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the last day of movember

today is the last day of movember and so it is the final plea for donations to this worthy cause.  i personally have enjoyed the month and the looks i get when walking through the city sporty a extremely sleazy mo, are quite interesting.  i also found out that my mo hair is very coarse and basically sticks out at all angles much like a echidna.  so i don’t think i will keep it long term, but we may need a few more donations to convince me to shave it off before christmas.  donations can be made through the link below.

el prez sanchez.



movember – spr mo-team

so movember has started and i have a poor attempt at a mo happening.  since i only started shaving daily at the age of 35, it will probably take me all month to get any real coverage.  the spr movember site can be found here and we need you to donate to the cause.

the team currently consists of myself, julian, andrew, carlos and nigel. 

we will keep you posted and continue to hassle you to donate.


movember is a charity drive to raise money to benefit men’s health specifically ‘prostate cancer’ and ‘male depression’.  two very good causes especially after listening to the three urologists in our group talk quite openly about the finer aspects of their profession.  we can also see the signs of male depression whenever anyone beats ryan in the sprint.

anyway, ryan is becoming a mo bro this month and is looking for sponsorship for this cause.  just follow the link here to make your donation or just see how he is going (growing).