes of kit will be available between about 9:00am and 10:15am…

Alternatively check out the Club Kit page to find out the other ways to get your kit.