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Club committees, AGMs and getting involved

Hey. I’d planned on doing this post to stimulate discussion around involvement at the AGM and in the SPR Committee for the upcoming year. I thought I’d missed the boat, but some discussion online encouraged me to finish it off and put it up. And this is 2019 – social media will mean everyone will have read it by 11am.

I want to put the invitation out again for people to put their hand up and get involved in the running of the club. The AGM is tomorrow.

I have several slants on this:

  1. We have nominations, as it stands now, for most of the positions, and in particular, the key positions. This means that if you step up, you are NOT taking on something huge without support. The club has a solid foundation, but also space for your ideas and contributions.
  2. Having said that, we do not have nominations for every possible position on the committee. This means that as it stands, if you nominate, you will be welcomed and there is space and room for your input, hard work and contributions.
  3. Not having all positions filled, as it stands now, also means that the AGM is not likely to need votes as popularity contests to choose the star team from dozens of nominations. That would be nice (maybe) but for community clubs like ours this is often not the case – for varying reasons, but often because people are generally happy and don’t want to presume to take over or change what is working.
  4. The final slant I’ll mention is one that elPrez mentions specifically. Even for positions where we have nominations (existing members such as elPrez or myself – and I am seeking to continue on the committee), the positions are open to a vote. If members of our community want to see change, they (you) have a voice, a vote and a responsibility to show up at the AGM and make that voice heard.

So feel free to nominate. You are invited. You will be welcome. And even for the fact that we have some things in our club sorted and with some history (did anyone say 10 years?!), we want and need new ideas, new contributors and new leaders. Change is inevitable.

And let me say one last thing, which is a big one for me personally. As a committee we have to be able to work together, but if you see things differently (or think you do) to me (or anyone else on the committee) do not let that discourage your getting involved. I strongly believe that diversity of opinion and thought can be constructive and is essential to growth and progress. And I think that in most cases, SPR does that really well.

So what’s involved you ask?

The key parts of being on the committee:

  1. Meet. A committee meeting of 1.5 hours every 6-8 weeks. We’re working hard to run these meetings effectively so we get things done but don’t waste people’s time. And still manage to get up a 4:30am the following morning to get a ride in (OK, 5 for people who live closer to South Perth than I do :)).
  2. Slack. Be a part of the SPR Committee Slack. For those that don’t know, Slack is like Facebook Groups and we have “Slack channels” for most aspects of club life e.g. #club_rides (if we have a win or a problem on a morning ride, you will hear about it here first, almost guaranteed). This enables committee members to be involved, make decisions, etc online between meetings. And when you’re at work you can set it to silent (or not – your choice on managing boundaries).
  3. Contribute. We are looking for people that are prepared to contribute. Events, races and programs don’t happen by themselves – you get the idea. And this stuff is fulfilling – we have lots of achievements that SPR as a club has achieved, but also things that individuals have contributed to – think Tour of Margaret River, The Beverley, Ride Leader Program, hundreds of people wanting to show up on group rides, club coaches, club mentors, social events, club kit. We have an honour roll of contributions for which people have worked hard and for which they are and should be proud.
  4. Communicate. Everyone has a life, a family, a training program and a job (that order right?). And these things can go in waves. We all get that. A key for us is to try to communicate about what we can and can’t do. Some things take longer than we want or intend – this is true for all of us (me definitely!) – our objective is to aim to communicate expectations and boundaries clearly. Just part of being an effective (100% volunteer) team.
  5. Question. Most of the great things SPR has achieved happen because someone asks a really good “what if?” or “how can we do this better?” question. Things like: How safe are our rides? What can be improved? How can we better support women taking up riding? Racing? How can our group rides meet members needs better? How can we support and encourage more racing? (If people are keen but unsure) What does it mean to have “racing teams” associated with the club? How can we get the best out of that whilst keeping a level playing field? How can we communicate more effectively?

Now. People often want to help and will “dip the toe” in small roles before stepping into bigger roles once they are comfortable. Have we got a subcommittee for you. These vary from year-to-year, may meet more or less frequently than the committee and are topic-focussed. Examples include Social, Kit, Race and Training and Development.

Each of these are typically a smaller and more focussed version of the committee. The beauty of this can being that you get to be involved in a way that you get to set the boundaries and parameters. If you are keen on one particular aspect of SPR club life, putting your hand up for a subcommittee could be the thing.

