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    Hi SPR team!

    I am heading back to the UK at end of July to take part in Ride London and wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas for transporting my bike to the other side of the world as I am sure some our members may have had to do this in the past.

    I have purchased a Scicon soft shell bag, so ready to go, but been looking at excessive excess luggage costs for Singapore Airlines and pretty shocked. Wondering if anyone has had this experience and how they have saved money in getting their bike safely transferred.

    Will be proudly wearing the SPR kit riding through London, Surrey etc so hoping the pictures will be good so I can share when I return. See you Saturday!

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Paul πŸ™‚


    Hi Paul

    Singapore Airlines allow 30kg checked baggage. We travel regularly with bikes and you’ll find that you can get most of what you need into the Scicon bag with your bike (stick clothes in plastic shopping bags first to avoid grease marks :-)). Take whatever else you need in your carry on…no need for excess baggage.

    Enjoy Ride London!



    Or book British Airways, that do the piece system, so you just book another piece ($80 one way and you get another 23 kgs)


    Thanks for the advice guys. I am going to take your advice Andrew and pack stuff in the bike bag. From your experience does the bike turn up ok as it will have to travel with all checked in luggage. Not sure whether you have same bag (aero comfort 2.0), but any further tips to ensure it travels as safely as possible πŸ˜‰ maybe I will also look at BA next time. Thanks again, Paul.


    Yes Paul, we use the Aero Comfort 2.0 (we have 3 of them), and yes, the bike should be okay. If anything, the extra padding of your clothes in the bag will protect it even more.

    Just make sure that you attach your bike securely to the frame as per the Scicon YouTube video and you’ll be fine…




    Hello Paul
    Just saw your post.
    I also have the Scicon AeroComfort bike bag.
    One challenge you’ll encounter is the strong likelihood that the baggage handlers will flip the bag on its side (as opposed to keeping it vertical) and place other luggage on top of the bag when stowing it on the plane.
    In regards to the above, one preventative approach you can take to minimise excessive pressure being placed on your wheels (in particular the spokes) is to insert a protective profile/template into the wheel sleeve within the Scicon bag. They are quite easy to make (I used 3mm ply, cut it into the profile of the wheel and placed a 25 mm hole in the middle of the template) – this ensures the template (x2) centres on the wheels hub and doesn’t move when in transit. I now leave the template in the bag ready for the next trip.


    Thanks for that Simon.

    Being not the best at anything mechanical or creative, do you know anywhere that would make these for me or do you know.if there are any alternatives you can buy.

    I will start doing some research as only a few months to go.

    Thanks again for your advice.




    G’day Paul. Haven’t seen them online. I just cut mine out using a jigsaw, bit of sanding, coat of varnish.
    More than happy for you to borrow mine if you want.



    If you do not need them and you are ok with that then I would.love to take you up on that offer as very worried about my bike and the reputation of baggage handlers. Going to book it in for a quick check with bike shop I used to use in Greenwich.

    We are away from 26th July and return 20th August. If those dates would be ok for you then let me know and what your favourite tipple is πŸ™‚

    Can sort out closer to the time. Really appreciate it.





    Good idea Paul to have the bike checked over once you arrive. Re collecting the ply profiles, I do the Tuesday and Thursday SPR early bird rides and drive my car to the start point (park at the small carpark off Mounts Bay Rd) Let me know if you want to collect them on a Tuesday or Thursday morning before the ride – otherwise you can SMS me on 0400127252 and we can make other arrangements


    Thanks Simon. I am very grateful.

    Will sort out popping along to a Tues or Thurs morning ride. Have been on a couple but not really quick enough so I will probably pop along in the car. Would.you prefer me to meet you before or after or does it not really matter? I am an early bird so do not mind either way.

    Have a great weekend and will sort out picking up in next few weeks πŸ™‚

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