spr water tower challenge 2012

water tower number 6 on the challenge

welcome to the spr water tower challenge.

this event is open to anyone with a cycling australia silver (recreational) licence or higher, and is designed to challenge riders of any ability.  there are two courses on offer, and imperial century (160kms) and a metric century (100kms).  whether the challenge is to finish the course in the quickest time or just complete a century, then this event is for you.

date – sunday 23rd september 2012

time – depending on numbers, but probably 1st team away at 6:30am.

distance – imperial century (160kms) or metric century (100kms)

cost  – $30.  registration here through the IMG website.  you will need your username and password that you received when you joined as a member.  team captain will register the team name and specify a password which they will send to the other team mates.  you then login with your cycling australia username and password and pick that team to compete your entry.

format – teams of three that must stick together for the entire event.  riders must complete a set course that visits a number of water towers across the suburbs of perth.  at least one member of the team must have a GPS device (garmin, iphone, etc) that is downloadable to STRAVA.  this STRAVA download will be used to check that the course has been followed and provide the teams time.  team members will be provided with numbers that they must display for the duration of the event so that it is easier for them to check in at feed stations.

support – there will be 2 feed stations on the course (2 for the imperial and 1 for the metric).  at each feed station, each rider will provided with 1 water, 1 sports drink, 1 sports bar, 1 gel and coke will also be available.  regardless of whether you will be taking any of the food/drink provided, each team must stop and check in to ensure we do not leave any teams out on course.  a sag wagon will be available, in case of an accident or mechanical.  please ensure that at least one team member carries a mobile phone during the event.  a phone number for the sag wagon will be made available on the day.  the finish will be at DOME Westralia Plaza and teams must check in so we know who has finished.  each rider will be provided with a voucher for a coffee/cold drink and there will be a computer available to download the STRAVA results.  as it will be close to lunch time, feel free to hang around and enjoy a bite to eat while you welcome the other finishing teams.

other rules – teams will be started at timed intervals to ensure that the events road presence is kept to a minimum.  the course is not closed and will not be marked, but teams must obey all west australian road rules at all times.  it is the responsibility of  each rider to look after their own safety and that of others, and as such, should ride to traffic conditions as necessary.  as this is a timed event, it is in your best interest to not join up with other teams although, in the act of obeying traffic signals, it is possible that teams will come together on the road.  you do not have to physically stop at any water tower except those with a feed station, but must ensure that you follow the course as it passes them by.  the map for the imperial route shows the location of some public toilets that can be found along the way.

maps – imperial (160kms) or metric (100kms)

downloads for gps – imperial (160kms) or metric (100kms) (right click and “save link as”)

race nutrition for this event is supplied by endura


6:30 A Freewheelers Matthew SEALE Dale GROVES Ben MADSEN
6:32 B Team Ramrod John BREED Jason NG Luke ELLIS
6:34 C Reservoir Dogs David SHAILER Jordan BROCK Julian JOHNSON
6:36 D Crank Addicts Alistair DICKINSON Doug Flanagan Stuart IVINS
6:38 E Boss Constructions Powered By SPR Aaron WINTERS Davina SUMMERS
6:40 F The Giant Argon Cube Michael COOTE Richard McGillivray Mark EDMISTON
6:42 G Imperial Stormtroopers Phil Davidson Mitchell Thompson Greg Roworth
6:44 H Team Triple A Anna Massey Amanda NABI Alison RAMM
6:46 I Didyabringabeer Shaw GOH Travis Kean Wayne Allen
6:50 L 2 Poms & a token Ozzie Ben Oakes Mathew Wardynec Gregory Murray
6:52 M Green Caviar Stephen Cooper Ruth MOYSES Marcel Willimann
6:54 N Jacks and Jill Jason Chong Rosslind Ellis Andrew Williams
6:56 O The Stravas Oliver Duarte Jason Gordon Claire Hines



Feedzone 01 @ 60kms
Imperial Start time Check-in Segment Time Ave Speed
A Freewheelers 6:30 8:35 2:05 28.8
B Team Ramrod 6:32 8:31 1:59 30.3
C Reservoir Dogs 6:34 8:36 2:02 29.5
D Crank Addicts 6:36 8:35 1:59 30.3
E Boss Constructions Powered By SPR 6:38 8:43 2:05 28.8
F The Giant Argon Cube 6:40 8:43 2:03 29.3
G Imperial Stormtroopers 6:42 8:59 2:17 26.3
H Team Triple A 6:44 9:12 2:28 24.3
I Didyabringabeer 6:46 9:19 2:33 23.5
Feedzone 02 @ 110kms
Imperial Feed 01 Check-in Segment Time Ave Speed
A Freewheelers 8:35 10:15 1:40 30.0
B Team Ramrod 8:31 10:13 1:42 29.4
C Reservoir Dogs 8:36 10:24 1:48 27.8
D Crank Addicts 8:35 10:24 1:49 27.5
E Boss Constructions Powered By SPR 8:43 10:39 1:56 25.9
F The Giant Argon Cube 8:43 10:27 1:44 28.8
G Imperial Stormtroopers 8:59 11:02 2:03 24.4
H Team Triple A 9:12 11:11 1:59 25.2
I Didyabringabeer 9:19 11:26 2:07 23.6
Finish @ 160kms
Imperial Feed 02 Check-in Segment Time Ave Speed
A Freewheelers 10:15 11:45 1:30 33.3
B Team Ramrod 10:13 11:45 1:32 32.6
C Reservoir Dogs 10:24 12:04 1:40 30.0
D Crank Addicts 10:24 12:10 1:46 28.3
E Boss Constructions Powered By SPR 10:39 12:45 2:06 23.8
F The Giant Argon Cube 10:27 12:02 1:35 31.6
G Imperial Stormtroopers 11:02 12:45 1:43 29.1
H Team Triple A 11:11 13:16 2:05 24.0
I Didyabringabeer 11:26 13:38 2:12 22.7
Total Course
Imperial Start time Check-in Total Time Ave Speed
A Freewheelers 6:30 11:45 5:15 30.5
B Team Ramrod 6:32 11:45 5:13 30.7
C Reservoir Dogs 6:34 12:04 5:30 29.1
D Crank Addicts 6:36 12:10 5:34 28.7
E Boss Constructions Powered By SPR 6:38 12:45 6:07 26.2
F The Giant Argon Cube 6:40 12:02 5:22 29.8
G Imperial Stormtroopers 6:42 12:45 6:03 26.4
H Team Triple A 6:44 13:16 6:32 24.5
I Didyabringabeer 6:46 13:38 6:52 23.3
Feedzone 01 @ 60kms
Metric Start time Check-in Segment Time Ave Speed
L 2 Poms & a token Ozzie 6:50 9:06 2:16 26.5
M Green Caviar 6:52 9:16 2:24 25.0
N Jacks and Jill 6:54 9:35 2:41 22.4
O The Stravas 6:56 9:18 2:22 25.4
Finish @ 103kms
Metric Feed 01 Check-in Segment Time Ave Speed
L 2 Poms & a token Ozzie 9:06 10:49 1:43 25.0
M Green Caviar 9:16 11:22 2:06 20.5
N Jacks and Jill 9:35 11:32 1:57 22.1
O The Stravas 9:18 11:13 1:55 22.4
Total Course
Metric Start time Check-in Total Time Ave Speed
L 2 Poms & a token Ozzie 6:50 10:49 3:59 25.9
M Green Caviar 6:52 11:22 4:30 22.9
N Jacks and Jill 6:54 11:32 4:38 22.2
O The Stravas 6:56 11:13 4:17 24.0

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