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The Beverley Handicap Road Race 2016


It’s not long now…..

The inaugural run of the Beverley Handicap Road Race is about to be run 8th October. The race is a 110km Handicap road race, starting
and finishing in the Wheatbelt town of Beverley, one and a half hours from South Perth.

The race heads North West out of Beverley over the rolling, quiet rural roads, following Talbot West Rd into Wandoo National Park before the turnaround for a slight downhill run all the way home. More event info is here.

Trophies and Prize money on offer:
1st $300
2nd $150
3rd $100
4th $75
5th $50
1st female $300
1st Over 45 year old $250
Fastest Time $250

Entries are open until midnight Friday 30th September – enter here.

Any enquiries please email to race@southperthrouleurs.com.au.

Be heroic. Get on board!

Saturday 19th Jan Main 1.5

I compiled a video from yesterdays Main 1.5 ride. It is a little long and a little rough. It is the first one I have compiled since getting the camera so few lessons learned. I have included the full length of Benara Road start to finish. This starts from around the 14 minute mark. I’m sure all who were not on the ride will find this pretty boring. However if you were in the group I know you will spot yourself.

Anyways video is below.

saturday 24th fast group – second chance draw

not very often that you get a second chance in life.  maybe the paddle pop “lick a prize” or the mcdonalds “peel and win”.  today the fast group gave me a second chance.  i started the day with the earlybird and decided to still do the fast group.  i predicted that i would last about 20 min and i was close.  at about 25 min jono went to the front on a small rise after south st and i went out the back.  i continued to ride on my own waiting for main 1 to sweep me up into its comfortable arms but it didn’t seem to happen.  i pressed on and turned onto berrigan drive stuck in no-man’s land wondering if i should stop and wait.

just before i crossed over the freeway, i looked back and saw a group coming up the road.  about time.  the first rider to pass me has ryan and i had to double take.  hang on, i am pretty sure he was with the fast group when we started.  “we missed the turn” was the comment i heard as the group sped passed.

not wanting to give up my second chance, i quickly jumped on the back of the group and hung on for dear life.  didn’t do a turn for the rest of the ride and sat mostly at the back of the pack.  it is relatively flat for the run into home so all i needed to do is get over the small rises behind the back of jandakot.  the new road surface on warton road with it’s double lane made for a good smooth riding surface and even nicholson road is almost complete now.

a nice fast pace was set all the way home and i thank the guys for dragging my sorry arse around.  i ended up doing 1 small turn when coming across the causeway, but that pretty much blew my reserves and i was out the back when they started the run for the line.

the second chance was good for me, but the moral of the story is to make sure you know the ride routes.  they are posted every thursday evening, so you all have lots of time to see where we need to go.  you can actually download the course and upload it to your garmin if you feel the need.  it is up to every rider to know where the ride is going so that accidents don’t happen in times of indecision.

7 days 400kms

As you can guess from my title I completed 400kms on the bike in just seven days. Actually the truth is six days. I didn’t ride last Sunday nor have I ridden today. In fact for the whole of February I have not ridden on a Sunday. This will need to change next month I need to get back into the hills.

New ride created and Peter no where to be seen. He normally does not show on a Monday. We had five people turn up for this ride. Shaw and I lead out into the wind south on Labouchere Rd. Johnathan almost wanted to take The Esplanade too early but a wise man next to him told him to continue straight up Canning Hwy.

North Lake Rd and up the hill we went to lift the heart rate on a Monday morning. Left into South Street and I spent most of this stretch sucking Jonathans wheel. I didn’t have it in me to get in front and with his pace I was happy to fight too hang on. Only one other came up to lend him a hand with the workload. Jordan and Shaw must have been sucking wheels behind me as I never saw them along here.

Left into Bannister Rd heading for Shelly. Jordan and I got stuck in the middle of the intersection crossing High Rd waiting for an ambulance to pass through. Neither of us wanted to get hit as they drove into the sun.

