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Recap – Christmas Ride 17 Dec 2016

If you did not attend SPR Christmas ride on 17 Dec 2016, here is a recap on what were presented during the Christmas Breakfast:

Annual Christmas Awards

Award 2016 Winners Some selected comments
These awards are  based on responses received in an online survey – thank you to everyone who participated. Order reflects number of responses and whether 1 preference or second
1 Most improved rider and racer; a rider or racer who over the last year has made the greatest improvements in ability and skill.  Note: there will be separate “most improving” awards presented today as well. Meegan Fyfield Meegan has shown a huge improvement in strength and performance this year -moving from a development rider to Tour of Margaret River racer. She was determined to be prepared for this tour and put in endless hours training in all conditions – if it was on the program it got done.
Rebecca Kelly Rebecca has shown great improvement in all areas of cycling progressing from main 3 to main 1 and hills. She was barely in Main 2 then achieved all stages in the Tour of Margaret River with an awesome performance.
Nancy Sawitchaya Nancy has come a long way, with a lot of perseverance, moving up the main groups this year and shows grit and determination always – especially noticable at the Tour of Margaret River.
2 Most inspirational rider: someone who has influenced you this year through their deeds or helped to motivate you to achieve more in cycling than you thought you could. Amanda Nabi Amanda is incredibly strong and so friendly and shows you can be chilled out and fast. She is always so positive, encouraging and gracious and always has time for the club.
Heiko Potzeldt Heiko is always ready to go hard and pushes up hills – a good wheel to follow, but he is also ready to help and encourage.
3 Good Samaritans: someone who has taken an opportunity to help on the spur of the moment another cyclist in need.  Jordan Brock Jordan Brock: first responder to Greg Prosser’s crash on Nicholson Rd. Managed the scene professionally and looked after Greg while an ambulance was called. With Jordan though, it isn’t spur of the moment, it is every ride, every week. Jordan keeps our groups safe and organized and fun to ride.
Andrew Ballam Andrew Ballam: always stops to assist with mechanicals or to assist people to survive group rides. Hand of God is always appreciated.
4 Epic moment award (new in 2016): something that sticks in your mind about a rider and/or their bike that was so unusual, be that good or bad Patrick Saccani-Williams Patrick Sacchani-Williams for pointing out a pot hole on the road, then crashing into another one.
Greg Prosser Greg Prosser; when he snapped his Trek 5000’s steerer tube clean off, rendering him unconscious on the road. The follow-up was he bought a brand new bike and got straight back on the horse…so to speak..
Joint award to Peter Mah / A Ballam Andrew Ballam/Peter Mah: when Andrew threw his water bottle and hit Peter smack on the head during the UCI world champs race (and the love poetry recital that flowed thereafter).



For detailed narrative of nominations received please see 2016 SPR Xmas Awards Narrative.

Presidential Awards

El Prez presented two awards to the following people for their contributions to the club:

Greg Murray – Race Sub-Committee

Great thank you for Greg’s contribution to the club. He was the acting SPR race director of Beverley Race back in Nov 2016. His commitment and perseverance to ensure the race ran smoothly is greatly appreciated.

We can see from Greg’s expression that he was caught without words when he was presented with the award by El Prez. Well not many of us get a hand made gift from El Prez! Job well done Greg and thank you for your contribution to the club.

Rob Ramsden – Training and Development Sub-Committee

He is the founder of SPR Ride Leader Development Program. This great initiative has taken the club by storm. It has obtained positive supports from club members to make our club gets even better and safer for the members and other riders. Great work and thank you for your great contribution to the club Rob!

Club Road Championship Winners presented by El Prez

Unfortunately, only one person in attendance to receive the Awards from El Prez : Brian Sing – Men Road Club Champion 2016.

For a full list of 2016 winners of club road championship, please follow this link. Congratulations and great job to the winners!

Here is a picture of all trophies prepared for winners thanks to El Prez:

Ride Leader Development Pilot Program Graduation

The ride leader program has been developed to make sure that the club has consistency in relation to what standards are set on the club’s group rides. The ‘pilot’ program was run to iron out any kinks in how the club presents this program in the future. The SPR members who participated in the pilot, offering their time, experience and skills to ensure the program was ready for public release were:

Rob Ramsden                            Mike Bonner
Leigh Outschoon                     Jordan Brock
Julian Johnson                         John Kitching
Peter Lander                             Laurensia Rosana
Shane White                              Andrew Williams
Shaw Goh                                    Carol Dowse
Glenn Mitchell                         Heiko Potzeldt
Peter Mah

The club was extremely fortunate and grateful to have Emma Pooley, a world champion and an olympian, presented the above-mentioned program participants with their completion certificates and ride leader jerseys.

