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saturday 20th june – spr winter breakfast

ride report by peter.


rain.  every time we schedule in a breakfast it decides to rain.  even the christmas ride in december was held in a absolute downpour.  well this was scheduled for the middle of winter, only one day before the shortest day of the year, so cold and wet was expected.  the forecast was for strong winds and showers.  they were predicting over 10mm so the house was set up accordingly.  there were towels on the floor, towels on the couches and a basket for wet socks by the door.

on checking the radar first thing in the morning, i was pleased to see that even though there were showers, they were very sporadic and quite light.  this meant that it would be a hit-n-miss situation where we would either come through unscathed or be dumped upon.  the rain and clouds had one benefit though as the morning wasn’t as cold as the previous few days.

we still had a decent turnout despite the weather and there were over 40 riders waiting at the carpark as i rolled in late…again.  at least i had an excuse this morning as there were some last minute preparations before our house was invaded.

being a breakfast ride, we were sticking together to make it a bit more social.  no splitting meant that we needed to be a bit more careful especially on the hills along stock and south streets.  however, we rolled out nicely in one big group with three novices braving the weather to do their course separately.

the trip was quite uneventful along canning but the hill leading to stock did manage to break things up a bit.  i hung back to keep an eye on scott who was making the step up from the novice group today.  up over the hill and we were a way off the back off the group.  i had a chat to dr paul and he said that he would look after scott and probably take a shortcut to get home.

i chased to catch up with the main group and found that it had been split at the leach hwy lights.  the “escapees” weren’t pushing hard though and by the time we hit south street we were all together.  a few struggled with the hills, but by the time we turned onto banister the group was pretty much intact.

i went to the front to sing out some instructions to let them know the we would be going hard along banister rd but would regroup afterwards.

ryan and brendan were close to the front and started the pace up.  neil manning from the plan b team was out with us today and as the current state open road champion, he was going to give them a run for their money.  i was drifting back though the group to make sure that everyone knew what was going on.

once i reached the back, i then started pacing up and jumping between groups to make my way forward again.  there were a few strong groups caught up at the back and i used them as much as possible.  working with stu and some others we managed to almost get back onto the what was left of the main group.  unfortunately i ran out of legs by this point and had to sit up and cruise in the last couple of hundred metres.

along nicholson rd the pace slowed significantly but there were some riders who definitely struggled with the pace and were still making their way back.  by the time we reached albany hwy the group was all together again.  this made for a nice cruise the rest of the way along manning rd and up into como ready for breakfast where dr paul and scott where also just turning up.  at the end of the day we never really encountered any rain but the wet roads made for some soggy socks.

with bikes in the garage and socks in the washing machine, it was inside to see what gastronomic delights lorriane had provided this time.  some people had the smart idea of parking their car near my place so that they could quickly get change after the ride and not have to stand around in wet knicks.  others skipped the ride altogether but still turned up for the breakfast.  it was all about socialisation after all.

there were a few announcements and we had a quick general meeting to vote on some minor constitution changes before moving onto the all important raffle draw.  with some extra prizes donated by cycling wa and perth integrated health clinic, we had quite a few to go around.

mike b took out the major prize of a torque wrench and drink bottle, while russell, yas, brendan, sandra, brett, stu and ???(i will check later) grabbed the minor prizes.  thanks to ben and aiden for drawing the raffle tickets.  ben has improved his number recognition in the last 3 months, so didn’t say that every ticket was “nummer four”.

so after another bike weigh-in (no sneaky surprises), the winter breakfast was over until springtime.  thanks to kate, jody, brett and rob for their help and, as always, thanks to lorriane for donating her time and energy to provide such a excellent breakfast.

ride routes 20th & 21st june (spr breakfast)

well after months of unseasonally warm weather, it looks like it will be a wet and windy one for the winter breakfast.  for those of you fairly new to the spr group rides, every three months we have a social gathering in the form of a breakfast after the ride.  the ride itself is usually a bit shorter to allow for the fact that we will be taking it easy plus it allows more time for socialisation.  the main and fast group will not split as there will be regroup points along the way to make sure everyone gets to the breakfast which will be at my place in como.  the novice group will do their standard ride, but i would suggest that you skip the applecross section so that you are back to the breakfast in time.  i will explain to you how to get there on the day.