So please. If you have ideas or interest – speak up.

Official nominations are through an email to elPrez – admin@southperthrouleurs.com.au.

And you’re invited to ask any of the committee members questions. I personally can be reached at treasurer@southperthrouleurs.com.au or just message me on social media.

See you on the bike.


spr agm minutes and new committee

the minutes and notes from the recent agm have been posted to the updated committee members page that can be found here or through the tabs at the top.  we had over 60 people sign in to attend so i thank you for your time and also to those that have been voted into the committee positions.  over the coming weeks we will define the sub-committee roles and will be calling for more volunteers to fill those positions.  it is a great opportunity for you to be involved in the running of the club and to help it remain successful.

club breakfast and agm – 2012

when – saturday 14th april at 9:00am (breakfast at 8:40, agm at 9:00)

where – dome westralia plaza 167 st georges terrace, perth

cost – $15 will get you a coffee and food.

the breakfast is pretty straight forward and it will start directly after the saturday morning ride.  $15 will get you a coffee and a buffet of food.  please rsvp to the comments below so we know how many to cater for.

once everyone is fed, we will start the agm.  members will need to sign in as they pay for their breakfast so we can keep a record of attendance.  as per our constitution, all committee positions become vacant at the start of the agm.  we are calling on nominations for the 4 main (pres, vice, treas and sec) and 7 supporting committee positions. after a bit of discussion on how it ran this past year (not very well) there has been a suggestion to break the work into functional areas.  the usual administration roles still exist, but the supporting positions become representatives for sub committees covering particular issues.  we have potential for 7 different subcommittees but we have identified 4 main areas – kit, social, fundraising, race.  these subcommittees work on their particular area and report back to the committee via their representative.  if you want to get involved with the club this year, please forward your nomination through via email.  if you want anything in particular added to the agenda, also send it through via email.

agm & breakfast

just a quick thanks to those that helped out on the day.

meg and lisa on the sign in table

john g and bill on bike security

kate, jono, emma, kimbo and garry for the friday night kit sorting

toby, emma, jono, paul g and kate for kit distribution

paul g for stapling the reports

lisa for looking after my tear-away boys.

outgoing committee members daryl, mike and lisa for their work last year

new incoming committee members cheryl, meg and jorgy

and thanks to peow from the esplanade river suites for organising the venue as my house is just not big enough any more

full minutes will be posted on the website once they become available

agm etc – update

looks like everything is a go for the agm next weekend.  as this will be a catered event we NEED to have rsvp’s in by the end of this weekend so we can give the final numbers to the esplanade river suites first thing monday morning.  this is not like the previous breakfasts at my place where you could just rock up.  we need to give them notice so they can set up and staff up beforehand.  there is now a link on the right sidebar (current events) to the agm post and you need to add you name to the comments there.  do it.

i spoke to cannibal this morning and the kit should all arrive next week.  i will put up a post later in regards to volunteers to help sort the kit as this will be quite a big job.  however, we should be all go for distribution at the agm next saturday.

agm, kit distribution and maybe even a breakfast

guys, this is a first heads-up to let you know that on saturday march 12th we will hold our agm in conjunction with the distribution of the new kit.

venue and time to be finalised, but more than likely to be directly after the ride so probably 9:00am.

the agenda for the agm will also be posted later, but all committee positions are up for renewal and therefore nominations can be made.  if you want to be involved with how we run the club, then this is your opportunity.

if we get organised enough, we may have a club breakfast at the same time.

we will keep you posted.

spr autumn breakfast and agm

report by peter.

 i thought i better write something up about the breakfast and agm as i didn’t get to participate in the rides. 

well, the day actually started quite a few weeks ago when lorraine said that she had to work on the day of the breakfast.  after a bit of discussion, kate agreed to step in as head chef as long as she got a few helpers.  we also discussed a menu change as we wanted to avoid the three days of baking that lorriane usually does and try to get everything cooked on the day.  we therefore went with toasted sandwiches, bacon and egg muffins, fruit salad and a few other random nibbles.  being a club, we managed to get a cash & carry card so that we could buy things a bit cheaper at the warehouse.  this mostly helped in things like cups and plates, but buying ham in bulk certainly helped too.