As expect the boys lifted the pace along Shelly. I was holding on for a good period of time even though it hurt like hell. A quick look back for Shaw and he was far in the distance. That was all the excuse I needed to drop of and fall back. Shaw caught up and we meet the others waiting for us at the top of Bull Creek Road. Now on The Esplanade and a tail wind behind us was a nice cruise back to Raffles. Ride took us a little longer than normal and was slightly longer. Felt good was a good start to the week.

Expecting the normal Tuesday sedate paced ride. We had a big turn out that morning. From the get go the pace was on and I was in pain from the beginning. Found myself at the back and fighting just to stay there. An order shouted by Toby to get back on the wheel was successful but then a short push up the hill then followed. The group was a pack of raging bulls all the way through Dalkeith. I could not believe I was the only one suffering with this pace. The workout was worth it. A new PR on Strava Swan Brewery to Christ Church 9.8 kms 15mins 24 seconds average speed 38.4 kph. Not far off Ryan Fynn best effort of 13:09. This had set the pace for the rest of the ride and by the time we got to Burke Drive half way along I gave up I had nothing left I was done. Sat up and cruised back to the Raffles and arrived just in time to meet all the others who had not taken the short cut.

A day off the bike and it was time for the Thursday ride. The normal suspects were present. Including Blair who only seems to do one ride a week and he lead out the rest of us with Shaw who seems too be in good form on his new bike at the moment. Same stretch from Swan Brewery to Christ Church today was completed in 15:37 at an average of 37.8 kph. So not a lot slower but it was Thursday. Someone initiated a roll through on Marine Parade which seemed to leave you back on the front just when you thought you got off. This got the heart rate up a bit and on Port Beach Road I started falling off the back again while Blair sucked my wheel. He was doing well considering he had not been on the bike for a week. Lights were red at the left hander onto Tydeman Rd. Gave us a chance to re-join the group.

By the time we got to Burke drive I had recovered some what but not enough. 4min 50 this time as opposed to my best of 3:46. We picked up Ronny on Melville Beach Rd who had dropped off the fast group but done well to hang on for so long. We also passed Carlos going the other way home already. By the time we reached Raffles 1:05:18 had past. 1min 18sec of my best effort.

Another new route for SPR. Friday Early Bird. Looking around at who was showing up I was like. Oh No why did I get out of bed. Carlos, Johnathan, Toby, Jordan and Doug all the fast group boys. I was going to get smashed. But a larger turnout than Monday. Today saw us head up Labouchere similar to Monday with Toby and Johnathan on the front. My turn came as we turned onto Canning Hwy.

Somewhere along The Esplanade I pulled off and handed over the lead. Pace was ok and we passed a number of other riders that morning. Once we got to Shelly the roll through started and it was murder. As soon as you got off the fast lane you were back on it. Legs were yelling at me to give up but was not going to happen I would never re-catch these guys if I gave up. I thought the end of the road would never come. Finally I head Doug say his done and so then so was I. Was ok was just near the end anyways.

Cruising through Willington I got talking to Toby for a bit. While we were on Banister Road we past Tip Top and all you could smell were Hot Cross buns. Toby had noticed the pleasant smell too.

Nichlosn Rd and Albany were roads we were a little concerned of with traffic but we must have had a lucky break. No issues with cars on either stretch. However Peter said he will probably alter the route. Along Manning Road I was again on the front with Jonathan. Again he was upping the pace and I could no sustain it for very long and pulled off. Let some other sucker slog it out with him. Our pace dropped off at we commuted along Kent St back towards South Perth. Got home at 0710 so quicker ride than others but it was slightly shorter than normal for me too.

Last two rides for the week and this would seal my 400kms. A good turnout for the Saturday Early Bird ride. Nothing special about this ride. I was feeling exhausted but legs not in pain. Third day in a row getting up at 0410 was taking its toll. The morning was very humid. I heard 95% humidity being thrown around. Just standing waiting to start sweating like a pig. Was disgusting. The entire ride was just so hot. Had to keep the fluids up.

However as with the rest of the rides this week we didn’t slack off much. Swan Brewery to Christ Church 15:48 and an average of 37.4 kph. Mosman Hill was not much fun today and I was not at all awesome. 1:26 only avg 15kph. After the water tower and heading towards the beach was looking out towards the water trying too spot all the boats for the Rottnest Channel Swim. Bit far up so could only see container ships. All pretty normal up until Burke Drive. Keeping fluids up because it was still stinking hot. Was no roll through on Burke drive just one long line of riders. Recorded a time of 3:46 and had a new PB with an average speed of 44.2 kph.

