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tour tipping comp


with the tour starting this weekend, we will again be running a tour de france tipping comp.  entry is $10 and there are prizes for gc, points, mountains and stage wins.

you need to nominate a new rider each day and it is great way to follow the tour more closely.

click on the tour tipping page at the top of this website and register your team by filling in the comments at the bottom of the page.

there are links to each stage and you enter your tip by adding to the comments at the bottom.  the comments section will close at 6pm each night and this will be the only way for you to enter your tips.  you can, however, enter a number of tips by just commenting on each stage page.

so nominate your team name (you can have more than 1 team) and start looking at the rider start list and stage profiles.

good luck.

ride routes 27th & 28th june

ok, so the weather forecast is not looking too good this weekend.  actually it is looking total crap.  so, lets go for a ride. 

saturday there is only one route mapped as depending on numbers and conditions it may be safer to just hang together and cruise along rather than include any fast sections.  we will play this one by ear.

sunday sees the majority of the regular hill climbers doing the cyclo-sportif at swan valley.  as per usual for this event, the worst weather has been predicted over the weekend.  they have even cancelled the ferry to rotto for the next three days.  so if anyone is left and wants to do a hills ride, i have mapped out a route that allows the most chances at heading to an early coffee as it passes the coffee shop three times.

SPR KIT – i am hoping to have the order finalised by the end of the month.  there are some items that haven’t sold very well and we will not make the minimum garment requirement so they will have to wait till next order.  these are most probably the summer arms and sleeveless jersey.  we still need a few more vests and winter arms to make the minimum, so if you are thinking you need more kit, let me know asap.

TOUR DE FRANCE TIPPING – i have started a new page on the website that will act as the main page of the tour de france tipping comp.  similar rules that we have played the past two years where you have to pick a new rider every day.  this year it will all be done through the website and you will enter by placing your tip in the comments section.  working out the costs now, but there will be prizes for gc, sprint, mountain and stage winners.  all proceeds will go towards the club.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 11 (rebold hill & cott)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 08 (gooseberry & kalamunda & bickley)

cyclo-sportif – swan valley 28th june

ok, we have the following teams registered tonight.  what happens is the team leader will pay for the entire team out of their own pocket.  it is then up to you to make sure that they get paid back on the day if not before.  for my team expect an email soon with my netbank details so you can deposit some funds. 

the amount of dollars that each person had to pay is dependant on what type of licence you hold.  unfortunately, the cyclo-sportif club has decided that the recreational licence doesn’t count any more so if you have one of them or no licence, you have to pay $60.  if you have a cyclo-sportif licence or a full racing licence you pay $45.  if i have made a mistake with what i have on the list, you still need to pay you team captain but you should approach cyclo-sportif on the day to get a refund of the difference.

however, everyone will need to register as a “friend of cyclo-sportif”.  this is free and just allows them to take your details for insurance purposes.  go here to register as a “friend”.

the teams were set up to try to even up abilities across the teams, but there is always going to be a weakest link in a team.  the type of event that this is, it is up to your team to manage the fitness and skills so that you all make it across the line together.  no dropping riders and no riding up the road because people can’t keep up with you.  unlike the tour de france, it is not the fifth rider across the line that counts, but the last, so stick together.

after a couple of years of doing these events we have found the best technique is to stay in single file.  the rider at the front does a 30 sec turn then swings off and goes to the back.  as the race progresses, the stronger riders may need to take longer turns while the weaker ones take shorter.  best not to miss a turn as you will leave a gap.  if you are really struggling, just pull straight off after the rider in front has.  that 5 sec on the front will allow the others to get a rest too.

the teams are as follows

  SPR – A 78km       SPR – B 78km  
1 Rob Ramsden $45   1 Lorraine Hartland $45
2 Peter Mah $45   2 Paul Owen $45
3 Brendan Nichol $45   3 Lisa Wood $45
4 Judd Otley $45   4 Mark Schnieder $45
5 Michael Bonner $45   5 Brett Maiden $60
6 Jerard Ghossein $45   6 John Phillips $45
7 Ryan Fynn $45   7 Mark DeCastro $45
8 Michael Wlasenko $45   8 Jason Cawthorne $60
  SPR – C 62km       SPR – D 62km  
1 Russell Lagdon $60   1 Dave Pascoe $60
2 Nev Mills $60   2 Ian Waite $60
3 Greg Raper $60   3 Declan Coughlan $60
4 Gregor Urquhart $60   4 Frank Calcei $60
5 Mike Beecroft $45   5 Wye-Shun Fong $45
6 Sandra Samarin $60   6 Mike Tan $60
7 Daryl Cartner $60   7 Doug Herron $60

ride routes 20th & 21st june (spr breakfast)

well after months of unseasonally warm weather, it looks like it will be a wet and windy one for the winter breakfast.  for those of you fairly new to the spr group rides, every three months we have a social gathering in the form of a breakfast after the ride.  the ride itself is usually a bit shorter to allow for the fact that we will be taking it easy plus it allows more time for socialisation.  the main and fast group will not split as there will be regroup points along the way to make sure everyone gets to the breakfast which will be at my place in como.  the novice group will do their standard ride, but i would suggest that you skip the applecross section so that you are back to the breakfast in time.  i will explain to you how to get there on the day.

