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Babylon Pump & Power

The ride leader sponsor for January is Babylon Pump & Power LTD.  They provide specialist equipment rental, diesel rebuild/maintenance and project support to the resources sector.  They provide hassle free results and have a reliable cohesive team with decades of domestic and international experience to assist you with your pumping, remote power generation and heavy diesel maintenance requirements.

Why choose Babylon Pump & Power LTD?

Simple – They Listen – They Think – They Deliver

Their team understands the pressures that customers face – they’ve been there. When you tell them what you need, they have the experience needed to uncover the real problem and offer the best solution, along with the expertise to make it happen.  Whether you require complete site dewatering, remote power stations or large diesel engine and component rebuild services – they can help.

They are an ASX listed company and have acquired health, safety, environmental and quality accreditation which have helped them become a company you can trust to get the job done right. When you work with them, you get a team who are skilled professionals in their field, who aren’t just good at what they do, but are great people to work with. They are committed to getting on with the job at hand and finding solutions when issues arise, so they can deliver success in every project they undertake – because that’s what they want to offer the companies they work with.

A great service from a skilled team of people who listen, think and deliver.

Get Your Visa

The Ride Leader Sponsor for December is Get Your Visa a migration agency based in Perth since 2012.  Whether you are looking at an employee to sponsor, having a relative joining you or any migration matters, Get Your Visa is there to help.

With a team of registered migration agents and consultants, we’re able to provide dedicated services to those who want to migrate to Australia or an employer that wants to sponsor an employee or students who are seeking the right study solution.

There are different visas for different applicants profile and scenarios. We help people and business on finding their best visa strategy without wasting money and time.  At Get Your Visa, our agents will assist you in applying for the right Australian Visa. We will manage all the process before, during and after the lodgement of your application.

Depending on the length and the purpose of your stay, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection offer different visas. Before starting an application, it is important to understand that each Australian Visa implies specific conditions, different requirements and individual costs.  With more than 3200 visa approved, get in touch with our consultants and we will be able to assist you at the best of our knowledge.

Our services include:

Colour & Moore Photography

The ride leader sponsor for November is Colour & Moore Photography , owned by SPR member Kirstie Moore. Colour & Moore specialises in portrait photography (family, newborn, maternity, business, athlete, children, events, couples and lifestyle)

With a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Photography she is a qualified photographer who also teaches photography. So, if you are looking for family portraits, athlete portrait (portrait with your bike family) or portraits for your business, contact Kirstie, her prices are very reasonable and include all digital files.

Kirstie Moore has been cycling for several years and in recent years made the transition back into cycling from triathlon. She has enjoyed racing for the club for the last 12 months and is looking forward to representing the club at Tour of Margaret River this month.

Through sponsoring the November Ride Leader Program, Kirstie aims to give back to the club. She wants to contribute to the club growth and show her appreciation to the ride leaders.

Please head over and ‘like’ her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram. If you’d like more information please find Kirstie at coffee, on a group ride or get in contact:

Kirstie Moore – 0468 866454





Free Energy HR

The ride leader sponsor for October is Free Energy HR, owned by SPR founding member and ride leader Rob Ramsden. Free Energy HR delivers transformational executive & organisational coaching, team & leadership development as well as organisational culture and engagement programs.

As a strategic partner of global consulting firm The Pacific Institute, Free Energy HR can deliver customised solutions that develop high performance cultures for small to medium sized businesses through to large multi-national enterprises, operating in just about any type of industry.

Free Energy HR commenced operating in 2018 and is owned by SPR founding member and ride leader Rob Ramsden. Passionate about leadership and leading others, Rob has experience in a diverse range of industries in both corporate human resources roles as well as senior operational leadership positions. Rob’s education & experience provides him with genuine insight into the world of strategic and operational leadership along with the dynamics of organisational culture and employee engagement; the perfect platform to coach and develop others.

Rob has designed and implemented organisational development programs involving a wide range of psychometric tools and assessment measures including those that measure cognitive ability, personality and work preferences, motivation and emotional intelligence, as well as a range of 360-degree tools and methodologies. He has successfully designed, delivered and managed significant organisation wide projects in the areas of organisational culture, leadership development and employee engagement.

Introductory Offer, valued at up to $600 for SPR Members and Direct Referrals. Free Energy HR’s Personal Strengths Coaching Program (PSCP) will challenge you to think differently, set attractive, realistic goals and achieve more in both your personal and professional life.

If you’d like more information please find Rob at coffee, on a group ride or get in contact:

Rob Ramsden – 0430 162 291




Chaotic Energy

The ride leader sponsor for August is Chaotic Energy owned by SPR member Teneal Attard.

Chaotic Energy is an exercise and rehabilitation centre with a difference. The general exercise membership gives you access to state of the art equipment (including a number of Wahoo Kickr’s for those rainy days) and includes personalised gym programming and ongoing support to achieve your goals. The calm and professional atmosphere has specifically been created to enable you to get the most out of your training.

NeuroPhysics Therapy (NPT) rehabilitation therapists are also available to assist if you’ve had long-term pain, ongoing niggling injuries or are looking for that extra edge in your sporting performance. NPT is a specialised therapy where exercise equipment is used as form of stress, allowing assessment of how your system is working relative to optimal performance. NPT trained therapists can very quickly see any imbalances in your neural landscape and help fine-tune your system by restoring correct behavioural neural patterns and pathways.