Once we finished the route also recorded a new PB for the ride of 1:04:27. Hot weather must have helped.

During the commute to the 7am ride stopped at Gull for a Powerade. Carlos was already inside doing the same. Getting my wallet out of my pocket was disgusting. My Jersey was soaked with sweat and my wallet was disgusting. It was YUCK!!

While waiting for the start of the Main 1 ride I had to go top up water bottles again as I had already gone through half a one waiting around. The humidity had improved but was still hot. Not a lot to write about on this ride apart from I was tired and could not wait for the ride to be over. The ride out to Holmes Road was sedate and we cruised in the low 30’s.

No great effort on the climb for me but others on the ride seem to find their legs for it today. I do like the descent on the other side and the half descent on Kalamunda Road. We cruised as one large pack down Kalamunda Rd sitting above 40kph and putting in no effort. Enjoyed it a lot. Sometimes you work for this speed other times mother nature does the work for you.

Navigated our way along to Guildford road and set an average speed of 45kph between Bassendean and Ashfield. After King William street we had a few sets of lights we needed to stop for. This dropped our average for the rest of Guildford Road to 35kph. Overall the ride took us 1 hour 33 minutes. I was sure I had now clocked my 400kms. After a quick bottle refill again I headed for an easy ride home.

Once getting home and getting out of my disgusting wet sweaty kit and having a shower I loaded Saturdays ride to Garmin Connect, Strava etc. Looking for the grand total of over 400kms. I was wrong. At that point I had only 399.13kms recorded. I thought stuff it close enough and posted my efforts. Seems from the few comments and tweets I received I had to finish it off. So I put the wet helmet back on (YUK) chucked my shoes on and wheeled the bike out the door. An easy ride up the street and back is all I needed. As I was going up the road watching the meters tick over I saw 500m and figured end of the road then it is in the bag. I got to the 1km mark and was like great done finished. dropped the gears down and rolled back down to my door. Job done.

However having now done 400kms I know 500kms in a week is doable it just means do a ride every morning for a week. I can see sometime in the future this will probably happen. With all the SPR rides every morning now it is not hard to get these high kms it just takes the super effort to get on the bike. Once on the bike in the morning the rest is easy. It is the getting up part that is the hardest and backing it up day after day.

SPR Early Bird & Main 1 Saturday ride

Well it is about time I did a write up on a ride. So here we go. Shaw mentioned on Tuesday before he jet setted off to Melbourne that Saturday morning he would be doing the Early Bird ride and then the Saturday Main 1 ride. My reply was good luck with that. Famous last words. Since I had no plans Friday night and had not been on a Saturday ride since the christmas ride in December nor made up for my skipping last Saturday ride. I was joining Shaw at stupid O’clock on a Saturday morning under the narrows.

At 4am this morning I woke up and knew I wasn’t going to get back to sleep so Early Bird it was. Lucky because I was feeling confident. By 4:50 I was on the bike and heading on my normal route to meet the others under the narrows. Actually more people showed up for this ride than show up for the Thursday morning Main group ride. What is the deal with that? Anyways we headed off and got the finger by some driver on the corner of Mounts Bay Rd & Hackett Drv. Good morning to you too dickhead.

First incline of the day was Steves Hill. No Problems there. Got stuck on the front with Johnathan through Dalkeith but was still feeling good by the time we got to Queenslea Drv. Descent down to Mosman Park hill was fun as normal. Flat water out on the river. The Geese made us all hit the brakes hard at the bottom because they wanted to cross the road same time we were roaring through the round about.

Peter took off to try claim KOM on Mosman Park Hill. No idea if he did was too far back but Strava says I did a PB up there today so watch out Peter I am coming for you LOL.