as usual, lorraine will be catering so for $10 a head you will get coffee, hot chocolate and all manner of gastronomic delights including the famous spr brownies.  there will also be raffle prizes and there have been some very generous sponsors this time around to provide many a great prize.  we will also finish up with the standard bike weigh-in so you can get you bike weight added to the leaderboard.

there will be one formal part to the day where we need to have a quick general meeting to pass a resolution on changing a couple of bits of the constitution.  this should be fairly quick and we will explain a bit more on the day.

hopefully by now you have sent an rsvp through to lisa (see previous post here) so we can finalise the catering.  i hope to see you there.

south perth rouleurs saturday breakfast ride

south perth rouleurs saturday novice ride

the sunday ride will do a loop around mundaring weir but also manage to take in welshpool and kalamunda rd.  only 4 climbs but just over 100kms by the time you get home.  at least the rain keeps the really, really cold mornings away.

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 12 (welshpool & mundaring & kalamunda)

saturday 21st mar – autumn breakfast

ride report by peter


well a slightly busy evening as we needed to get the house ready for the onslaught of lycra that was to descend in the morning.  moving tables and chairs, finding an esky, um…actually that was about it as lorriane was doing everything else.  i went to move the cars out of the garage and found sharon waiting on the drive way.  pretty soon jerry and melvyn also rocked up so that they would not have to ride all the way home after a belly full of brownies.

img_4827officially the sun was not going to rise till 7:20am but what is known as “civil twilight” meant that it would be light at 6:56am.  lots of time to spare before the start of the ride.  being a breakfast ride, the course was going to be a bit shorter than normal.  however, since we had close to 70 riders on the line, we decided to split the group and try to make it more manageable.  we would all head down canning hwy towards freo before the fast group would swing off to attadale while the main group would continue on to stock rd.  after stock they would head back along south st and up banister.  eventually jump onto albany hwy before heading to my place via manning rd.  the fast group would take burke drive before heading up the stock rd hill behind the pt walter golf course.  we would then chase the main group down and then add extra kms once they turned off onto banister.  i envisaged that we would catch the main group on the early parts of south st and would need to split again at banister. 

we got away to a fairly standard start with the group split a few times at the lights.  the pace was pretty sedate and everyone was just chatting away and cruising along.  once we hit north lake rd, the fast group needed to get into the right lane to do a turn while the main group was headed straight.  as the two groups were intermingled amongst each other, this got pretty messy and traffic would have been confused (pissed off) that the bike were now taking up both lanes.  we eventually got it sorted and headed off on our respective ways. 

a slight easing of the pace allowed the pack back together as the  fast group headed along burke drive.  it is amazing the number of other riders that use that stretch of road as we must have passed 6-7 groups heading the other way.  we rolled through till stock road and tackled the hill.  as usual, it split the group up lots, but by the time we reached the top, the pace slowed significantly and allowed everyone back on before we crossed canning hwy. 

we tried to roll through again, but lights, hills and traffic made it hard to find a consistent pace although it was anything but sedate.  we soon reached south st and i was surprised that we had not even caught a glimpse of the main group.  i thought that we may have seen them cresting the first hill on south street, but they were not to be seen.  either, they had to stop on canning for an incident, or whoever was running that group was doing an excellent job.  i was hoping for the latter.

img_4832we continued to roll through and the traffic was now not an issue as the road was three lanes wide.  the hills made life difficult for some and the roll through continued with just the front half of the pack.  as we continued along south st i was beginning to worry that something had happened to the main group.  we eventually caught sight of a couple of lonesome riders that had fallen off the back so we knew we were on the right track. 

