• the latest uci qualifier was run in brisbane last weekend with a contingent of spr riders heading over.  a new event with a great big hill in it makes this the third qualifier in australia after amy’s and […]

  • the club celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on the weekend with a special ride on saturday morning and a boat cruise in the evening.  there were a lot of familiar faces that i had not seen for a while making an […]

  • i remember posting this photo with the caption embedded into it less than a year ago.  at the time there was a push going on to keep cyclists safe by recognising them as real people.  the “could be a…dad, son, c […]

  • the ride leaders for april are proudly sponsored by WA Cyclocross (WACX).  Cyclocross is a very specific type of bike racing. For the most part, the course is off-road but there are sometimes portions of pa […]

  • so this is a roundabout near my house.  the friday ride route passes by here and the sunday rides regularly come through here from the other direction.  have a look at the middle left of the picture and you will s […]

  • so if you weren’t there at the beginning over 10 years ago, i encourage you to take a bit of a stroll back through the blog to see just how much this club has changed.  this photo is of a typical saturday […]

  • Renae’s Race – by Claire Tyrrell.

    Jessica Allen, Emma Pooley and Josie Tomic have each graced tops of podiums around the world and the international cycling superstars have also claimed glory at WA’s Renae […]

  • a splash of light and colour.  it still surprises me just how many people we get to a thursday morning ride.  it is now definitely dark at 5:30 with the sun not rising till after 6am.  i know that this will ch […]

  • in the past ten years of the clubs existence, there have been a number of people that have come and gone as their situations have changed.  some have quietly disappeared as they have moved for work and others […]

  • so during a heated email “discussion” the other week, i was told the that only reason that i was still president of the club was because of ego. the insinuation stemmed from me not responding to some emails […]

  • last weeks blog write up caused a bit of a stir with some people within the club.  some people felt that i may have been targeting them over behaviours that may be considered not in line with the club’s ethos.  t […]

  • so, a couple of issues to be dealt with today. firstly, although summer is still here and the days are still quite hot, the sunrise times have slowly crept up to overtake the start of the earlybird ride.  […]

  • on the tuesday ride i had a small incident which resulted in a double flat.  luckily i always carry two tubes but i still required a bit of gas powered assistance from rob (with lots of moral support from […]

  • February’s ride leader sponsor is Melody Wheels who are a multiple return sponsor for the club.  They are a wheel building specialists in the same way as one might distinguish a medical specialist from a GP.  Th […]

  • yes, you are covered when you are riding by yourself. there are a few forms to fill out and get signed off by the club, etc, but it is a relatively simple process. however, they don’t cover everything. the link below takes you to a list of the policy documents. https://cycling.jltsport.com.au/downloads

  • just to reiterate yesterdays blog post for those that only read this post, or the email newsletter; the sunday hills rides will now start at 6am for both the long and short hills.  as such the sunday earlybird […]

    • Hi
      Not sure whether this is the appropriate place to post this comment/query but on the insurance changes would lone training rides ie not with the club be covered?


    • I have just noticed the change of start time on Sundays. Although well highlighted in pink, I would strongly recommend to send and email to all the mailing-list subscribers with ONLY this information. Generally the emails are very long and somebody could potentially miss this important communication.

  • so, for some reason this year the sunday long hills ride has been at the centre of a lot of debate and change.  a number of times there has been an unofficial time change that has not been widely communicated […]

  • so there were a few crashes on some of our rides over the past few weeks.  on one occasion there were a number of riders that came down separately on the one roundabout.  on another occasion a touch of w […]

  • hey nick, that doesn’t sound like a good situation to find yourself in. yes, i think that you should submit the report through to the cops. you have multiple witnesses to put your names to it, so it isn’t just a “he said she said” situation. whether they press charges is a different matter. but even if they don’t, at least if it is on record,…[Read more]

  • i hadn’t noticed that it does that. i can log it with garmin, but no guarantee that they do anything in a hurry. however, if you click on the name of the route inside that connect map, it will take you too connect itself and you can zoom to your hearts content.

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