Uneventful through to Stirling Hwy. Crossed Stirling Bridge and no real cross wind today. Put no effort in on the Hill on Preston Point Rd. I cruised down the other side along with most of the others. We seemed to have picked up a couple more people now. A good roll through on Burke Drive this morning saw us up around the 45 – 47kph mark. Peter again showed off his bunny hopping skills on Dunkley Ave. Nothing special until we reached the Raffles.

Had trouble getting clipped in when we jumped onto Canning Hwy too make our way to Coode St for the second ride. Smashed my ankle against my pedal and cut myself. Meh, bit of blood never hurt anyone. Took the commute to down a power bar before the Main one ride.

Main 1 ride kicked off and we had around 20 – 30 people with us. Not a bad size. Headed out as if it was a normal Sunday Hills ride heading towards Welshpool. Pace was sedate and we even caught the fast group by the time we got to Orrong Rd. Think this lit their fuse as they stepped up the pace and made a good gap quickly. We turned off Welshpool Road East and onto Lewis Road. This road gets rough from here and starts to rise a little so was more than happy no to be on the front and just suck a wheel for a while. A quick left and then a right on Holmes Rd. Nice descent but was short lived until a rise about equal to that of Ridge Hill Rd. Knowing this area I used the descent to get the speed up for the next rise just around the corner. Plan worked as the first hill was easily rolled up and then only a little bit of effort on the second incline. Then you get a nice descent to the end of the road.

A short regroup and Kalamunda Rd and then we were off down the hill. Shaw was suffering a little by now so handed him a gel to get him home. Seemed to have worked because five minutes later he was his perky self in the next roll through. Quickly made our way to Guildford road and then I was done. The pace was back up and I found myself falling to the back. Was very tempting as we passed my place to pull off but I wanted to finish the ride.

We were still all together as we turned onto East Pde. Last hill in East Perth and it was the roll down to River Side Drive. Don’t know who won the sprint on River Side Drive. I was just happy to finish. Good Saturday ride today much enjoyed. Hills ride tomorrow. More torture before the critt next Sunday.

SPR Saturday Main 1 ride 14/11/2010

Not the best preparation for this mornings ride. Beer & pizza. Can’t eat pasta every night. Woke up feeling fine.

After being weak and going back to bed Thursday and not even attempting to get on the bike Friday morning I had plenty of carbs to burn off.

Was assisted by a nice tailwind on the way to Coode St but knew it would come back to bite me on Hale Rd. Felt confident of keeping with Main 1 today so again rolled out with them.

We soon caught the back of the fast group. Fast and Main 1 seemed to kind of join together. So we had a large group rolling down Welshpool Rd.

As expected the wind on Hale road was punishing along with the pace. When I dared look at my speed it was in the high 30s so I stopped looking and focused only on the cluster of the wheel in front sucking the thing for dear life. I didn’t want to lookup, did not want a bearing of how far more this pain was going to hurt or how it would make me suffer later. Finally we rounded the bend and saw Kalamunda Rd. I think I then discovered I had Jen following me all the way. Thought he went with the fast group.

Passed three or four mountain bikers with all but the kitchen sink on their bikes. I thought they are totally mad if they plan on going up Gooseberry Hill Road.

It was about now I discovered I had not restarted the timer on my Garmin. So Coode St to here had not been recorded. I don’t know why no alarm exists for this it is so frustrating.

Seemed to have fallen a fair way back on Ridge Hill Rd. Shaw was suffering so I got in front and he sucked my wheel. On the descent he was right on my back. That is the last I saw him for a while. Feeling good I put some more effort in and was hovering around the 45kph mark. Yo yoing with another spr kit rider we started to work together to peg back a pack of three including Blair and Michael Roper.

Felt like I was doing all the work on the front but was enjoying it. Short recovery for a few hundred meters and on it again slowly slowing cutting the gap. About 1km or less from Guildford Road the gap was just meters. Few more hard pushes and we were now on the back. Instantly the relief of a draft was felt and time for a drink.

Guildford Road was great fun with the tailwind. Didn’t really look at the speed but it was fast. Small WTF moment when three riders took the right lane at some light then were stuck there for a while with cars and trucks backed up behind them. Couple splits along the way but due to some lights the group of around 7 or 8 were all together at East Perth and finished together.

Enjoyed the ride and hope I carry the form into tomorrows long hills ride.

