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The Beverley – Race Report

Last Saturday, SPR hosted its first road race.  A proper, 113km handicap race through the rural lands and National Park areas of the Wheatbelt town of Beverley.20161007_134757

To quote me – “Rolling over undulating terrain, riders travel through rural views gently uphill, into shaded bushland of Wandoo National Park. The turnaround on to the return run sees a fast flowing lightly downhill run – handicap groups will need to work well to keep the scratch men at bay. The racing climaxes in the short rise on the approach to Lennard Rd with 4km to go– the first rider to crest holds the advantage in a fast run into the line.”

Could not have worded that better myself!

As a first time event, a large field would not be the expected norm, but we secured 91 entries for the day. A strong contingent of SPR riders were in that number. But most impressive – 30 entries were for racers on a one-day or three-day license, with even a few more on a brand, spanking, shiny new, never before used CA Race License.

The weather was variable to say the least. The wind was a Nor-Easter at 35+Km/hr and the rain patchy and ever threatening – head winds out, tail winds home. The race started with those off a 40 minute handicap, and one by one the remaining 9 groups went off. Showing solid teamwork and work ethic was the 32 minute group, comprising Phillip Stevens, Jon Hanson and Bryan Thurstan from South Perth Rouleurs. The group started eating up the earlier  groups quickly and became the mob to watch.

Coming off scratch were three of the big names – Stephen Hall, Michael Freiberg and Cameron Meyer. Along with a concerned Patrick Saccani-Williams (come on Pat – they’re only FORMER World Champions!). The scratch boys hit hard from the get go. From the Race Directors car, it was an awesome view. From the saddle, maybe not so much. There were reports of huge wind gusts blowing the groups metres sideways, patches of hail and rain…. definitely a challenging day.

As the race progressed, our Commissaires indicated they expected the Scratch men to catch the lead groups, but the 32 minute crew had other ideas. They held their resolve and worked like dogs (plenty of tongues out!). They maintained the lead on the road and looked like they may get home first. At 15 km to go, there was a jump from one of the 32 minute men. Solo. 15 long, lonely km. Gutsy, bold and brilliant, Col Tierney was off. Two and a bit hours and 100 km in, the Scratch group by this time was in proper contention. At 6 km to go was one small kicker, and then a rise up to Lenard Rd. First rider over the top should get the win. Unless perhaps you are being chased by 2 World Champions…….

Tierney crested first staring down a long fast descent with a massive tail wind. Close behind were the remaining Scratch men Cam Meyer and Michael Freiberg.

At the finish line we had reports of one lone man out front and two stupidly fast in pursuit coming into the final km. When the riders came into view, there were two, exploding off the front to the chequered flag. Cameron Meyer – multiple Track World Champion, WorldTour rider, Tour de France finisher….. and local Perth legend, won our humble little race, just ahead of Michael Freiberg. Col Tierney, third, in what one of our Commissaires described as the ride of the day. To have this calibre of riders contest our race was a joy and a privilege – thanks Cam and Michael.

1st Cameron Meyer

2nd Michael Freiberg

3rd Col Tierney

4th Jarred Anderson

5th Jayden Waters

Fastest Female Rebecca Mackey

Fastest over 45 year old Col Tierney

Fastest time Cameron Meyer

There were a few hiccups along the way on our part which lead to the incorrect prizes being awarded on stage. Pretty embarrassing, but unfortunate for one Col Tierney who missed out on receiving Third place and Fastest over 45 year old. On our maiden voyage with the timing system, we have missed an offset of times from the start process, and given our top ten riders were so close, this affected our reading of the results. I’d like to apologise again to those racers affected and thank you guys for your understanding. Your generous spirit and support was most sportsperson-like. Col – make sure your wife reads this!

Some lessons learned for us in future events – events I’d love to see you all return to enjoy with us.

Other notables –

  • Philip Stevens, Bryan Thurstan and Jarred Anderson – SPR top ten finishers!!!
  • Lorna Henson – recently returned to racing after an extended time off from injury and smashed home 2nd place female.
  • My mate and SPR Race Committee member Jon Hanson in 12th, from the 32 minute group.
  • elPrez raced.
  • Daniel Harvey – a tough year, a tough handicap and our Lanterne Rouge. Declined the SAG Wagon and still finished with a smile. Everything this Club represents!
Race Director on the road. Literally.