setup started the night before with furniture being moved and toasted sandwiches prepared.  the latest estimate was for 75 confirmed people, so we needed to cater for around 90.  this was going to be the biggest turn out that have ever had so the nerves were beginning to set in as to whether we had enough food for everyone.

the morning started with me heading down to the coode st carpark to kick the groups off.  the routes had been remapped to make sure that they made it to my place rather than the coffee shop.  the intermediate group looked big and with a number of people doing the freeway ride the next day, i suspected that some of the advanced group may have dropped down to save their legs.  there are some issues that have been raised with this group so we will be doing something about it starting this coming saturday.  anyway, the groups got away just fine so i headed back to the pressure cooker.

the first lot of helpers arrived at 7:30 and soon kate had leanne, wendy, jeanette and kimbo in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  i was on yard duty and stayed well away from the kitchen but busied myself getting ready to safely store about 90 bikes. 

i then got the call from daniel to say that there had been a stack in the intermediate group.  kimbo had just finished cooking the last of the bacon so i sent him off on a mercy dash to collect tim.  now tim has been out in the hills with us a few times but has been away for a while.  we bumped into him last weekend and i mentioned that there was a breakfast on and he should come along.  not the best introduction to a spr saturday ride.  he did mention to me later that he was very impressed by the way that the group handled the situation, making sure he was ok and people staying with him until kimbo arrived.  luckily we don’t get too much practice, but it was good to see the group looking after each other.

next thing we know the door bell is being rung and the advanced group is on the doorstep.  they began to fill up the garage with bikes and it was clear that we would need more room so i got them to run them up past the house.  i got kimbo to take the money and get people to sign in for the agm while i got the next few groups organised as to where to put the bikes.

this would have to be the first time the breakfast has been dry at my place.  we managed to beat the rain in by a few days as the storms are about to hit perth as i write this now.  the nice weather did allow us to push people outside and we set up the club sunshade to accommodate the group.  there were comments that we will need to get a bigger house with a bigger garage.  there are plans for that, but they just aren’t in perth.

the girls in the kitchen did an awesome job of keeping the hordes fed and watered and a massive thanks to all of them for their efforts.  leanne actually took rubbish home with her so that it wouldn’t fill our bin up.  awesome effort.

once everyone had time to settle, i gave a bit of a spiel and we did the raffle draw.  the group has been growing well and we are now one of the biggest clubs in perth.  i would like to crack the 100 members mark and i think that we can probably do that if cycling australia actually fixed their online application system.  totally frustrating, but i am working on a way to get around it and still avoid the paper system.  anyway, i can’t remember all the prize winners, but i do recall that shane got the booby prize with a pair of rio tinto speedos.  nice.  probably the most deserving winner for the day was tim who after his accident got to ride away on a park tools pizza cutter shaped like a bike.  yas from the bike clinic also donated a bbq tool set made out of bike tools, so thanks to him for providing them.

we rolled straight onto the agm which was going to be as informal as possible.  the finances were presented and the club is in a fairly healthy position but only in the fact that we don’t have a lot of expenses at the moment. 

the club committee gets re-elected each year and we had a few members stand down from last year.  i would just like to thank brendan, stuart, ryan, noel, judd and chris for their effort last year in getting the club up and running.  there were no real fights for positions so it made the voting relatively easy for those attending.  apart from toby sending me a joke text (quickly retracted)  saying that he wanted to be president, it ends up with my again.

this year the committee is as follows.

president – peter

vice president  – juilian (regular)

secretary – paul o

treasurer – daniel

committee members – lorriane, lisa, mike b, scott, toby, darryl & heiko.

thanks to those that have stepped up to be involved this year and i hope that we can continue to keep the club moving forward.

we then had a few extra things to attend to and jonny headed off to the garage to organise the bike weigh-in, while i started the kit distribution and lisa collected money for the tipping comp.  jonny has the bike weight leaderboard page under control so i can’t wait to see how some of the new bike’s faired. 

all up a good breakfast and if the numbers keep up like this we will need to look at hiring a venue instead.  thanks to all that helped out and to toby who helped source a few items.  thanks also to those that have now joined the committee for the coming year.

cycling wa – agm

on thursday night cycling wa will be holding it’s agm.  all members are welcome and if you are interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes of cycling wa feel free to come along.  i will be there as our official spcc delegate but other club observers are also welcome.