SPR saturday Main 1 ride

Today I rolled out of Coode St with Main 1. For the ride out to Mill Point Rd I was next to Geoffrey. Chatting away about the new bike. Sitting behind Toby doing leisurely 26kph. Along riverside drive Toby pulled off and we took over. Another rider jumped in front so I moved up and joined him until we got along Mounts Bay road where we pulled off. As I let the pack move by I realized just how big Main 1 was. Probably little larger than needed.

Off Mounts Bay road and now the pace stepped up. Soon we were doing high 30s low 40s. The back was yo-yoing a little and I wanted a little more protection so at the first rise I slipped back a few places. Managed a good pace staying in the saddle. Just to be sure I decided through Dalkeith would be a good place to take on a power bar. Wasn’t much chance later. Pace through Dalkeith was kissing on 50kph at points. Was happy to get to Stirling Hwy and get some water down.

Still feeling good. Legs ok but the short transition up Stirling Hwy normally makes my legs burn a bit. Descent down to Mosman Park hill. Keeping an eye on the rowers swinging a kayak ahead. Mosman Park hill. My Tuesday wake up call was today my Saturday wakeup call. As I got my rhythm at the bottom I saw Blair over half way up attacking someone who passed him. Bloody kids and their energy. Reaching the top panting like a dog.

Recovered halfway to water tower and pushed on. Short regroup at water tower and then another descent. Side by side with Anna. However our rhythm was lost on the rise due to bikes in front. Found back at the front of the pack for the next few kms then on the front for the ride over the bridge.

After the bridge I was swallowed up on the hill but made up some ground on the descent. The group ahead was a little all over the place and as I past Toby he yelled some disciplinary orders. By now the power bar should have been kicking in.

Burke Drive I think broke the group slightly. Was not a massively high pace but by no means slow. Think it was all in the 40s. Was a little spent by the end and took on a fair whack of water.

Canning Highway was a little dodgy with a couple of cars where we merged into the center lane to cross the freeway but cars appeared to be giving way. They were out numbered. I think we broke into two packs but thanks to some lights we were back together by South Perth. Another crossing of the causeway and back onto Riverside Drive for the sprint finish. I used the people in front for short drafts before moving onto the next. Was a good ride with an average of 34kph according to Blair. Was happy I could hang on.

saturday 30th oct – recap and feedback

so, after a lot of gentle coaxing we finally managed to get more people to join the fast group.  after a disatourous split the previous week, we managed to get people back into main 2.  the result??? main 1 was actually quite small this week.

the transitional ride also split, with the majority heading to trans 1 and only 5 doing trans 2.  so was that the distance change???  does the split transitional group need to be doing the same distance to make it effective???  do people think that they are getting hard done by doing a shorter distance and feel that they need to do the full 40km to make it worthwhile???

these are all questions i am asking, not having a go at anyone.  over the last few weeks we have tried a number of different things with varying success.  i need feedback as to what we need to do next.  the aim of the game is to make sure that everyone has a positive riding experience.  that doesn’t necessarily mean an easy ride, as even a hard ride can be positive.

so, fast, main1 and main 2 seem to be organised for now.  transitional 1 & 2 need to let me know what they want.  the development group is a bit sporatic as are the juniors. 

i think the juniors took off well for a while but now the regular riders realise that they have to give up their own ride to look after the kids.  unless we get a qualified coach, that is pretty much the way we will need to run things.

so, let me know what you are happy with and what you think needs to change.  the groups will only get bigger as the weather improves, so we need to get it set up now before it is too late.  add to the comments below.

SPR Main 2 Saturday 16/10/2010

A nice sunny Saturday morning for a ride. Not a cloud in the sky but the wind was not going to be our friend today. A noticeable point in the car park this morning was the number of bikes with TT bars fitted. A lot trying to get a warm-up in before tomorrows TT Team race down south.

Peter was late to the car park but no one seemed to notice, all were happy to chat away. When Peter did arrive he used the excuse family commitments. He called for the fast group to take off and this seemed to be a big call as no one was willing. All reckon they were saving themselves for tomorrow. Eventually a few took off. Next was Main one. Main 1 today virtually emptied the car park and only 6 of us remained. Seeing as no one was left Peter said looks like I have Main 2 too baby sit. Personally I think he was using the excuse to rest up for tomorrow.

