• so, lets talk about the weather.  rain, humidity, wind.  all the things that cyclists don’t like.  this morning we were also dodging the odd thunderstorm but didn’t manage to miss the rain.  apart from the ste […]

  • the other day #2 son had to write a piece on people he admired.  he listed kobe bryant, some random youtube person that i don’t know and….me. as an 11 year old, this is not unusual, but his reasoning was a […]

  • although the ride leader sponsor program is no longer active, there are still aspects of the overall ride leader program that require funding (jerseys, theory workshops, etc). as such, we will still be accepting […]

  • new year, new you. as previously announced, Mayeur will be the kit supplier of the south perth rouleurs from 2020 onwards. the kit committee has been working closely with the design team at Mayeur to come up w […]

    • Looks great.

    • congrats to come to a decision!
      would be also interested to see how the SPR National (UCI)Aussie kit will look like? and when it is available to order?
      Are there socks, gloves, caps also available?

    • Wow – Love it

    • Looks awesome, looking forward to owning some of this kit.

    • Nathan replied 1 week ago

      I like the logo in white on the middle pocket. I think that should stay. I guess you have to have the brand on there. Can that be on either the left or right pocket not middle.

      Didn’t know we had a new domain name. Is there plans to drop the rouleurs from the club name? Or is that to do with space. That new domain is shorter and easier to remember than the current domain.

      I think white text on the back would be easier to see rather than green on green.

    • It’s very green. I would like to see a little more white on the jersey – to retain some continuity with our well recognised previous kit and to keep our club uniform as visible as possible at all times (given that most of our midweek training rides begin at 5:30am i.e. in the dark for most of the year).

    • Are we showing SPR or Mayer? In the picture the sleeves look long.

  • leadership. over a year ago, i lost the love for cycling. i was sick of training and sick of trying. at the time i thought that i just needed to ride for fun and physically that is all i did.  mentally and […]

    • Saw one of our people dump a used gel package on the road today. We get enough bad press as it is so qualifying as litter bugs is not on. Maybe we all need to be reminded not to drop gas cannisters, tubes, gel packages or any other cycling gear while on a club ride (or any ride). Tks

  • so, as many of you may have seen, the spr kit committee has been tasked with reviewing our current kit, for both supplier and design. we have had the current design for around 5 years now and it has served us well […]

  • thursday morning, 5:30am, 22 deg, light winds.  perfect riding conditions.  the picture attached was from this weeks thursday training ride.  it may not look like it, but if you do a count, there are over 80 pe […]

  • so january is pretty much over, the tdu has finished and half the kids are back at school already. it won’t be long now until we have to put lights back on the bike as we head into the cooler months. so before the […]

  • with many of our members away in radelaide for the tour down under, i decided (had no choice) to hop directly over the biggest cycling event in our country and spend time in sydney and brisbane….for work. sydney […]

  • yep, it is that time of year again. the time when if you are not in adelaide then you probably don’t want to be on social media either. there are a number of people that you will need to block on facebook this […]

  • limited internet and limited time means that this update will be pretty limited. there is a lot going on, however, with the crits in full swing in perth and the nationals happening this week in ballarat.  we […]

  • so this year for something different, we tracked the festive 500 quite closely and put up prizes for the first 2 club men and women. there were a few surprises along the way and a few last minute rides to finish […]

  • i was doing a cupboard clean out this week and found last years festive 500 patch.  i hadn’t removed it from the cardboard and when i did was surprised to see the little poem behind it. “Most lay in bed. […]

  • happy new year. as the year draws to a close, i could go on some sentimental trip about how the club has changed over the years, or how successful it has been at this or that, but i would rather save that for the […]

  • with many a place shutting down for xmas early and many members not working next week, there is a great chance for some extra kilometres.  the rapha 500 on strava is a good challenge but make sure you are a […]

  • so we wrapped this year up with the final committee meeting at the windsor where items were discussed over pizza and drinks.  the main topic was the weather so make sure that you are prepared this weekend for […]

  • numbers for racing have been in decline lately as people, for various reasons, drop out of the competitive aspect of local sport.  for the women’s field, this means that an already small startlist is […]

  • so there were a couple of instances last weekend and even this morning that frustrate the crap out of anyone trying to organise the groups.  it is all about why we split the groups up.  we have been through this s […]

  • just a little housekeeping for the club this week.  while we may be out enjoying a little birdwatching while riding, there are a number of other things that we should be paying attention to.  i was contacted t […]

  • from a results perspective, last weekend was one of the most successful appearances for spr at the tour of margaret river ever. with 3 very competitive teams and 1 not so serious team fielded, there was some very […]

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