The event has been run in conjunction with the Beverley Heroic weekend, an event that has been running for a few years now, and has some loyal patronage from SPR riders. Our own member Toby Hodgson runs the weekend, with a selection of participation style rides through the Wheatbelt back roads on the Sunday, with plenty of old school gravel and dirt roads in the mix. If you haven’t been, mark it in the calendar for next year.

Thanks to the Shires of Beverley, York and Northam for their support. Thanks to Tourism WA for their support as sponsor. Thank you one and all to our competitors and Commissaires.

And finally, thanks to our generous volunteers who gave up their day to make this happen:

Julian Johnson; Belinda Evans; Brooke Colton; Andrew Williams;  Fiona Williams; Jennifer Williams; Rob Ramsden; Paul George;  Cameron Dawson; Laurensia Rosana; Jay Richardson; Shelby Corbett; Allan Penaranda; Stuart Carson; Peter Lander; Mike Madsen; and Lachlan McRea, VP of Midland CC.

Until next year……………

Calling All Volunteers – the Beverley Handicap Road Race


The SPR Race Committee are requesting for volunteers for the upcoming Beverley Handicap Road Race that SPR are hosting at Beverley, in the picturesque WA Wheatbelt on Saturday 8th October, 2016.

This event is the inaugural running of the race that we are aiming to make a permanent fixture on the Perth and WA racing scene for years to come. And to do that we need your support.

We require three drivers for lead, follow and sweep car duties (with money for fuel), and eight people for registration desk and finish area marshals, based in Beverley Town.

To volunteer, please reply to this post or email direct to Get on board SPRouleurs!

The Beverley Handicap Road Race 2016


It’s not long now…..

The inaugural run of the Beverley Handicap Road Race is about to be run 8th October. The race is a 110km Handicap road race, starting
and finishing in the Wheatbelt town of Beverley, one and a half hours from South Perth.

The race heads North West out of Beverley over the rolling, quiet rural roads, following Talbot West Rd into Wandoo National Park before the turnaround for a slight downhill run all the way home. More event info is here.

Trophies and Prize money on offer:
1st $300
2nd $150
3rd $100
4th $75
5th $50
1st female $300
1st Over 45 year old $250
Fastest Time $250

Entries are open until midnight Friday 30th September – enter here.

Any enquiries please email to

Be heroic. Get on board!

Pinjarra Classic 2016 Race Report – Jiyeon Kwon

A Beginner’s First Race Report


“When is the best time for my first race?” – When you feel you are ready
“When would I feel ready?” – Ummmmmm……

I’ve had numerous discussions with myself about this. I admire people who race and I dreamt of having a go one day. However, having a long history of getting dropped in various group rides, the fear of failure always stopped me.

‘I’m too slow. I will get dropped. I will lose. Isn’t racing to win? What do I race for?’

The answer came to me when I realised something more than a group ride was needed to see my progress. Something that would give me a bigger sense of urgency… Racing was perfect for that.
So there, 18 September 2016, Pinjarra Classic Women’s B Grade, 69km undulating road race course – That was the very first bike race. I participated in Women B as there weren’t enough competitors for Women C/D. Given that, it was predicted I would not compete with the front of the pack. It didn’t matter.

The race:
About 200 riders gathered at the race venue in Pinjarra. The weather was crisp chilly but it wasn’t too bad thanks to a bit of sunshine. At the start line, each grade was sent with a time gap. My grade, Women B, started after Men C and before Men D. The pack rolled out together taking turns. The fast pace felt like it was the hardest group ride I had ever done. When the first breakaway happened at the hill, I was out of breath. The climb continued quite a while, and the gap between the group and me slowly increased, and there, I was left alone, just like some of those fast group rides…. How sad. I looked around and there was another girl, so we worked together looking after each other quite a while. It was like a Team Time Trial with a fast rotation until we were absorbed into another group, and then an Individual Time Trial into the headwind until the finish.

The finish:
1km sign – Started to increase pace. 200m sign – Started sprinting off the saddle.
Despite the long solo ITT, I was in high spirit and felt really excited to finish soon. I saw my other half Elar standing near the finish line, and completed the race with a full smile on my face.
‘Aaahhhhh… finished’. It was such an emotional moment.
The result: It was faster counting backwards. No surprise.
My aim was to experience and learn from the first race. I was able to complete the race without crashing into someone or getting knocked over by someone or getting disqualified. Plus, my previous best record during the recon ride has been beaten and a new threshold has been set!

