• As we slowly do more kit orders over the next year or so, we will see a change in our look out on the road. There are already smatterings of the new in amongst the old and sometimes even the original kit […]

  • Two weekends in a row of successful events for the club signals the culmination of a lot of behind the scenes work. The type of events also reflects the type of riders we have in the club. We are not a racing […]

  • An absolutely perfect day for riding last weekend and an excellent day for finding some Watertowers. We are hoping that we get the same this weekend for the Beverley TTT to complete the back to back weekend […]

  • Julian on his way to a podium finish (see the green blur way at the back, that is me being dropped). Photo – Nick Cowie

    Racing is still going strong in post-covid WA with big fields filling the startlists. […]

  • Skippy the bushranger

    It has not been a particularly good week for the club as far as accidents have been concerned. There were 3 incidents on Saturday and luckily all were bike vs bike interactions with only […]

  • Rainbow Inception

    There was a vote over the weekend in which 6 of the 8 state cycling bodies voted to disband Cycling Australia and join AusCycle. Westcycle abstained from voting on the grounds that none of […]

  • Photo: ZW Photography

    It’s not easy being green, but it certainly makes it better if you win your race. SPR had a number of podiums last weekend at the State Championships with 6 medals out of the 24 club […]

  • Family is especially important at this time

    So, today is R U OK day. It is a special day that has been running for a number of years and for most people it has passed by without question. However, 2020 isn’t […]

  • Numbers are certainly growing now that the weather is getting warmer and the mornings lighter for the earlybird rides. The Thursday ride, in particular, boasts at least four groups and probably should be […]

  • Every year the month of July is usually full of suffering. The Tour de France has normally started and a bunch of riders are cutting a big lap of the hexagon. Although over in France the riders are suffering, […]

  • The WaterTower Challenge, Beverley Race and Tour of Margaret River. September, October, November. From a pandemic stand point we are lucky that they are all coming later in the year. From an organisation […]

    • Enjoy the TV Stations this Saturday, it’s a great route – although the actual TV stations are no more and they are being subdivided for expensive multi-storey homes.

  • It was a dark and stormy night, but we have had a few of them lately, so another one won’t be much of a surprise. What was a surprise was that our club reporter Claire Tyrrell has recently returned from […]

  • Aloysius Parker Photography

    So the picture of Dave and myself was about 5 minutes before i found out what not doing any intensity work for over a year does to your performance in cyclocross. It wasn’t […]

  • “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

    In this mid-pandemic world nothing stays the same for too long. If you can […]

  • Mud racing made a comeback last weekend along with mountain biking. So now we have road racing, time trialling, cx, mtb racing and I think that the velodrome has just reopened. Slowly we are climbing our way […]

  • Melbourne’s Bourke St during peak times

    Sitting here trying to think about something positive to write about in relation to cycling. We have a lot to be thankful for here in WA and with group riding and cafe’s […]

  • Cold and wet and dark…but able to ride. Wednesday Stock Rd repeats.

    We have a lot to be thankful for in WA. Although we often joke that WA stands for Wait Awhile, there are a number of things that we can […]

  • Mo chasing Sarah at Peel. Photo Nancy

    Are we there yet? It feels like this journey has been quite long, but at the same time we all know that we are no where near the finish. As things look a bit grim in […]

  • Contemplating how much this will hurt. Photo Nancy

    Racing has commenced in Perth with last weekend seeing the first post-COVID ATTA time trial at Champion Lakes and this weekend Peel Districts will be holding […]

  • Fresh mornings along Shelley

    We are very lucky here in Western Australia. Being the most isolated city in the world certainly has it’s benefits when the entire planet is gripped by a pandemic. With only two […]

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