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Lights on

Just a reminder to get your lights out of the cupboard, replace the batteries of purchase some new lights.
I have been dissappointed to see the number of people getting around with insuffficient or no lights on their bikes now that the days are getting shorter.It’s a little sad to see people riding bikes that

are worth thousands of dollars with no lights whatsoever or a $20 light that you can’t see from 20m away.
To put things in perspective think about this: a vehicle travelling at 50km/h will require something like 25m to stop. Given a perception and reaction time of 1.25s the vehicle will travel something like 17m before swerving or braking begins.
Whilst you can see what’s happening in front of you and perhaps avoid any problems, a nice bright tail light or two will give a driver more time to assess their options and therefore reduce your risk of getting struck from behind.
Safe riding.

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C Grade Hell of the North…

..or, “it’s a bit warm isn’t it”

Chucks Version

Having not raced all year it was time to get out and have a go. So I nominated for C grade and hoped my minimal training would mean I could at least stay with the bunch for a finish. I was very surprised and pleased to hear that we would have 10 or 12 guys/gals in the C grade race and good representation in the other grades as well.

After packing the previous night in order that I didn’t forget anything I was 5km down the road when I realized I didn’t have my shoes! Those that know me will know this isn’t the first time, perhaps I should have actually used the checklist in the race pack. Next time I’ll probably remember my shoes but forget everything else.

I caught most of the guys & gals for a pre-race brief, sorry to those I missed. The main point being don’t chase breaks if we have people in them.

From the gun things went off rather steadily, I settled in the front third of the bunch and noticed Stu near the front also. Once the legs were warmed up Stu lit the pace up with the assistance of a couple of others and things stayed pretty well strung out for a while. Soon enough we caught the Elite Women and I think as we passed them the bunch got pretty well split up.

The pace remained pretty quick for the remainder of this first lap, things started getting interesting on the second. I held my position about 8th wheel not feeling strong enough to get on the front at all but wanting to remain near the action. Soon enough there were a few attacks, Stu did a great job covering them and a few of the other SPR guys decided to move up at this stage as well. Smart riding from Matt and Jason saw them in the right place at the right time when they, along with Stu got a small break on the bunch with 3 or 4 others. A little coaching had the remainder of our guys control themselves, sit in and let the break stretch the elastic band. Thankfully the Barista boys had a guy up the road also so they weren’t interested in chasing either.

This break stayed away and I will leave it to Jason, Matt or Stu to tell the tale. Suffice to say I got an easy ride from there on in, particularly the last lap which was almost at a social pace until the final flurry to the line.

A happy return to racing for me, no accidents for our club, some prize money for our members and a great event put on by the NDCC.

Well done to all who participated and a big thanks to the support group in the tent cheering us on, it is amazing

what a difference it makes having people cheer you on. 


Results can be found here

c grade crew
c grade crew

Cyclosportif – CYCLE COVER PEDALES PAR PINJARRA – 4th October 2009

This event is the last cyclosportif event for the year and offers three distances 75, 45 and 30km.

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All the necessary details can be found here

Please post a comment below if you are interested and we will work to coordinate teams. Entries close Tuesday 29th Septmeber.

I have posted below the course and course profile (source:

Also keep an eye out for the Golden Spokes event this

is the second year for this event which supports Citizen Advocacy South Metropolitan (CASM).

Our own Mr B took out second place in the support category at the inaugural event so it would be good to back that up this year.

There are classes for individuals of all levels, check here for details.

TTT SPR Mens Elite "B" Team

Race Report by Jarrad

After having foregone Saturday’s regular group ride for a nice, light, practice session, we were confident. The team of Myself, Daniel, Joseph and Steve were wanting to put it to the A Team. A reasonably decent warm-up under the very welcomed SPR tent got the spirits up and provided a good opportunity to show the latest in technology. Steve’s Polycarbonate-Silicon composite Vibration-dampening aero-bars ensuring that we were at the forefront of bike-technology (bike frames must be next off the production line).

At exactly (give or take a few minutes) 0911 hours, we were off.

