• we lost a member last week.  not due to changing clubs, or not renewing but because they passed away.  it wasn’t from an accident or anything sinister but he is gone nevertheless.  this was not a member that ma […]

    • Thanks for the story about Hank Vogels Snr, interesting, had no idea of his links with SPR. He has left an amazing legacy. May he rest in peace.

  • the forlorn figure of nick finch at some cafe in blankensee in north-eastern germany just reminds us that it is not winter everywhere.  although the forecast for this week is looking pretty damn good.  no rain a […]

  • so i have mentioned a number of time before about the imaginary “rules” of cycling also known as the “velominati”.  ex-pro rider phil gaimon has also taken exception to the fact that some people use these rules […]

  • sometimes when facing a storm you need to look for the silver lining….or at least the natural refraction of light into it’s colourful spectrum.  for me this past couple of weeks it has been a renewed motivation […]

  • the uci gran fondo word series continues to roll on around the globe. with so many races now available to qualify in, you could spend a year chasing the races and experience riding in 18 different countries. tim […]

  • even though the tour de france is probably taking up valuable sleeping time in a lot of our members, there is another very important race going on at the same time.  the women’s giro is also in full swing and […]

  • sacrifice.  i have talked about it on here before especially in relation to someone helping me to qualify for the masters champs.  however, it can also happen as part of the mundane, day-to-day.  last saturday th […]

  • riding in the rain is nothing new to this club.  this photo was from almost 10 years ago and even with unpleasant conditions, people still turned up for a ride.  not as many places to hide and most likely to f […]

  • FOMO.  fear of missing out.  last saturday during the earlybird the heavens opened and we got totally drenched.  this was definitely not an example of FOMO as i am sure all of you that were on zwift didn’t miss mu […]

  • how was your riding this week???  i have spent the entire week in brisvegas and the weather has been perfect for winter.  minimums of 13 and max of 25 pretty much what perth had the week before winter kicked i […]

    • Remember Mercantile Lane is blocked and cannot be used for access to Dome Westralia Square (due to a bridge collapse) – so rides finishing at Dome need to go up Mill Street from Mounts Bay Road (eg. Saturday morning 7am group rides).

  • last week on the thursday ride the group i was in had to wait for a train in freo.  over the past 10 years i don’t think that i could count on one hand how many times i have had to stop at that rail crossing.  a f […]

    • Bill replied 6 months ago

      In the past week alone I have had to deal with the outcomes of two people struck by trains in suburban Perth – the trauma caused to everyone involved, including witnesses was significant. Please don’t risk it.
      And yes, I’m soft and made of sugar – my ZWIFT account may get a workout on Saturday.

  • way back in 2012 we jointly ran a race at barbagello raceway as part of the kings of waneroo motorcycling festival.  we had limited time and a lot of divisions, so we run a short course race kind of like a […]

  • i know that i talked about seVen last week, but with over 500 riders in attendance, it is seriously becoming a iconic event for wa.  there were a number of categorised climbs, but in between them was generally […]

  • there are some events that you do where you just say to yourself “wow, that was a great event, but i would probably enjoy it a lot more if i was fitter”.  seVen is like that.  technically, it is not that hard, b […]

  • El Prez is still in absentia, enjoying Utah, so it falls to the VP to provide the spiel.   There has been some discussions this week regarding wet weather riding.  The “Belgian” fan club has been tut-tutting th […]

  • Apologies for the brief post this week.  El Prez is away in the USA for the next couple of weeks, where the weather seems much colder than Perth.  Therefore, and after  just completing on indoor trainer FTP se […]

  • the good friday ride this year became the easter monday ride as the weather on friday was not what you would consider to be good.  a brisk start turned into a marvellous day and we started with about 60 riders.  t […]

  • the latest uci qualifier was run in brisbane last weekend with a contingent of spr riders heading over.  a new event with a great big hill in it makes this the third qualifier in australia after amy’s and […]

  • the club celebrated it’s 10th anniversary on the weekend with a special ride on saturday morning and a boat cruise in the evening.  there were a lot of familiar faces that i had not seen for a while making an […]

  • i remember posting this photo with the caption embedded into it less than a year ago.  at the time there was a push going on to keep cyclists safe by recognising them as real people.  the “could be a…dad, son, c […]

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