as usual, lorraine will be catering so for $10 a head you will get coffee, hot chocolate and all manner of gastronomic delights including the famous spr brownies.  there will also be raffle prizes and there have been some very generous sponsors this time around to provide many a great prize.  we will also finish up with the standard bike weigh-in so you can get you bike weight added to the leaderboard.

there will be one formal part to the day where we need to have a quick general meeting to pass a resolution on changing a couple of bits of the constitution.  this should be fairly quick and we will explain a bit more on the day.

hopefully by now you have sent an rsvp through to lisa (see previous post here) so we can finalise the catering.  i hope to see you there.

south perth rouleurs saturday breakfast ride

south perth rouleurs saturday novice ride

the sunday ride will do a loop around mundaring weir but also manage to take in welshpool and kalamunda rd.  only 4 climbs but just over 100kms by the time you get home.  at least the rain keeps the really, really cold mornings away.

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 12 (welshpool & mundaring & kalamunda)

notice of general meeting

in order to finalise a few parts of our incorporation we need to make some very small changes to the constitution so that it is accepted by DOCEP.  as such we need to hold a general meeting to vote on these changes.  with the next breakfast coming up in a week, it is the perfect time to hold a meeting as the majority of the members will be present.

please have a look at the attached notice so you know what you need to vote on.

1636151_1(SPCC_ Notice of general meeting)

peter mah – president.

ride routes 13th & 14th june

the state time trial champs are on this saturday down at dardanup so a few of us will not be riding the normal saturday ride.  for everyone else you will be taking a trip northward to dianella and a visit to the tv stations for some.  keep together until the group reaches morley drive then the fast group can break loose.  the novice group will be running as normal.

sunday will keep us in the low numbers again with ride #3 and a four climb ride around roleystone, the observatory and up to kalamunda.  all familiar climbs and with the julian keeping the hills points up to date, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.  there haven’t been many pb’s on the hill climb lately, so maybe this weekend will be it.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 06 (tv stations)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 03 (kahuna & peet & patterson)

south perth rouleurs saturday novice ride

spr kit order

ok, it is getting time to do another order of team kit from our good friends at cannibal.

our group rides have attracted quite a few new faces in the last 6 months but none have any spr gear.  so here is your chance to show your club colours and help you feel like you belong to the group.

for those that already have kit we have a couple of new items so go to the SPR TEAM KIT page and have a look.  for those that only got summer kit last order, now is the chance to get warm but keep the spr colours showing.

either send an email through or sign up at the coffee shop on saturdays.





ride routes 6th & 7th june

winter is finally here.  no thunderstorms and lightning this weekend but it will be cold.  damn cold.  they are predicting 4 degrees on both saturday and sunday mornings.  don’t let that deter you though.  that is why they invented armwarmers, legwarmers, thermal gloves and jackets.

for those that do not have any spr kit, we will be doing an order very soon.  i am just trying to work out some more items with cannibal so you can also get knee warmers and a jacket.  the usual kit will still be available and those that skimped on things like armwarmers and vest last time (because it was summer) will have the opportunity to purchase again.  for those new to spr this is a good opportunity to be part of the group.  show off your club colours like any good biker gang.

anyway, saturday will have you nice and warm as you tackle the rolling hills along south street.  the group will split with the main taking bannister while the fast hits nicholson.  pretty standard ride for the old hands, so there should be plenty of leaders to follow.  i will be taking the novice group but we may have to find more hills to make sure we warm up 🙂

sunday.  i was told that we don’t do rides 1 – 7 much anymore.  here is number 6.  nice and tight circuit around kalamunda and the observatory.  lots of opportunities for shortcuts and an early coffee if you need.

layer up and i will see you on the road.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 13 (canning vale reverse)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 06 (welshpool & observatory & kalamunda rd)

state champs caption contest

well, not really a contest, but add your comments below and the best ones will be featured.

at no point during the final laps of the race were we all riding together, so some very dodgy photo manipulation was needed.


ride routes 30th & 31st may 1st june

well apparently it is a public holiday this weekend.  didn’t see that one coming so i was hoping to take advantage of it, but unfortunately there is a list of jobs that need completing.

so to make up for my loss we will be gaining some kilometres.

saturday will see the pack split at the foothills of kalamunda with the main group shortcutting across to ridgehill rd and the fast group doing gooseberry hill.  what fun.  luckily we get to come home via guilford rd where there should be a nice tailwind to blow you home.

sunday and we get to put in some extra kms as well.  taking in some of the more scenic hills and valleys around roleystone bedfordale and kalamunda.  make sure you bring plenty of food and drink.  there will be shortcuts for those that need it.  however there are six climbs for those chasing mountain points.

monday will follow the standard public holiday route with and extended trip around the river.  chance of a shower predicted, but it is the first day of winter so it should not be a surprise.

south perth rouleurs saturday ride 15 (gooseberry hill)

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 17 (kahuna & soldiers rd & canning mills)

south perth rouleurs public holiday ride

NOTE: there is always a novice ride on the saturday morning.  i just don’t mention it as the route stays the same.