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MOVEMBER… It's almost here!

Each year Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Australia and around the world, with the sole aim of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men.

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Men sporting Movember moustaches, known as Mo Bros, become walking,

talking billboards for the 30 days of November and through

their actions and words raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of buy generic viagra men’s health.

SPR has registered it’s own Team for Movember… “South Perth Rouleurs”

All you need to do is grow the mo and get your friends and loved ones to support you…

Register on the team page and put your name in the comments to become part of the SPR Movember team!

2XU allTerra Triathlon this Sunday February 6

Have been meaning to put this post

up for ages (apologies to Mr Gill)… Better late than never!

2XU allTerra Triathlon

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INDIAN OCEAN EVENTS is proud to bring you the first ever off road triathlon series in WA. Three outstanding events which will have you embarking on courses testing your endurance, strength and mind.

Held at Lake Leschenaultia

(45 mins East of Perth), you will enjoy some great adventure as you swim, MTB and run your way through bushland, water ways and other terrain.

750 swim – 24k MTB – 7k adventure run

There are individual and teams entries

across a wide range of age groups.

All info can be found on the Indian Ocean Events website and on the Indian Ocean Events Facebook page

Registrations close this Friday February 4

Stolen TT Bike

Pete Gill’s mate Paul had his lovely P2 stolen on Sat morning from Power Station Triathlon (on his birthday too!)

Also taken

were his cannibal bag and white specialized helmet.

Since these photos it has a different seat with white tips at the back and a double

water bottle holder bolted off the back of the seat.  The Zipps are a 1080 tubless and the front is a 808 tubeless, ultegra running gear.

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SPR Christmas Breakfast – 4th December

Well, after somewhat of a long break it is time to hold another memorable SPR brekky!!!

The Christmas brekky is a special occasion where we can celebrate the year gone by, remember all the great

times that SPR has had this

year and give thanks to all people who have made our club as special as it is.

Firstly I have to say that this is only possible because of Kate and Pete’s generosity in opening their home up to all of us…. AGAIN!!!  I continue to be amazed that Kate is still

willing to let us all troop through her house gently stomping brownie crumbs in our wake!

As I have said before, organising an SPR brekky is no mean feat. We have a BIG club now and the time and commitment needed to get this done has to be a team effort. We MUST have volunteers to help otherwise it will not happen. If enough people don’t volunteer then we may have to consider nominating helpers. I have yet to ever ride on the day of a breakfast… missing just one so that we all have a great time is not a lot to ask.

Please RSVP to the comments to give us an idea of numbers for catering. It will be $10 members (and member partners) and $15 non-members to be paid on the day.

There will some exciting door prizes that El Prez has got lined up for us as well as a few Christmas surprises!

Volunteers please let us know by e-mail or in the comments

Cheers Loz 🙂

Foxy 1000 or… "Shut up Jens"

Report by Nigel Adcock:

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A repeat of the AFL grand final had Chris Browne and yours truly arriving on Saturday a day late getting ready for the Adelaide Mountain Bike Club “Foxy 1000”.

Advertised as the hardest Mountain Bike Enduro race in Australia and, as we would find out, it lives up to its well-deserved reputation.


Chris, "Yeti envy" for my bike!

Bikes quickly thrown together

and a quick test spin in the park across from our unusually nice accommodation the Hilton hotel, we raced to get our race provisions.  Blueberry muffins, choc chip cookies, bananas, 10l of South Australian spring water, squirm snakes for the quick glucose hit added to our various bars and gels that we would need to get through over 8 hours in the saddle.

The Cudlee Creek sustainable trail network is situated in what was once a timber production forest that is slowly being transformed into a conservation area.

The Foxy 1000 course had been extensively redesigned from previous races; out was the continuous fire trails and rutted climbs and included was over 12km of sweet flowing single track over varied terrain.

To have the hardest race in Australia you need hills and there was NO shortage of those in the 13km  rounding out a 25km total lap. The two killer hills “Mini Heart Break” which steepens to 32% or its big brother “Heart Break Hill” which only gets to 27% but is the last 4km to the start /finish transition.

Early start Hilton Hotel

Daylight Saving had just started, 1hour less sleep, so pre dawn we stumbled out of our 5 star lodging ready for a long day in the saddle.

The 45 minute planned drive turned into 1hour 15 of getting lost when:

a) The “Super iPhone 4” loses signal and our map is useless!  Thanks Chris!

b) I forget the printed road directions back at the hotel.

Finally a little short of preparation time we make it to registration.

In a sign of things to come Chris and I see a rider with a Jens inspired “Shut Up Legs” jersey………… I’m thinking, what have we done!

8am start time and the brave or foolhardy 100km competitors lined up for a big day. Due to so many DNF’s the organisers had included 75km and 50km (soft) options.

Lap 1: learning the trail, single track,

Truck Transition


do part of a down hill course,


and climb,

single track (nice),

oh climb and climb,

single track and climb!

“Spin the cranks, save your energy buddy”!!

Lap 2: eat,


course is sussed out,

cool have some fun,

climb, legs get sore, “shut up legs”,


Lap 3: eat,


seriously contemplate getting in the car and going back to the hotel,

single track still fun.



lower lip quivers, admit defeat and walk any climb over 25% grade.

N.B. Chris to his credit rode the climbs on all 4 laps, as well as dodging 2 crazy emus and a magpie attack on his last lap!

Lap 4: eat,

4th place Men's (Nigel)


consider giving up mountain bike riding,

ride on the grass not the trail to soften the ride for the aching arse!

don’t look at the Garmin counting down the km home.


and climb…

Tell Jens;

“ Go to hell!”


“You do the F*#king hills Jens, psycho roadie! ”

Chris across the finish line

Finish, sore, happy and exhausted in 8hrs2min .Revel in the fact only 33 people have finished the “Foxy 1000” before cut off, with a DNF of about 40% per race.

The race is a tough day out, the most climbing on dirt I’ve done so far and the most vertical you can get in Australia. This year’s course, 105km with 3500 m total ascent.

Fitting it all in the hire car

The Foxy 1000 only runs bi-annually and I’m not sure 2 years is long enough to forget the pain.

If you like to climb, have a crack. The trails are awesome, flowing single track and very scary downhill

spaced out with torturous climbing.

If you’re still with me, thanks for reading this rough prose.