Once up to speed, we began rolling in formation at approximate 20 second intervals. I say ‘we’, but in reality, it should read, “everyone but me”, for I subconsciously felt that I needed to save my energy for sometime later in the race, and decided that I liked holding Steve’s wheel

so much that I’ll give it a little love tap while taking one arm off the bars to change gears.


The next part happened rather quickly, but a combination of the wet road, one arm off the aero bars and a clash of wheels culminated in a Denis-Menchov-Rome-TT@Giro-2009-esque spectacular (this may be a little exaggerated), skidding along the ground at somewhere North of 45 kph. The sounds of scraping carbon-fibre-along-pavement filled the air, and a few seconds later I came to a stop. Very graciously Steve, Jo and Dan stopped and waited to for me to set my gear, chase down my bidon, and get going.

Back up to speed and we were getting back into the rhythm, and within 20 or so seconds of resuming our race we had completed………..1000 metres. It was about another 500-1000 metres that the Elite Racing cycles team made their way past us, which from my calculations (completely forgetting the events of the previous 90 seconds) meant that they were FLYING!!! We gave them space however, it appeared shortly after that we were going catch them (how did we just catch a team which had made up a minute in 2kms – I was asking myself?) and we moved out to pass.

It was at this stage that one must note the similarities between the SPR and the Elite Racing colours. Once past Elite, our team was strung out and a little confusion ensued. It became evident after the (metaphorical) dust had settled that from the two teams of 4 riders, Elite, whom had again re-passed us, were down to just three, and ourselves were also down to three riders having dropped Daniel.

The next ten kilometres went by relatively quickly with Steve, Jo and myself rolling over, and (thankfully) without (further) incident. I began to notice a few things out of the ordinary though, things which perhaps can be attributed to the earlier incident. My once-white bar tape had now turned a nice hue of reddish-pink (fuschia?), along with a rather searing pain in my elbow and my legs, which I was hoping would pick up a bit of a tan, had some lovely new designs on them. I also became aware that approximately 60 percent of my left bum cheek was exposed (that’s not aero), and much of it also without skin (that IS aero), on the plus side, we’d kept a pretty consistent 20-odd second gap to the Elite team, which at times looked to even be closing.

Steve and Joseph were going strong at the 15 km mark, and I was becoming aware that I was operating solely on adrenaline and with somewhat compromised equipment (not to mention modesty).

At the turn-around, after a little confusion, adrenaline had worn off and my body packed it in and the pain kicked it up a notch (actually about 11 notches). Through the gallant efforts of team mates Steve and Joseph, we were back up to speed. A short while after the turn we saw the A-Team coming up (yes by this stage we were hallucinating throw-backs to 80s TV action-series) rather quickly and also saw Daniel in the new SPR/Elite hybrid team.

Both Steve and Joseph then rotated the lead while dragging my failing (and exposed) behind along for a ride and with what must have been around 5 kms to go B-A, Face-man, Murdock and Hannibal (yes that’s the A-Team) came flying past us with a somewhat relevant “howdy-doody” from Nico (although “I love it when a plan comes together” may have been more relevant, or maybe – “I pity tha fool!”).

With a final dig we pressed on to the finish and in a fashion similar to a 1980s Delorean with Michael J Fox at the helm, we managed to bend the laws of quantum physics and space-time to finish faster than than Mr T and the crew (what the???). Steve and Jo must be given all the credit for dragging me along through much of the return leg and I do hope that in future I’ll be able to return the favour (although without the incidents). Apologies to Steve and Jo, as I’m sure I somewhat ruined your morning and to Daniel as I’m sure you would’ve given a better return showing than I did.

Special thanks to Siobhan (apologies for the spelling) and Lorraine for patching me up, particularly given the location requiring patching, and massive credit to all the SPR guys Pete, Chris, Melvyn and anyone else I forgot for the tent, the help, the photography and the food. I look forward to the next event and promise to stay on two wheels!!

Also apologies for the dodgy A-Team references.

State Team Time Trial Championships Update

We have a great commitment from SPR for the State TTT championships coming up next weekend with six teams as of this moment. This amounts to 23 riders most of whom are members of our club so if you have the time next Sunday get down to Pinjarra to cheer on you fellow Rouleurs.