As Emma said, “…I may not have got to that point if I was not given any direction early in my cycling career. One of the great things about SPR is that you are doing such wonderful things to develop high standards across all the rides the club offers.

And, since the program is finalised, the club is looking forward to taking the next group through the Program in early 2017. For more details see a separate blog post.

Improving Rider Awards 2016 presented by Training and Development Sub-committee

The Training and Development Sub-committee has introduced a new award for 2016, for riders that have demonstrated a consistent and focused approach on developing their individual and group riding skills throughout the year. Of note, the subcommittee’s primary focus is on those riders who typically ride in the Transition, Main 4/3 rides. It is believed that by recognising people from these sections of the club, it will help to encourage others to strive to be awesome; even more awesome than they already are because they have pulled on lycra and come riding with us.

The 2016 winners of the T&D Subcommittee Most Improved Riders were Faye Daglish-Jones and Debbie Bertolatti. Congratulations to both of you!

Dome Westralia Plaza Best Customer Award

Toby Brown of Dome Westralia Plaza also announced that two SPR regular customers are selected by Dome’s staff as the best customers 2016. They are JP Grygorcewicz and Greg Barmann. Congratulations guys!

Here are the pictures which summarise the SPR Christmas day:

dsc_0002 dsc_0004 dsc_0005


















SPR Christmas Breakfast

So the Christmas festive is just around in the corner… what an exciting time ahead!

Leading up to your break, we will have our Christmas breakfast and Ride next Saturday. Note the details:

Date: Saturday 17 Dec 2016

Time: from 8:45AM

Where: Dome Westralia Plaza

Cost: $15 per person (it will get you a hot drink and access to the SPR Dome breakfast) – CASH ONLY please

Many things will be covered on this day. Make sure you are there!

During the breakfast, we will cover:

  1. Annual Christmas Awards 2016 – from the recent survey
  2. Presidential Awards
  3. SPR Road Race Club Championship
  4. SPR Ride leaders graduation including “a special celebrity guest
  5. Best Customer Award presented by Dome Westralia Plaza

Also, don’t forget that there are also prizes for the best dressed/decorated bicycle on the day

Please RSVP to the breakfast in the comments section below so that no one goes hungry!


You are invited to another “SPROOLERS” out of lycra evening…

  • Where? The Empire Bar (220 Great Eastern Highway, Rivervale)
  • When? Sunday 18 December 2016 from 6:00 PM onwards
  • How much? $20 per person includes one drink (pick one: beer, cider or house wine) and finger food
  • Who? Everyone! Partners welcome
  • Book & pay: via the SPR blog shop by Friday 16 Dec 2016. Here is a link

Any questions? Email:

Share the news guys! The more the merrier !

SPR Social Committee

SPR Club Awards

Each year the club recognises some of the cyclists and participants who help supporting the club or inspire others with their cycling achievements.

There are multiple awards this year, four of which will be based on the information provided in this survey (password “SPR”).


Presentations of the survey outcomes and other SPR awards, including best dressed rider/bike will be made at the Christmas breakfast scheduled on Saturday 17 December 2016. More information to come!

The survey will close at midnight on Sunday 4 December 2016. Spread out the word folks!

SPR Social Committee

2016 Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif

One of the more popular riding events was held few weeks ago in the Swan Valley. The event went well and it was represented by 52 SPR members. The ride itself was dominated by the sea of “green” jerseys which is fantastic! Overall, it was a good day and everyone enjoyed the day out!


This year the club also engaged Tony Lendrum Photography, to document the day for us. This album is now available on our blog. Please follow this link. They are available for all to use.

On behalf of the committee, we thank everyone who was involved in ensuring that this event went smoothly for the SPR members. Thank you for your participation and riding in SPR colours. We hope that the pictures capture unforgettable memories of the day.