Lessons learnt:
1. Warm up. Warm up. Warm up! The pace is fast from the beginning. Get ready for a quick take off. This didn’t go well as planned because of my upset stomach.
2. Stay with the group! Easy to say, but bloody hard! If you can do this from start to finish, you are already halfway to winning the race I think. The rest is tactics, skills, etc.
3. Sprint after every corner! Really helps staying with the group. Keep your line and be mindful of others around you.
4. Make an alliance! Okay, you may get dropped. Work with others around you. It helps them, helps you, and keeps everyone’s spirit high.
5. Plenty of water! My muscles didn’t respond well from a certain point and I suspect it was due to lack of water. My water ran out way too early, so as an emergency measure, I kept a candy in my mouth to prevent it from getting dry.
6. Avoid oily food too much the day before! I had bananas with Nutella and peanut butter the night before and all night my stomach was growling. Next morning, I had an upset stomach and was in pain wasting the pre-race time that should’ve been used for a good warm-up. Never thought this would happen to me, but it did.
7. Wear the kit you are comfortable with! You may want to wear the new fancy kit you recently bought. Don’t, unless you have full tested it. I experienced severe chaffing from my new kit and it wasn’t fun.

Last words:
Thinking of your first race? Just sign up and do it. There is no perfect timing and you are only getting older.

Pinjarra Classic 2016

Coming Up – Pinjarra Classic 18th September 2016

Pinjarra Classic Poster 2016

With Collie Donnybrook done and those fast legs having raced for the Gran Fondo World Champs, we now have the Pinjarra Classic coming up on Sunday 18th September.

The Pinjarra Classic is a 68km graded road race (or 138km for A grade) from Pinjarra town up to Dwellingup, undulating across the ridge and down to a final 15km across flat farm land with variable and challenging winds – a little Belgian, you may say. This is a targeted race for the SPR crew and we have some great results in the past – just last year Sarah Smith won Womens Open division, and Jonno Bolton placed 3rd in A grade.

SPR Race Committee will be there in support again with the big green tent, flags, esky, drinks, a stash of tools, war stories about last year on the KOM up to Dwellingup, tunes and good vibes.

Get your entries in NOW via this link.

Drop a comment below on the post if you are going, with your grade – see you all there.

SPR Race Committee

Tour of Margaret River Nominees Announced

ToMR Trophy Photo
So we have had a positive response to the call for EOI’s and here are our nominated riders for SPR’s Tour of Margaret River 2016 teams:
Davina Summers Patrick Saccanni-Williams
Sarah Smith Kurt Adams
Sarah Fitton Peter Mah
Michelle McLintock Craig James
Dianne McAuliffe Ben Johnson
Jennifer Matthies George Rolt
Louise McKay Liam Donley
Vanessa Johnson Jeff Ayton
Stephanie Lim Troy Blizard
Mollie O’Connor Dave Menarry
Kath Dynes Dean Roser
Anke Hoskins Wes Gorman
Charlotte Clarke Eamon Dorricott
Lee Baston Andrew Williams
JJ Kwon Marc Padros
Rebecca Kelly Mark Tancell
Louise Carson Mike Madsen
Leigh Outschoorn Daniel Harvey
Ginny Donley Greg Murray
Kat Buckley Jessie Fergie
Cameron Dawson
We at the All Powerful Race Committee (APRC) are yet to select teams as a guide thus far, although we do have some “self-arranging” underway. There will be updates made to the dedicated ToMR page on the website at this link, and the esteemed El Prez Pete will update on the weekly Blog as well.
Check out your (potential) team mates and get training.
Womens Warm up Nannup 2016
Women’s Warm Up 2015. Things are about to get serious….
In case you are keen to race, and were too lazy/slow/forgetful to email your expression of interest to earlier, we want some
reserves on the list as well, so get on it now. Check out the event web page  here and email the Race Committee today.
More details will be released in the next few days about deposits, our combined team accommodation and teams/grading for our racers.
ToMR Mens TTT Stage 1 2015
Welcome to SPR’s journey for the Tour of Margaret River 2016.

Tour of Margaret River – Expressions of Interest are CLOSING SUNDAY 24TH JULY.

