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ride routes 2nd & 3rd august

routes posted by peter.

well, i will not be joining you on either day this weekend. i have family commitments on saturday and sunday will see a few of the team heading down to pinjarra to race in the pinjarra classic support race. most of us are under-done and will probably get dropped on the first hill, but we want to make a showing in the new colours as the race team was the catalyst for getting the kit in the first place.

so, saturday should be pretty straight forward. nice and easy down to attadale. hard along the riverside then regroup after the pt walter hill. hard along the left bank, but then easy past cott and enjoy the view. normal hard back home through dalkeith. remember to keep an eye out for weaker riders and try not to leave too much destruction behind you. we pride ourselves on being a good social group, so look after each other.

i will try to meet you all at the coffee shop, but it will depend on quite a few things. as for a replacement coffee shop, we are looking at a few places in south perth, but they have to be suitable for us and they have to be happy to have us there. we are working on it.

sunday, should be a nice short and sharp ride for anyone interested. gooseberry and kalamunda rd are pricks to climb, so think of us racing when you are on them.

thanks to everyone that provided equipment to get our german friend on the road. he should be out with us next week. he said he read the blog and is a bit worried that we are a bit hardcore. i told him we talk it up a bit.

the maps seem to be having problems so you will have to follow the links to see where we are going.

saturday 2nd august
freo & cott


sunday 3rd august
gooseberry & kalamunda & bickley


ride routes 26th & 27th july

ride routes posted by peter.

i am expecting a big turn out on saturday. people generally get inspired when the tour de france is on and with an aussie doing well, even more so. they are predicting a break in the weather so i think people will also want to head out to prevent going stir crazy.

it will also be our first outing with the majority of riders wearing their new spr kit. it should make a good sight. look forward to seeing you there.

there are still a few kits not yet collected. get in contact with me and we can arrange for a pick up time, or if you prefer, i work in the city and you can collect from there.

saturday 26th july
hale rd
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 03 (Hale Rd)
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sunday 27th july
carradine & canning dam
Sth Perth Sunday Ride 05 (Carradine &amp Canning Dam)
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ride routes 19th & 20th july

the official launch of our new group is this saturday where we will meet after the ride at my place for breakfast. i emailed out invites earlier in the week so that we could organise catering, but if you aren’t on my e-mail list, then don’t fret as you can still come along and have a coffee. lorraine is providing the coffee and catering so don’t forget to bring your $10 on the day. if you just want to join us for coffee, then throw us a $2 coin and we will be happy.

there will also be the kit distribution for those that haven’t received theirs yet and raffled prizes, including sunnies courtesy of euro optics, and subscriptions courtesy of ride magazine and bicycling australia magazine.

james has provided us with a set of top quality electronic scales to weigh the bikes in with (sorry mark those electronic fish weigh scales were just not going to cut it) and i will provide allen keys and a torque wrench so you can take the non-essentials off. this provides a more accurate weigh-in as the bike must be able to make it all the way around on our saturday ride first.

so come and enjoy the saturday social occasion as the sunday ride will be a killer.

saturday 19th
special launch breakfast ride
Sth Perth Saturday Special Breakfast Launch
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sunday 20th
kahuna & peet & canning mills
Sth Perth Sunday Ride 15 (Kahuna & Canning Mills)
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ride routes 12th & 13th july

i know it has been a long, long wait, but the cycle kits have finally arrived. i am really happy with the result and the group will look awesome all riding the same kit together. first delivery will be this saturday at the coffee shop after the ride.

if you cannot make it this week, then don’t fret, we will be having the official launch the following saturday after the ride. this will involve coffee and food, plus the official bike weigh-in, spot prizes and kit delivery for those that didn’t get it this weekend. it will be our social kick off for the new south perth rouleurs. more details will be posted soon.

thanks to our advertisers for helping out with the kit to get it off the ground and thanks to everyone for being so patient.

so, riding for this weekend.
saturday will be a nice and easy lap of the river through freo and cott.
prevailing winds should make for a nice run home.

sunday will be a new route that we will explore. not new roads, as such, but i just bolted a few different routes together to make a new one. sounds like a fancy marketing trick really.