From me personally, I also take this opportunity to thank:

Committee members and SPR social subcommittee– thank you for your support in ensuring that the event went smoothly

Team leaders – thank you for volunteering your time and taking care of each team

Heiko and Suzie – collected and presented a light breakfast for the riders before Cyclo Sportif commenced

Greg & Rebecca – organised and packed the equipment to and from the start line.

So folks, looking forward to more riders on the ride next year  in SPR colors!

SPR quarterly breakfast

Calling out all South Perth Rouleurs to a famous Dome breakfast!


The next quarterly breakfast will be on Saturday 30 July 2016 at Dome Westralia Plaza after the main ride from 8:40am. This costs $15 per person (CASH ONLY). It will get you a hot drink and access to the famous Dome SPR breakfast buffet.

Many thanks to Mr Toby Brown, Dome Westralia Plaza for hosting this event!

Please RSVP to the breakfast in the comments section below so that no one goes hungry!

SPR Social Committee 

Reminder for Tour de France dinner

A reminder to all that the Tour de France dinner is on this coming Sunday. Tickets are available for sale until midnight Thursday. The cut off time is strictly applied.

More details are available on the previous blog entry here.

Here are the details of the menu for the dinner:


Group Picture at Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif

Dear Cyclo Sportif participants, BWA start list has been released recently. Please ensure that you are aware of your team start time. It is your responsibility to know what time you have to be at the start line.

Annually before the start of this event, a group club picture is taken. This year, the club has successfully engaged Tony Lendrum to take the club pictures and also while you are at the course. Ensure that you gather at the club’s marquee by 8 AM when the club picture will be taken.  Do not forget to wear the SPR kit and look out for the green flag! There will also be light breakfast (eg muffins, pretzels).

SPR Social Committee

SPR Tour de France dinner at Petite Mort

Tour de France Dinner…. It is our Premier Social event of the Year! If you missed the Giro d’Italia night, do not miss this one.

We had a fantastic night at Bravos in the spirit of the Giro d’Italia 2016. Food and company was great and everyone enjoyed the night. Pictures do no justice on how awesome the night was!

13230175_10208090950465651_4406183537737252192_n  Belinda and 9 other attendees received hidden surprises under their side plates. 13237650_10208090944905512_3238301451152076440_n

Andrew Ballam and team received Stelvio Experience gifts for winning the quizzes for the night.

Not to mention our best host for the night, Graham Hoskins. The event wouldn’t be a success without him!13260119_10208090950745658_5690085767052546225_n

Without further ado, SPR social committee presents you SPRoolers Tour de France night:


Where : Petite Mort Restaurant in Shenton Park

When : Sunday 10 July 2016 at 6:30 PM start

Cost : $64 per person for a 3 course set menu

(options for vegan and vegetarians are available. Please notify SPR social committee after tickets are purchased) 

We have limited seats so hurry! Only 56 places are available & we will sell out so don’t delay. Payment in advance is required. Visit the shop to purchase your tickets! All friends and partners are welcome with prizes for best dressed in the theme of the Tour de France. Not to mention that there will be quizzes on the night with prizes to be won which will challenge your knowledge on Tour de France!

It will also be a great chance to catch up with other SPR members about the upcoming event Tour of Margaret River. Sounds great?

We look forward to seeing you there!

SPR Social Committee

Updates on Swan Valley Cyclo Sportif

So 26 June 2016 is approaching very quickly. If you have a team and yet to register yourself for this event, you better hurry! The registration closes on Tuesday 21 June 2016.

We have continuously been updating the team as more members sign up for this event. The previous blog post has also been updated with an appointed ride leader for each team. Please ensure you get in touch with them.

Each ride leader is responsible to manage the team such as:

  • organise the registration on the day
  • when & where to meet at Oaksover grounds before heading down to the start line
  • direct the group as he/she fits during the event

Remember that it is your responsibility to know what time you have to be at the start line.

BWA has also added an additional mixed route (hill + flat) to the available ride routes if your team decide to have a taste of Haddril Road.  Check out the details at

BWA has also kindly provided area for club’s marquee to be available for SPR members on the day. The club also has arranged for light breakfast prior to the ride together with soft drinks for after the ride so look out for the SPR green flag!

It gets more exciting guys! The club has successfully engaged Tony Lendrum to document the day for us. To ensure that you are part of the pictures, please ensure that you wear the latest club kit on the day.  This way, Tony can recognise you easily! You can check out his great work at