spr & rccc crit series 2012/2013

603092_10151665651783219_1985274214_nspr/rccc summer criterium series 2012/2013

dates – 09th dec, 16th dec, 10th feb & 10th mar.

location – technology park criterium circuit, brodie hall drive, bentley

times/grades – The following times can be used as a guide for starts:

‘e’ grade – 07:40 (15mins)

‘d’ grade – 08:00 (20mins)

‘c’ grade – 08:30 (30mins)

‘b’ grade – 09:10 (40mins)

‘a’ grade – 10:00 (50mins)

costs – $20 on the day ($15 for spr/rccc members), registrations close 15min before each race.  for non-ca licence holders – a single race day licence is $33, while a 3-race licence is available for $44. either of these will be required to ensure that not only you, but the people racing around you are covered in the unfortunate event of an accident.

other info – women’s ‘a’ grade will ride at the same time as ‘b’ grade men and women’s ‘b’ grade with ‘d’ grade men.  the women’s races will be separate if numbers allow.

series info – for each race the top five riders in each grade will accumulate points towards a series championship.  the points will be awarded as follows –

100, 80, 70, 60, 50.

a separate women’s series will be held for ‘a’ and ‘b’ grade women.  points will be awarded as above, but based on their position as compared to other women in that race.

there is also a teams series for ‘a’ grade with a prize for the best team based on individual points accumulated in each race.

results, series leaders and finishline video will be published on this site after each race.

for those of you who like to warm up on wind trainers, the building owners on the inside of the circuit have asked that you not use your wind trainers on their veranda as you are leaving a black residue on their paver’s and walls.

race 01 – 9th december 2012

race 02 – 16th december 2012

race 03 – 10th february 2013

race 04 – 10th march 2013

series leaders (after race 04)

The website for the South Perth Cycle Club