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Team members should have received an email detailing fellow team member names and licence numbers in order that you can cordinate your entry. If you haven’t please drop an email to the club email address or leave a comment below.

Nominations for this event close this coming Tuesday (15-Sept) so if you are interested please drop a line to the club at the usual email address or post a response below and we will match you with others. Bear in mind that male teams require 4 riders female teams 3, so the more the merrier.

Detailed below are the teams.



Male Elite A



Male Elite A



Male Elite A



Male Elite A



Male Elite B



Male Elite B



Male Elite B



Male Elite B



Female Elite A



Female Elite A



Female Elite A



SPR Masters A



SPR Masters A



SPR Masters A



SPR Masters A



SPR Masters B



SPR Masters B



SPR Masters B



SPR Masters B



SPR Masters C



SPR Masters C



SPR Masters C



SPR Masters C



Best of luck to all the competitors

Team Name
Male Elite A Brendan Nichol
Male Elite A Ryan Fynn
Male Elite A Judd OTLEY
Male Elite A Jerard GHOSSEIN
Male Elite B Joseph CARRENO
Male Elite B Steven HEDLEY
Male Elite B Jarrad Lumbewe
Male Elite B Daniel Hughes-Daeth
Female Elite A Lisa WOOD
Female Elite A Nicole Sloan
Female Elite A Jill Scanlon
SPR Masters A Rob Ramsden
SPR Masters A Peter MAH
SPR Masters A Stuart GEE
SPR Masters A Paul Owen
SPR Masters B Julian Johnson
SPR Masters B Michael Wlasenko
SPR Masters B Shane GORMAN

Masters B

SPR Masters C Alistar Buchanan
SPR Masters C John Barrett
SPR Masters C Daniel Harvey

Renae's Race or Varied Success


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I’ll start but hopefully other’s can add/revise /delete as they see fit.

SPR racer’s included; Lisa, Lorraine, Bec W, Nicole, Brendan, Judd, James and myself.

As far as SPR was concerned the action began with James in the C grade race, I had tried to nominate for C grade but the organisers bumped me up to B grade. More on that later. James rode smartly within the front third of the field of 18-20 and did all he needed to be there for the finish. I caught the finish and with Lisette on the sidelines for the first time James had someone other than us pillocks to impress. In the sprint for the line it looked like a couple of guys duked it out for the win. James looked to be heading for a good finish and then decided to add to the excitement by tangling with another rider and crashing rather spectacularly after crossing the line. James is recovering with a few days at home grovelling to Lisette pondering a replacement bike (or parts) and possibly reassesing the need to shave his legs.

I missed most of the C Grade action due to having to warm-up so perhaps someone can fill in any other exciting details, much appreciated.

With no training in two weeks, unless you count a ride to work and 40 minutes on the trainer the day before, I knew I was in for pain. Happily i think I lasted half the race duration. Judd rode very well keeping himself in the first half dozen riders and not expending too much effort chasing breakways. Cyclemania were very active and with 5 or 6 riders were expected to be, with most moves being covered the race came down to a bunch sprint. With one of the cyclemania guys

away solo we encouraged Judd to go for it as he crossed the finish line for the penultimate time, perhaps stupidly he took our advice. Unfortunately he was swammped coming out of the final turn and finished safely in the bunch. Good ride Judd, sorry I was absolutely no good to you.

Brendan was next up for the A grade race and was really only looking for a workout ahead of next weekends double header at Pemberton. Brendan was all on his lonesome for this race and must have had a rush of blood early on as he ended up in a small break. The A grade race was a bit of a cracker with the usual aggresive team tactics and a number of other breakaway attempts. The final and succesful break was instigated by Eddy Hollands who was slowly joined over a number of laps by several others with this group finishing up with 8 or so riders. Eddy then proceeded to win the sprint from his breakaway companions.