as the day was progressing, i made the decision not to take the fast group along the second split point and rather, if caught them, just do banister rd with the main group instead.  at the multiple lights around roe hwy, we finally caught up to the main group.  i shouted some instructions so that the fast group can safely get passed the main group and heard a “no worries” from beside me.  i look across to the small truck that was in the next lane and there is this big grin from the guy in the passenger seat.  i tell him he can drive in front of us as he would make a good draft.  “then slam on the brakes” he exclaims.  a bit nasty, but it was all a bit of fun.

we took off at the lights and like a well oiled machine, the main group merged into a single file on the left, while the fast group became the single file on the right.  as right overtook left, the roll through upped the pace to allow the fast group to start to break away.  unfortunately the lights allowed everyone to merge back together and this fact may have made it hard for some of the riders at the back.

the usual suspects forced the pace along the rest of banister and the combination of roll throughs and attacks kept the pace high.  a final push by ryan and a few others blew things apart once nicholson rd was in sight, but the group was still quite substantial by then.  i jumped to the front and rode with michael for a bit to set a slow even pace.  i then pulled over to the side to make sure that we had everyone. there were a few struggling groups, but people like mike and nev were leading them back to the main group as quick as they could.  once we hit albany hwy, there were only a handful off the back and we caught up at the next light change.

i made my way to the front to find that dan and jules had taken off and lisa had chased them down.  they were somewhere up the road and the comment was made that we hoped they knew where to turn.  too bad so sad if they didn’t want to play with the group.  there was a split at the lights again and i waited for that group so they knew where to turn.  the lights at leech allowed a complete regroup and we gently cruised along manning road.  at some stage we saw a couple of bikes milling around an intersection looking quite lost.  it was out trio of escapees and i am guessing that they were not sure whether they should have turned or not.

i allowed one more sprint once we turned past curtain uni and half the group took advantage of it.  some others, like myself, were content to sit in and take the last few k’s into home easy.

yes, my garage always looks like this
yes, my garage always looks like this

there was a lot of milling around at the front of the house as some people were not staying for the breakfast and were having a quick chat.  a couple had arrived early but lorraine, mel, jody and kate pretty much had everything under control.  ben was there to greet everyone with his spr t-shirt on and pretty soon the garage was full of bikes and the house was full of lycra.  the girls had outdone themselves again and there was plenty of food and coffee/hot choc for all.

the raffle was drawn by ben who kept the crowd entertained with his smashing of one of the chocolate prizes.  he also kept everyone on their toes by announcing the winning raffle ticket number – “nummer for” um no ben, that’s number 21.  i feel sorry for the person that had ticket number 4 as he announced it for more than half the draws. 

we signed up a couple more members for the club and jody will let us know when the online facility is available.  the bike weigh in presented some interesting results and i saw my bike slip further down the leaderboard as more weighed in at the low 7kg mark.  brendan topped the day with his bh weighing in at 6.72kg with tubulars on.  this toppled mike t’s uci legal 6.80kg with his tubular zipps but neither came close to darren’s uber light bike.

all up a very successful breakfast.  our next social event will be the family day to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of forming spr.  there are a couple of races in between that i hope we can get a good turn out to and show off our spr colours.  especially as we are now an official club.

ride routes 21st & 22nd mar (spr autumn breakfast)

this saturday will be the fourth spr breakfast since we formed last may.  it’s the third one at my place, which will be a disappointment to some, after having the last one at jerry’s in city beach.  the ride will be fairly sedate but looking at the route, we may split and reform a few times just to let the fast boys stretch their legs.  breakfast and coffee will be supplied by lorriane and will cost $10 which includes entry into the raffle.  if you are fairly new to spr, don’t worry, this is a good opportunity to get to know the others in the group.  afterwards there will be a bike weigh-in, but i don’t think that anyone will get close to darren’s bike as it just checked in at 5.78kg.  a few home-made carbon fibre parts helped out there, but i will report on that later. 

anyway, breakfast.  be there.

sunday will see a few spr riders tackle the fun (insanity) that is the freeway bikehike.  for those of you that have experienced it before and want a more relaxed ride, then we have a pleasant day in the hills planned.  four climbs with a exit for an early coffee for some and the chance for a good hill time as it is not the last climb this time.

