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cannibal jerseys

a few people that bought a jersey in our last order have mentioned that some of them are a bit big.  if you have a jersey from the initial order and bought another one in our recent order, can you please check any size differences when laid out flat, from armpit across.  it seems to mainly be affecting the large size garments, but if you have an issue please let me know asap as i need to contact cannibal about this soon.  if you have a previous cannibal brand jersey (i.e. livingston optical) check against the new one to see if there is a difference.  one of the women’s large jerseys was about 1.5cm larger in the latest order.  either comment on this post or send me an email.

blog authors wanted

if you would like to give your perspective of the ride, or have just been itching to show off your literary skills, then i would love to have you write on the blog.  it does take time, but content is what people are after so i end up spending many hours keeping it up to date.  you don’t have to be the winner of the sprint, or even do anything spectacular.  just how you found the ride or just some insight on what you are doing on the bike. 

anyway, if you want to write for us, send me an email and i will add you to the list of authors.

ride routes 7th & 8th february

ok, we will be splitting the group up on saturday again.  i have started mapping dual routes onto the one page and the main group will always be doing the shorter of the two.  there is some new routes involved, so i need people to step up and have a good look at the route so that they can help guide the groups.  basically the main group head to freo via canning, then return via leach and albany (with a detour to nicholson).  the fast boys will have to climb stock road after a fast roll along burke drive.  criss cross the main groups route then the rolling hills of south street before nicholson and albany hwy where we possibly could meet the other group.

sunday.  take a packed lunch for in the words of some guy that died in antarctica – “we may be a while”.  the course is long, but there may be scope for some shortcuts if people dare to complain enough.  it will be my last ride for a couple of weeks, so i need to hurt myself.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 17 (leach vs south)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 17 (kahuna & soldiers rd & canning mills)

rouleurs cycle kit

well we managed to offload the majority of the kits last saturday after the ride.  there are still 18 people that have not collected and you will need to contact me via email to organise a time to collect.  there has been a slight problem with the print on the winter armwarmers and i am waiting for replacement ones to come from cannibal.  so if you ordered them, they will not be in your kit bag at the moment.  anyway, it is a bit hot for full roubaix lined armwarmers.



as previously mentioned, we are going to do an order for a sleeveless jersey.  there are a number of you that have been sporting the muscle tops lately so i thought that it may be a garment that we can add to the collection.  this way we can promote the group all year round and will also, hopefully, reduce the prominent tanlines on the arms.  we have orders for 10 so far and we need to get to 20 before we can get them made.  they will be $80 each and i am hoping to get the order in by monday (as i am flying over east on tuesday).  if you want one, send me an email.

we are still collecting names for the spr tri-suit as well.  if you do triathlons and would like to do them in spr colours, then let me know.  this order may take a bit longer to fill, so not sure when we will actually be seeing them in action.

future rouleur

at 4:15 sunday afternoon, another future spr star graced us with their presence.

Felice Lydia Pascoe splashed down at home weighing in at 2.75kg (6lb 1oz) and 50cm long.

Owing to family genetics, i would say that she will be a true rouleur (attacking rider) like her father David.

spr team kit

i spoke to cannibal today and they said that all the kit has been printed and has been sent off to be sewn.  they don’t expect it to be more than two weeks till it arrives.  we have received payment for about half the orders now, so still have about $5,000 to go.  please make sure you transfer money through as no pay, no play, and we need it all before we make the final payment.  if you didn’t receive any payment instructions, please send me an e-mail and i can send it out to you again.

2009 Ride for Youth – Seeking riders

The 2009 Ride for Youth is urgently in need of riders to replace some that have become unexpectedly ill/injured/etc. This year’s ride takes place over 10 – 14th March and travels 720kms from Albany to Perth raising funds and awareness for Youth Focus – a not-for-profit community organisation committed to the prevention of suicide, depression and self harm in young people aged 12-18 years.

Youth Focus provides councilling services across the metropolitan area and in Rockingham/Kwinana, Mandurah, Bunbury and Collie. During the 2007-2008 financial year almost 300 young people were unable to access Youth Focus counselling and support services due to lack of financial and human resources. Completing the Ride for Youth is not only an achievement on the bike, it also provides much needed funds to this very worthwhile cause and becomes a significant and memorable personal experience to those that take part in the journey.

Participation in the ride includes shared accommodation,  food and support costs during the ride (support includes vehicles with carboshotz, powerade, police escort, final ride completion function etc). Riders are supplied with Ride for Youth cycle kit, RFY polo shirts and alumni cap as well as considerable support material to assist with fundraising. In return riders are expected to contribute to their support costs and meet a fundraising target. For more information please get in touch with Anna Kauffmann directly –

ride routes 27th & 28th december

well the first ride after christmas so everyone should be showing off the nice bike bling that they received from santa.  we will be tackling the sprinters course on saturday with three nice flat runs to get the blood pumping all the christmas excess out of your system.  we will break into 2 groups for this ride and when the main group heads up bannister road, the fast boys will extend along ranford road and chase the others along nicholson and albany hwy.  the aim is to get the main group to learn to work together and the fast boys to smash themselves apart.

sunday will tackle some nice long climbs in kalamunda and mundaring.  check out the map carefully and take note of where the mountain points are.  also make sure you know the way to go when coming back through darlington.  try really hard not to get lost and let me know who got the points on each climb.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 07 (shelley)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 12 (welshpool & mundaring & kalamunda)

reminder – reminder – reminder

if you are coming along to the breakfast this saturday, please send us an e-mail asap so lorraine can organise the catering.  so far we only have 26 people rsvp’d and i know we will get more than that.  if you have a partner that is coming and is not riding, also send me an e-mail and i will let you know the address.

also, we will be finalising the team kit order this coming weekend, so if you need anything let me know by e-mail or at the breakfast.  for those of you that have crashed recently, this is a good opportunity to replace the gear as we probably won’t do another order for about 6 months or so.  i am not sure if we will be able to get everything we have ordered.  some of the garments have not reached their minimum order limit so they will either be more expensive, or we postpone those bits till later.  as they are mainly the arms and vests, we can probably wait till it gets colder anyway.

this is the last week for the forum competition.  if you haven’t already registered on the forum do so, and let your other cycling friends know as well.

oh, and happy birthday to dave pascoe who hits the big four O today.dave with not so aerodynamic hair

not a hill climber

sprinter or daddy's little leadout man
sprinter or daddys little leadout man

at mercy hospital this morning, little buddha decided to come into the world today a few days earlier than planned.  daniel zun cai mah appeared at 8:52am and weighed in at 4.13kg or 9lb 1 on the old scale.  as this is 3lbs heavier than ben i now have a climber and a sprinter.  since it was 8 minutes before the start of my race, i dare say i had a good excuse for not fronting up.