Womens SPR Racers Witchcliffe 2016
There’s no more stages left for 2015, but another selection for 2016!

Well Team, we’re nearly there. Thank you to all the nominees thus far. It’s looking like a pretty good crew of people on board – some ol’ gnarly racers and some new blood to the ranks! We still need a few extra male and female riders to complete the numbers need for all six teams that SPR has been allocated for 2016. Nominations will close next Sunday, 24th July and will be announced shortly after.

ToMR Mens 2016 Stage 4 preStart
Blokes. Scared blokes awaiting the final stage 2015.

If you are interested this is what you need:

    • Hold a current SPR membership?
    • Ride with the SPR as a member on our Club Rides IN CLUB KIT and/or race in Club Kit already?
    • Hold a Cycling Australia Race licence with SPR? (We can direct you in upgrading your Recreational License to a Race License if required)

And you can read more about SPR at ToMR in the previous post ,and more about at event website here:

ToMR Womens SPR Racers 2016
Keep your circle of team members close.

Send an email to to register your expression of interest.

The All Powerful Race Committee will be announcing shortlists of our nominees soon. Get on it – ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ!!!

ToMR Men 2014 Pose



Tour of Margaret River 2016 – Calling for Expressions of Interest

The Tour of Margaret River is an annual, multi-stage road race put on by SWCC in the iconic Margaret River region. SPR has been represented at ToMR since…… forever. You’ve seen the photos, read the race reports, heard the anecdotes from other Club riders (and they are NEVER embellished….). But have you ever thought of racing the event yourself? Well, do you:

  • Hold a current SPR membership?
  • Ride with the SPR as a member on our Club Rides IN CLUB KIT and/or race in Club Kit already?
  • Hold a Cycling Australia Race licence with SPR?
Womens Start Bunch Nannup 2016
ToMR 2015 – Women’s start stage 3, Nannup. A few minutes before SPR exploded off the front to catch the first group ahead.

 ToMR is raced over three stages and three days, 11th to 13th November 2016, in a Pro Race-like environment through the rolling undulations and challenging hills of the South West region. This ain’t no Sportif – this is racing, baby.

The 40km Team Time Trial on Stage 1 sees the teams seeded for subsequent stages by times, recorded by the fifth team rider crossing the line – tactics count, as you cannot drop (or sacrifice) your team mates.

ToMR Mens TTT Stage 1 2015
ToMR Mens 1, 2015 – Just a coupla guys. Placing top 20 overall. Nothing to see here.

Stage 2 is a tough day –  where yesterday’s seeding sees the teams graded into fields of 10 teams in each grade. Contesting 100km of hills, starting and finishing in the picturesque village of Nannup, this is one for the climbers among us.

Stage 3 doesn’t let up. 60km of road race, incorporating a few punchy Caves Road climbs to keep the heat up until sprint to the finish line.

Stage and overall prizes are up for grabs in each grade.

Lorna ToMR 2015 and some FanBoy
Lorna Henson and just some Fan Boy

The Elite women and men (including NRS teams in previous years AND our own friends, the DOME Coffee team) ride the same course, on the same day under the same race conditions as those of us a little further down the seeding list. You wanna feel Pro? You wanna LOOK Pro – this is it Ladies and Gentlemen. Take a look for yourself….

Womens SPR Racers Witchcliffe 2016
ToMR 2015 – SPR Womens Combined power equated to 1,000,000 Watts.

It’s time to start thinking about this years’ ToMR teams. SPR has a number of team places allocated by the organisers this year in the Womens and Mens categories. We are now opening expressions of interest to Club Members. The staging over different locations and point to point races requires shuttle transportation to and from start/end points. So this year we will be running a package deal only arrangement for participants, inclusive of race registration, shared bus transportation and shared accommodation in “Team Houses”.

What’s needed?

  • Respond with a comment on this blog with your full name (We don’t know all your aliases here!), or email
  • Attend the post Saturday morning ride Q&A, at Dome Westralia Plaza – Saturday 25th June, after 08:30 am.

There are some expectations of expressing interest. We’ll cover all of this at the Q&A, but the “Disclaimer” stands: as always, selections and decisions are at the discretion of the All Powerful Race Committee (aka APRC).

ToMR Mens Stage 4 finish
ToMR 2014 Mens Stage 4- Close, but no cigar.