south perth rouleurs saturday breakfast ride

south perth rouleurs sunday ride 06 (welshpool & observatory & kalamunda rd)



if you are after a licence or need to renew your old one, jody from cycling wa will be bringing the eftpos machine so that you can use your credit card to pay.  i have all the forms that we need to fill out, and will just need $20 cash for your club fees.

saturday 20th december – christmas breakfast

breakfast report/annual report by peter.

sorry jerry
sorry jerry

well our third group breakfast and this one was to be combined with our christmas ride, which is always the last saturday before christmas day.  we would usually do a slower circuit around the city and then have a longer than usual coffee at the belltower.  this year, however, we were doing a proper spr, lorraine catered breakfast.  legendary stuff.  now the first breakfast was in winter time and you kind of expect there to be rain.  the next one was in spring, so you may get a shower. but for me to wake to the sound of rain dripping along the downpipe in the middle of december was just typical.  we have a guaranteed drought breaker if we just scheduled in more spr breakfasts.  if wasn’t too bad though and the road was hardly wet. 

unlike the other breakfasts, this one was to be held at jerry’s house in city beach.  as son #2 was actually due the day before the breakfast, it was always going to be a stretch to think that a horde of sweaty cyclists could descend on our house.  as previously reported, #2 had arrived and kate timed her discharge from mercy hospital in time for attendance to the breakfast.  i however, would be on son #1 duties and would not be actually riding with the group.  it didn’t stop me from riding though.

so with half a santa suit (hat, beard & jacket) and ben on the mountain bike, we set off to the usually starting point.  as more a more people turned up, it was good to see that most had gone to the effort of decorating themselves or their bike.  there was tinsel everywhere.  i set the group on it’s way and headed off on a more direct route to city beach.  for a change it was good to hear the toot of a car horn as lots of people honked and waved to ben and i as we came up past kings park and along hay street.  we usually get a bit of attention with the seat on the front of the bike, but the santa suit must have turned us from target of aggression to spectacle of delight.  it may be our new kit for next year.  a full santa suit.  imagine 50 santa’s sprinting along mounts bay road on a saturday morning.  or even full elvis sequin suits.  that would be cool.

ok, its a better view than at my place.
ok, its a better view than at my place.

anyway, all was fine until we skirted around bold hill and it started to rain again.  i stopped and popped a rain jacket on ben to keep him relatively dry, but by the time i got to jerry’s a bedraggled and waterlogged santa was i.

lorraine had everything under control and she had a few extra helpers on board as well.  i thank those ladies for their time and effort and i especially thank them as it has meant that it was something extra that i didn’t have to worry about.  the food was being laid out and lorraine had outdone herself once again.  there was all kind of delicacy ready to be sampled and it was just waiting for the horde to descend.  i just stayed out of the way as best i could, and tried to stop ben destroying jerry’s house.

the waterlogged crew finally arrived and filled the house with christmas cheer.  socks were quickly escorted to the quick wash cycle and tumble dry as we had discussed, oh too late after the last breakfast.  who would have thought we would have needed it in summer.

after all had gorged themselves on the wonderful spread, lorraine brought out a cake for bec who decided to celebrate her birthday with us today.  i took the opportunity to keep the group together and present some gifts for each person in the group.  instead of a raffle this time, i managed to scrape together enough funds from various sources (pbk and google mainly) to get everyone a south perth rouleurs hat.  if you had ordered any kit (jersey at the minimum), then you would receive a hat.  i do have some extras though, so if you want to buy any for you kids, supporters, etc, then let me know.  lorriane was also given a well deserved gift for her tireless (get it, it was tyres) efforts within the group and jerry’s wife tanya received some flowers for allowing us to destroy her house.

the presentations didn’t finish there, as unbeknownst to me, jerry and lorraine had some surprises as well.  jerry made a few presentations for some of the more memorable moments of the year.  mark schneider received some bandaids for sampling the most tarmac this year, melvyn a spare tube for obvious reasons, ryan some bike wash for having the dirtiest bike and mark decastro some gu for being a wheel sucker.  lorriane also received a giro sprinters jersey for her outstanding effort last sunday where she took out the “b” grade women’s race at the joondalup classic.