Chaotic Energy is owned and managed by SPR club member; Teneal Attard. Teneal grew up as a BMX bandit, with a recent return to the sport after a highly successful international hockey career. Through sponsoring the August Ride Leader Program, Teneal aims to give back to the club. She wants to contribute to the club structure that initially impressed her right on that first Saturday morning group ride.

If you’d like more information please find Teneal at coffee or on a group ride or be in contact:

Teneal Attard – 0409767187


Chaotic Energy – 231 Bulwer St, Highgate




Itomic web/app specialists

The ride leader program for May is proudly sponsored by Itomic web/app specialistsItomic are a website and web application development company. Established in Perth in 2000, they also have offices in Melbourne and Vancouver.  Their primary open source software technologies are Drupal, WordPress, and Laravel.

Key clients include: City of Albany, RSPCA (Australia), Princess Margaret Hospital, Small Business Development Corporation, Legal Aid, City of Fremantle, Monash University, State Library of WA, Law Library of Victoria.

Core digital services include: consultancy, planning, hosting, development, design, security, project management, SEO, security and ongoing support.

What does Itomic stand for? Superior Customer Service (SCS). Seriously.

Their Mission? Discover Yours.

Itomic can be contacted at:

  • Suite 34, City West Centre, Railway St, West Perth, WA, 6005
  • t: (08) 6336 9422
  • e: perth@itomic.com.au

Melody Wheels

April’s ride leader sponsor is Melody Wheels who are a multiple return sponsor for the club.  They are a wheel building specialists in the same way as one might distinguish a medical specialist from a GP.  They do precision wheel building and wheel repairs, and that’s the only thing they do.

The business started with a focus on building wheels that were durable and serviceable (unlike many proprietary wheels), however it has expanded to cover all types of wheels.

IMG_20151029_163651Wheel choice has a huge impact on ride quality, so a large part of their work involves helping  riders understand the differences between wheels (and wheel components) and to help them find out what fits best with their own performance expectations and aesthetics.

They are internationally recognised as a certified DT Swiss wheel builders and they document all of PrecisionWheelBuilding-900x676their work in the same was you might expect an automotive or aircraft technician. They also service and repair a large number of  wheels. Be it a wheel true, spoke replacement or hub service, they keep a large range specialist tools and wheel components  at hand so they can complete repairs quickly and to the highest standard.

A large number of club members have had wheels built, rebuilt or repaired by Melody Wheels and the feedback has been excellent.

Now located at Unit 7, 4 Pritchard St, O’Connor, they are open 5 days a week and you can find contact information on their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Nutrition IQ

The ride leader sponsor for March is Nutrition IQ.  The main force behind Nutrition IQ is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, sports nutrition, or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated by a professional Dietitian and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives.

For cyclists, an important service that Nutrition IQ provides is metabolic flexibility for endurance athletes
Do you:

  • Hold more body fat than you feel is optimal despite doing lots of training?
  • Lose muscle mass if you try to lose weight or restrict energy intake?
  • Feel hungry all the time and feel that you need to eat every few hours?
  • Have gut issues especially during long distance training or racing?
  • Feel that you would like to decrease the amount of gels, bars and other high carbohydrate fuel sources that you require during training and racing?
  • Want to feel more energised generally and have less energy spikes and dips throughout the day?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above questions metabolic testing will be useful to find out how your body generates energy. Are you predominantly burning glucose for fuel or are you efficiently fat burning? There are many dietary changes that you can make to improve your metabolic efficiency. Metabolic testing is the first step in the process of making sustainable change that can result in performance improvement.

Metabolic testing involves a quick 10 minute breath test and is performed by our qualified dietitians at Nutrition IQ on Preston Street in Como. Fore more information or book online please go to www.nutritioniq.com.au, or call (08) 9467 2228.

Central City Health Professionals

The ride leader sponsor for February is Central City Health Professionals.  SPR club member James Beckett is a physiotherapist at Central City Health Professionals. James has a background in exercise science and exercise physiology and previously worked as a strength and conditioning coach with both elite and semi-elite athletes. James has a particular interest in sports injuries and has built a following of endurance athletes and average Joe’s alike. Whether you have a cycling related injury, are training for an event or goal or just wake up with a sore neck they are there to help.

James treats common cycling injuries such as rehabilitation of crash related accidents such as fractured collarbones, wrists, acute impact trauma to shoulders and hips, to more chronic overuse injuries like patellofemoral pain/maltracking, knee and Achilles tendinopathies, lower back and neck pain, foot, hand or peroneal numbness.

James gets most satisfaction and positive lasting results from combining his knowledge of the sport to solving more complex issues and identifying the underlying source of pain. Whether it’s your posture, position on the bike, previous injuries, a muscle imbalance, a change in training or equipment they’ll help you get to the bottom of it!

James is offering $15 off initial physiotherapy consultations and $10 off all follow up appointments for SPR members. Mention SPR to receive your discount. Appointments can be made by phone or online via the link below. Contact James for any specific queries or more information.  Central City Health Professionals are conveniently located at the upper level of Perth Train Station in the Perth CBD.




Valetudo Health

The ride leader sponsor for January is Valetudo Health.

SPR club member Corrie Fillmore (Johnstone) coaches triathletes and cyclists at Valetudo Health. Valetudo Health also provides injury rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, athlete coaching, sports dietetics, and exercise physiology services.


Sign up for a personalised coaching program and you will also get a choice of:

–   Exercise Physiology Assessment 

–   Dietetic Consultation

–   Remedial Massage

–   FTP test

–   One Month Gym Membership (Floreat Beach) 


Save up to $135. Offer ends January 31st, 2018. 

Contact Corrie for more information