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The novice group is first in line for coffee

brief report by Julian

We had a 100% increase in turn out from the first ride with Emma, Jess and Sean joining Carol, Tracy and Libby who had returned from last week.  Once again we bade the other groups farewell, did the introductions then headed out to Shelley Bridge, via Coode St, Mt Pleasant and Rossmoyne foreshore.  The new riders had ridden in the main group at various times in past few months and were keen to be involved again in group rides. 

The pace was up from the start with Carol on her new Pinnarello particularly enjoying it.  The group was very relaxed and comfortable and were surprised to hear they were going a couple of km/hr quicker than last week.  The force of the pack pushed everyone along and again there was much excitement when the big packs passed us along the foreshore.

We turned for home and started rolling after the Rossmoyne roundabout and held it together well for a couple of km, with everyone getting the hang of it.  A bit more practice is needed on holding wheels and not cutting in too soon and these can be worked on no problem.  The fork in the bike path at Canning Bridge was successfully negotiated this week and we even managed to pass a couple of riders on the bike bath on the way back up the river.  Towards the narrows the pace picked up, another sign of the growing confidence in the group.   

Arriving at the coffee shop at 8.31 am, everyone was pleased about not having to queue for coffee.  It also meant I could sneak in an extra few km before heading up to Belmont for netball.  Next week there might have to be a few extra km included in the ride.  In keeping with the exponential rise in numbers, I expect to see 12 people in the group next week, with Peter pencilled in the lead them off.

The Inaugural Novice Ride

Ride Report by Julian

The Saturday ride started at home at 6.40 am with a call from Peter, who had informed me that he’d been orally emitting his stomach contents throughout the night and therefore would not be able to ride today. He then informed me that a volunteer was needed to take the novice group out on its first ride. Given this was a one-on-one conversation, me volunteering wasn’t much of a choice!

I arrived at the meeting point to find about 30 riders, which included 3 novices. And so, having dispatched the other two groups with their directions (which I understand weren’t adhered to by the fast group) Carol, Libby, Tracy and I set off down Coode Street for our 35 km trip to Shelley Bridge and back to the Coffee Shop.

In conditions that could only be described as magnificent, we made an easy pace to Thelma Street, then headed down to the river bike path. I explained a few signals and instructions to the group regarding oncoming traffic, glass etc and pretty soon we were on the bike path heading towards Canning Bridge. We rejoined the road at the boat sheds in Mt Pleasant and rode on past Deep Water Point and under Mt Henry Bridge. The pace was about 27 km/h and the group was holding up well. Around the Shelley Rossmoyne foreshore we picked up the pace a little and were overtaken by a 70+ pack. This caused considerable excitement with Tracy and Libby even trying to hold on to the back. We were only slowed by the approaching road dead end near Shelley Bridge, which signaled the U-turn point.

On the way home we tried a bit of rolling through just to given everyone an idea of how it goes, although it was a bit hard with only 4 people. Libby and Tracy led the way back up the river path to the Narrows, with Carol and I content to draft behind. The 8.40 arrival at the coffee shop was bang on schedule but we came in behind the main group and had to queue for morning refreshments. I couldn’t stay as junior Netball season started at 9 am and I cheered on my youngest daughter Astrid’s team to a 14-1 win and my oldest daughter Freya’s team to a 7-2 win. All in all it was a great morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  I hope we see everyone back again next week with a few extras in tow.

Sunday Ride April 26

A group of about 20 gathered on Sunday morning for the challenging 113 km jaunt (including 6 KOM climbs) to Kalamunda. Conspicuous by their absence were (a) Lorraine’s mobile phone and (b) Peter – with the former containing a message saying that the latter would not be able to make it. Unbeknown to the rest of the group, Jerry had also received the message and this was confirmed after we called Peter to see if he was coming.

The group set off at a leisurely pace down Manning Road and Albany Hwy and there were many happy comments about the lack of wind. Surely on such a great day there would be big pack to tackle the ride ahead!! The climb up Mills Rd began steadily and soon Ben, Stu, Mike and myself had a gap on the rest of the field. We made good progress and continued uneventful until Ben threw down the challenge about 300 m from the finish to take the points.
KOM 1 (Mills Rd). 1, Ben 2, Julian 3, Stu 4, Mike 5, Jerry

At the top, the first murmurings of a shorter ride were heard but we pressed ahead to the Peet Road climb and the finish at Roleystone High School. Stu, Ben and Mike made a break in Peet Rd and fought it out for points. Jerry finished hard but couldn’t quite get the points for 4th.

KOM 2 (Peet Rd/Raeburn Rd) 1, Ben 2, Mike 3, Stu 4, Julian 5, Jerry

The shorter ride murmurs became loud shouts after the climb and most of the group turned left at Brookton Hwy and headed directly to Kalamunda. However 5 hardy souls, not sadly lacking in intestinal fortitude, continued on to complete the whole ride, safe in the knowledge that everyone in the group would get points today. The climb up Soldiers Road was not too bad with the familiar pattern of Ben, Mike and Stu clearing out from Julian and Mark bringing up the rear. This continued for all the climbs, although at the Canning Dam turnoff we weren’t sure where the points were on offer. Ben and Stu realised somewhat belatedly and took off and subsequently missed the turn off! Mike, Mark and myself rode up and a more leisurely pace and negotiated the turn without problem.

KOM 3 (Soldiers Rd) 1, Mike 2, Ben 3, Stu 4, Julian 5, Mark

KOM 4 (Albany Hwy) 1, Stu 2, Ben 3, Julian 4, Mike 5, Mark

The decent into Canning Dam was fairly quick and was punctuated with lots of motor bikes coming the other way. Once we hit Araluen the climbing group split as above before we re-grouped at Karragullen for the final 15 km. By this stage there were a few tired legs but we all keen on getting to the Cafe by 10.45 am.

KOM 5 (Araluen) 1, Mike 2, Ben 3, Stu 4, Julian 5, Mark

The earlier climbs finally took their toll on me and no records were set this week. Up the front, Stu hit the 50 km sign first to take out the last of the points on offer.

KOM 6 (Mundaring Weir Rd) 1, Stu 2, Mike 3, Ben 4, Julian 5, Mark

We enjoyed a good recharge at the coffee shop and caught up with Brett and Simon, back from a Mountain Bike trip near Mundaring Weir. Finally we headed home down the hill and managed to get home before midday, thus ensuring I may even be allowed out next Sunday!