protected rider???
protected rider???

but the fun didn’t stop there and it was my turn to be surprised as a special order had been placed with cannibal and a yellow spr jersey had been made up with my name on the back.  now i am not sure whether this denotes, team leader, protected rider, or just makes it easier for me to be targeted, but i certainly appreciate it, and the effort in getting something made.  the presents didn’t stop there, as i also received a plaque which read –

“in recognition of your outstanding contribution and commitment to the south perth rouleurs”. this will have to go “straight in the pool room” with my two masters medals this year.  in recognition of the family sacrifices that have been made in keeping the group together, kate and ben also received some gifts.

it seems strange writing this from two different perspectives.  one as the receiver of a gift but also as part of the group that has given it, i feel compelled to try to explain the reasons behind it.  i really appreciate the efforts that people have made in regards to the group and supporting the group dynamic.  it hasn’t even been a full year and already we have a very strong core of cyclists that can only be referred to as regulars if not stalwarts of spr.  the turn out for the joondalup classic was nothing short of outstanding and when mark conveyed his story about the surprise from some other riders on how many or us there were, i can say it made me smile.  just getting the name out there has been an important thing to me and getting people to recognise who we are and more importantly, what type of group we are. 

i can remember the apprehension i felt the first saturday that we met at coode street and the fear that i would be the only person to turn up.  the saturday rides this year have been growing and i appreciate the effort that people show towards helping other riders or even working together when the ride gets too fast for them.  i also appreciate the restraint that some of the fast boys have shown in keeping the ride together until the designated sprint sections. 

the sunday ride has been a great success with the numbers regularly sitting around the 15-20 mark even though everybody knows it is going to be a hard day.  the supportiveness of the group has allowed this ride to grow as well and we are often getting new riders coming out to play. 

lately a couple of people have commented on the group dynamic and what it means to them.  the word “community” has been used but even more so the word “family” was also thrown around.  the plaque recognises my efforts in guiding the group, but i do it all for you guys cause you are my cycling family and i wish to see that feeling continue. 

even before spr existed, one sunday coffee stop i was commenting on how we would eventually be moving back to victoria to be closer to family.  dr carl straight away said “but we are your family”.  it is for this reason i have worked to keep this group together and it is the reason that the group works so well together. 

so have a great christmas and new years and i hope to see you out on the bike soon.

saturday 4th oct – spr breakfast ride

ride report by peter.


which one will i ride today - my garage is finally how i want it
which one will i ride today - my garage is finally how i want it

i woke to the dreaded sound of rain this morning and the sound of cars swishing past.  normally this is not a problem, but this morning was our spr breakfast and a wet ride would mean soggy riders in my house.  the only saving grace was that the rain only lasted briefly and was over by 5:30am.  hopefully the roads would be dry by the time we started.


we had close to 40 people rsvp for the breakfast and we usually pick up a few more on the day, so i was expecting a decent turn out.  there are also those that will ride but not stay for breakfast, so our numbers were up over 50 by the time we headed off.  we were playing the amended banister road course this morning as we needed to finish in como rather than the city so the shorter ending meant we would extend the ride down to stock road.  back along south street and up banister before nicholson and albany hwy.  a detour along manning road would bring us to como rather than the causeway.


the ride started well enough, we managed to get caught at the lights quite a bit and it split the group as expected.  it was the usual disjointed start but we eventually found our way down canning at a leisurely pace.  the hill preceding the stock road intersection was always going to be interesting even at a leisurely pace it would be too fast for some riders and the group fell apart a bit there.  not real problem though as we regrouped at the red light.


along the rolling hills of stock road we maintained an easy pace and there was minimal damage to the group.  i continued to play the sheepdog roll and flitted between the front and back of the group to help it stay together.  once we turned onto south street, the rolling hills became a bit bigger and a few riders like stu and mike fell back to help some of the struggling ones get back on.  as this was a breakfast ride, i wanted the group to arrive as much of a group as possible.  a few friendly lights meant that we hit banister road as a pack.  it was also when the rain started.