With only six of us and the Transitional group caught by a truck backing up I said lets take the other exit. Peter agreed and so we rolled out. Because of our small number and the crappy wind this morning it was Peters choice to try and catch Main 1 and jump on the back of them. However this proved to be an already failed plan. Even though Peter and I lead out the four others at a rate of around 33 ~ 34 kph into the wind the combination of us getting every red light and Main 1 getting all the greens our chances of catching the bunnies in front seemed to be drifting away. For the first 5 – 10kms of the ride they were still in sight but catching proved to a failed attempt. Once they started a roll through and their numbers being between 30 – 40 riders we had no chance and they disappeared into the distance.

Knowing I was in the orange zone sitting on the front with Peter who was not even into the 100bpm a minute range I took the chance to down a power bar during the roll through on Great Eastern Hwy so that later in the ride I would have the energy I needed for Ridge hill.

The ride out from South Perth and down into Helena Valley was a good one with the roll through flowing nicely and the group keeping close together. Before long we arrived at Ridge Hill Road. I quickly dropped to the back and then quickly got back past Katie and Ivan. Kat and Wade had already managed to pull an extra 40 – 50m gap on me and I wanted to get them back. The whole way up Ridge Hill I thought I was catching them but was mostly only holding the gap. I glanced behind a couple times and saw Ivan and Katie around 100m behind and focused back on the front.I heard someone catching me and put a couple of hard pedals in only to find it was Peter checking I was ok. GRRR wasted energy 🙂

With a quick regroup at the bottom of the Zig Zags we saw two groups of the fast group go flying by. They must have made up their own route. Most were crouched over on TT bars warming up for tomorrow. After a quick pep talk from Peter we rolled out down the other side of Ridge Hill road. I got a nice rhythm down and peddling away seemed to pull a large gap on the others when I looked behind after going through the round about. I sat up and slowed down waiting for them.

Right onto Kalamunda road and we paired up. Finally with a tail wind it was a nice relief. cautiously we navigated down Kalamunda road and I dropped to the back to make sure we didn’t loose anyone while Peter lead the way. I have driven this road a million times and recently it has had a number of cyclists making their way home from work in afternoons.

Right onto Great Eastern Highway again for the short overlap of our earlier route and onto Guildford road. The old Guildford Hotel which burnt down a couple of years ago now has hundreds of socks on the fence and signs asking for a new owner to buy and rebuild the place. If you got any spare cash lying around and want to buy a pub I hear it is going real cheap.

For the first few kms of Guildford road I obeyed the group and kept the speed down at around the 33kph mark. However the tailwind and my second wind was itching to open up the taps a little. as I made my turns on the front I started to creep up the pace. As we made the approach to pass my place it was on and I broke away. Kat and Wade appeared to break with me but left me on the front to set the pace. Rolling past King William and up the hill we were over 40kph and as the road started to bend upwards I was on the pedals and putting in some real hard pushes. Knowing it wasn’t going to last I forced it to go until the crest. Lights at Garret road and Wade came up to have a turn on the lead for which I was happy to get a rest.

As we rolled through Maylands I put a few more hard pedals in again to the top of the hill and wade jumped back on the front again but Kat also came with him and got in front too. They lead us down to East Parade. When the lights went green Kat was off and I quickly got on her wheel and sucked it until the lights. On the green Kat and Wade were of and I was close behind. Katie, Ivan and Peter were not too far behind. Approaching the hill in East Perth Wade got by at the bottom and I was close on his tail and we both got to the crest with only about a 5 – 10m gap. Easy cruise down the other side to riverside drive. Just as we got to river side drive the lights went green and I jumped. soon up to 40kph and I thought I had broken away however with about 250 – 300 before the lights Wade came from I guess behind and beat me to the lights. From here was a leisurely cruise into the bell tower. Even though it was a small group was still a good ride and I enjoyed the higher pace from my break on Guildford road. Hopefully next Saturday I will finally be on my new bike if all goes well.