saturday 12th july
freo & cott
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 01 (Freo &amp Cott)
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sunday 13th july
darlington & mundaring
Sth Perth Sunday Ride 14 (Darlington & Mundaring)
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ride routes 5th & 6th july

scabby beach road is an old favourite that we haven’t done for a while. if the predicted winds are present, it should make for a fast ride home.

after a fairly successful cyclo-sportif ride last weekend, it will be good to get back into the hills for a change. hopefully the weather is fine though they are predicting an over night low of 2 deg on sunday morning.

don’t forget to put your team in for the tour tipping comp. prizes available and all entry fees are put into the prize pool. teams and riders must be in by saturday 6pm. http://tourtipping.blogspot.com/

also, the haiku winners will be announced at coffee on saturday.

if anyone wants a bag of fiori coffee for home, lorraine will be meeting us at the coffee shop on saturday. $7 for a 250g bag (whole/plunger or expresso) and orders can be made via the comments on this post.

saturday 5th july
scarborough beach rd
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 05 (Scarborough Beach Rd)
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sunday 6th july
patterson & canns & urch
Sth Perth Sunday Ride 09 (Patterson &amp Canns &amp Urch)
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ride routes 28th & 29th june

ride routes by peter

another newish course this saturday.
we have done a similar one in the past back when simon used to lead us, so the hill next to the golf course will not be new to some of you.

sunday we have our first cyclo-sportif race that does not clash with a proper wacf race.
it is nice and close too as it starts at the velodrome in midland.

saturday 28th june
cresswell & herdsman
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 14 (Cresswell &amp Herdsman)
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sunday 29th june
kahuna & peet & patterson
Sth Perth Sunday Ride 03 (Kahuna &amp Peet &amp Patterson)
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ride routes 21st & 22nd june

ride routes by peter

a couple of new routes this week as i was getting a bit bored with the others.

we will be heading down south on saturday along north lake rd and as it will be our first time, we will be taking it easy.

sunday is a monster day and i will be suffering due to lack of recent hills rides. four climbs plus a couple of bonus ones will certainly test the legs. should be a good day.

saturday 21st june
sth lake
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 16 (Sth Lake)
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sunday 22nd june
welshpool & mundaring & kalamunda

Sth Perth Sunday Ride 12 (Welshpool &amp Mundaring &amp Kalamunda)
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ride routes – 14th & 15th june

routes posted by peter.

moderately strong ne winds predicted for saturday, so lets have a fast run down benara rd.

no sunday ride for me again this week, but i will endeavour to meet the group for coffee. it will be a hard course on sunday. not because of the climbs, but to see who has the will-power to ride past the coffee shop after only one climb and keep going. be strong.

saturday 14th june
benara rd
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 08 (Benara Rd)
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sunday 15th june
kalamunda & observatory

Sth Perth Sunday Ride 13 (Kalamunda &amp Observatory)
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ride routes 7th & 8th june

with the predicted ne winds this saturday, i thought a nice smash down guilford rd with the tail wind would be in order. that small bump that is ridgehill rd was put in as a extra bonus.

i am out this sunday. not racing, but paying penance for leaving the family for two nights when i headed to kalgoorlie. hopefully i will be cross training on the mountain bike with the young lad in tow.

also, the cycle kit is underway at cannibal and we should have it (hopefully) within three weeks. i will be sending out an e-mail soon detailing how much you owe and how to pay. i really need to collect all the funds before the kits are dispatched, as the order is quite expensive.

saturday 7th june
ridge hill rd
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 10 (Ridge Hill Rd)
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sunday 8th june
canning mills & peet & patterson
Sth Perth Sunday Ride 07 (Canning Mills &amp Peet &amp Patterson)
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ride routes 31st may, 1st & 2nd june

i’m off to kalgoorlie this weekend for the menzies race. a 132km handicap with a $3,000 first prize. however, 6hrs drive each way should make it a loooong weekend.

hope you all have a good ride.

saturday 31st may
canningvale reverse
Sth Perth Saturday Ride 13 (Canningvale Reverse)
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sunday 1st june
carradine & peet
Sth Perth Sunday Ride 01 (Carradine &amp Peet)
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monday 2nd june
public holiday ride
Sth Perth – Public Holiday Ride
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