when we left the car park this morning there was clouds to the north and to the south with showers pouring out of each.  we were dry but heading south.  looks like we caught up to it.


a sea of green in the lounge room
a sea of green in the lounge room

the rain wasn’t particularly heavy, but in a big group it doesn’t need to be as the spray from your own tyres, the rider in front and the one in front of that, all seem to be landing on your head.  the road was quite wet so the spray was probably double the actual rainfall.


the pace stepped up somewhat and riders began pushing to the front.  no real roll though, but more like a series of continuous attacks that drove the pace higher.  in the wet conditions it made for an interesting experience, but at no time did i feel like it was dangerous.  the aussie crates boys, brendan and steve, were forcing the pace along with the usual suspects like nick and jens.  the absence of ryan meant that there would be no last minute flyer up the side to blow everyone apart, but the pace was starting to take it’s toll.  i eventually made a move as i thought that we were coming to the end of banister road, but i miscalculated as we still had a way to go.  it was dryer at the front, however, until the aussie crates led the pack back around me. 


pretty soon we were at the end and from what i could see through rain drenched glasses, the crates boys got there first.  we slowed, or rather were slowed by the lights to allow the majority of the group a chance to rejoin.  a gentle pace along nicholson gave me a chance to drop back and help a few struggling riders. 


as we approached the lights at spencer rd i looked up to see a rider on the ground and a few others getting untangled.  the rest of the group were already up the road, so no real chance in getting them back.  it turns out that canadian bill, took off to fast and smacked into the rear wheel of jens.  canada came off second best in the coming together of nations as jens stayed upright, while bill ended up on the deck.  not real damage apart from a big can of humility, which has probably now doubled after everyone gets to read it on the blog. 


the group had gone, so mike, stu and myself got this litte group of about seven of us together and headed for home in the rain.  quite uneventful really, except for the dry roads around curtain uni, which showed that it had only rained around the canning vale area. 


more green
more green

the soggy group had started filing into the garage by the time i got home, and it was shoes and socks off and water wrung out of armwarmers and gloves before heading in.  lorraine and kate and jody had the place prepared and there was hot food and coffee awaiting.  the toasted ham and cheese sangas were a hit along with the big pot of hot chocolate which was not big enough apparently.  there were massive amounts of food and i am pretty sure that no-one went home wanting.  we had set up tables outside again, in the vain hope that the weather would have been nicer, but it wasn’t to be.  hopefully the next one in three months time will yield better results weatherwise. 


the breakfast entry also provided a ticket in the raffle and the two ritchey torqkeys went to doug and ryan.  the pump went to lisa and the conti attack/force tyres went to brendan, well actually his better half jody’s ticket won them, but he has the bike.


we then had the bike weigh in as people were dragging there bikes out of the garage.  the biggest surprise was the darren managed to whittle a bit more off his already exceedingly light bike to come in at 5.94kg.  well under the uci legal limit of 6.80kg.  fortunately for him, he doesn’t race so the uci will not be checking anytime soon.  after davina’s superlight specialized (the benefit of being sponsored) there is a massive glut of cervelos, with four r3’s coming within 100 grams of each other.  there may be some weight saving coming up before the next breakfast between these guys to see who can get the upper hand.  with this bulk of lighter bikes grabbing the top positions, my 8.34kg (forgot to reweigh mine) seems rather heavy.  that is till we chucked phil and noel’s 10+kg monsters on the scales.  these guys are carrying the equivalent of 4-5 full drink bottles of extra weight when they ride.   i think i can see a good purchase for that christmas bonus this year boys.  in the meantime, it will only make you stronger.

a couple of intruders in the house - the crates boys, brendan and steve
a couple of intruders in the house - the crates boys, brendan and steve


so another successful breakfast (in my opinion anyway) and it gave everyone an opportunity to catch up a bit more.  lorraine (and kate) did another outstanding job on the food and the doggy bags didn’t go un-noticed even though they were stuffed down the font of a few guys vests.  i now have enough evil brownies to last me a week, well a few days at least.  they will probably go straight to my hips.