Next up the ladies race. Plan B had almost all of their big guns (Davina is off enjoying Kiwi weather and hospitality) and were in my mind, undoubtedly the favourites, until of course I was made aware the Emma Pooley was out for some fun. Yes, this Emma Pooley. The SPR girls were thrilled to be racing against such a quality field, actually I think they might have been just a little intimidated. Proceedings began with a couple of parade laps in memory of Renae Baker before getting down to business. Unfortunately for a few of our girls the pace got pretty hot pretty quick lead Lorraine, Bec and Nicole to form their own race within a race. Lisa was hanging towards the back of the bunch  and looked to be reasonably comfortable. Lorraine was the first to crack and after a rough week (with thieves stealing her unmentionables, amongst other valuables) took a break around the back of the circuit. I think Bec and Nicole hung in for the finish albeit a couple of laps down, good work ladies. I was a little distracted when the shout went up about a crash and Lisa was no longer with the bunch. After such a strong effort it was a dissappointing end to the day for Lisa. Punted out to the kerb, around the difficult top turn, Lisa introduced her helmet to the road/pavement with some force. After a trip to hospital for observation Lisa was released Sunday evening, we’ll see if there are any long term effects like purchasing a Cervelo soon enough.

Anyway, back to the racing. Surprisingly the Plan B girls were active in everything and eventually Josie got away for the break of the day. Working with Sarah Fraser, and with the remaining Plan B girls covering everything else,  they pulled away from the chasing bunch(s). Josie kicked with a couple to go and went on for a solo win, nice work!

Anyhow, thanks to the otgher Rouleurs who turned up to support the racing contingent. I trust the jumbo point scorer on the Sunday ride made the most of it you have one more week and then Stu and Brendan will be back to claim what is rightfully theirs.


Upcoming Racing

There are a couple of races coming up at the end of the month at which SPR will be having a fair presence.
Firstly we have Renae’s race on 22 Feb with entries closing next Tuesday 17 Feb. This is a Criterium race with the feature event being the Women’s race. There are races for all grades and I would encourage all to get along and enjoy what should be a great mornings entertainment. These races are held in Technology Park so you won’t have to travel too far, bring the family and cheer on some familiar faces.
Some of us will then be travelling a little further to participate in the Pemberton Classic on the weekend of the 28th Feb. This is a two part weekend featuring a criterium on Saturday with a road race on the Sunday. Entries for this event close on Feb 24 so plenty of time to book your leave and accomodation. A bunch of us are making a weekend of this so there should be some interesting stories to follow.
We will soon be posting a schedule of races for the year including cyclo sportif events that we as a club will be targeting. We will be entering teams across as many grades as we can and hope to see you out there cheering, helping or racing.
If you think you’d like to give it a go let me know or talk to any of the racing guys and they will be more than keen

to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively send me a message on the message board and I’ll get in touch.

The WACF race claendar can be found at their website here

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The Lights of Leach Highway

Pete’s dastardly plan to ensure “victory” of the loons was to send the main group over a couple of hills and ensure a multitude of unfavourable traffic lights. You would have thought we were on a tour of the red light district.

Once said loons separated from the sensible bunch we were down to 20 odd riders Our plan was to hold the group together until the Leach Hwy – North Lake Rd intersection and then start rolling through.

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This seemed to work as a few people were struggling over the hills but had less difficulty maintaining the pace of the main group on the flats.

It seems someone amongst the loons must work for Main Roads as our run along Leach Hwy turned into an interval session with seemingly every traffic light being red upon our approach.

As the more experienced amongst us coached those less experienced in the roll through technique we did however manage to maintain a reasonable pace between the lights.

Our next challenge was crossing the lanes of Leach Hwy to make our right turn onto High Rd. That safely negotiated we continued our interval session between the lights along to Nicholson.

After a check over our shoulders for the loons and a

brief moment for a regroup after the roundabout we stepped up the pace a little as our roll through had by now became a bit more fluid.

As the loons caught us along Albany Hwy, no doubt thanking their mole in the Main Roads Department, things got a little messy. However I’m sure we’ll have a protocol for this next time.

It soon became a case of every person for themselves with a high speed blast to the café where the real race began, that for position in the queue for ordering food and/or drinks. I’m sure this is the only reason the ride ends in a sprint.