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SPR Giro d’Italia Dinner

The Spring Classics are done. The Cobbles, The Ardennes, and now the one week tours are on. That can only mean one thing…

Ciao Bella!

This year, SPR is heading to local South Perth haunt, Solo Pizza. Owned and operated by our favourite local Italians Stefania and Giovanni, Solo Pizza will host SPR for an evening of Giro, pizza, gelato, vino and birra.

After Stage 15 from Ivrea to Como (true story) , Solo Pizza is opening exclusively for SPR with a selection of the Solo Pizza menu, garden salads, desserts and corkage – the venue is BYO for beer and wine only.

Tom Doumoulin? El Prez? We’ve never seen them in the same place at the same time. Just sayin’.
After pizza, gelato,vino an birra, THIS is what it’s all about.







Venue:       Solo Pizza, 135A Coode St, South Perth

Date:          Monday 27th May

Time:          Starting at 18:30 to 21:00 – very cyclist friendly

Tickets:      $35.00 per person

Members, partners, kids, hangers on and all in between are welcome.

There is a lucky door prize, a Giro d’Italia quiz, and a best dressed Giro d’Italia theme prize for Jack Chang – because, well, no one has ever come close! Dress in your best pink, Giro or just plain Italian themed gear to get in the mood.

Tickets available now in the SPR SHOP here. Numbers are limited, so veloce!

Grazie Mille!

The Passo Gavia, 1988. A bit like mid-winter EBR’s.

Recap – Giro d’Italia night by G Hoskins

DSC_0082 (1280x850)

Our “SPR Out Of Lycra” (SPROOLER) events are growing in popularity (and dare I say notoriety?!) and the Giro d’Italia Dinner a few weeks ago was no exception. Sixty One 61 of our SPR members and partners attended a fun filled night of delicious wood fired pizzas and pasta taking over the entire top floor at Sopranos Ristorante in South Perth for our Giro d’Italia Dinner.

As you can imagine when cyclists get together, there were all kinds of tall tales & true to be exchanged and the dinner was interspersed with several quizzes designed to keep the competitive juices flowing even while off the bike. This also served to sort out those who are seriously committed to their chosen 2 wheel craft from the pretenders who were just there for the food… oh yes, and the beer.

DSC_0094 (1280x850)

With such astonishingly expensive and luxuriant prizes on offer (such as boxes of Bacci chocolates) it should come as no surprise that competition in the quizzes was hotter than a sprint up Ewen Street. So hot that a playoff was required to separate the two competing teams vying for top spot. Each quickly elected a Captain and it was Bill “The Grip” (a.k.a Angry Duck) and Gary “Iron Hands” Boylan who were each handed a pair of surgical rubber gloves and in readiness for their face off… to get a tubeless and tireless racing rim ready for action and up to race pressure in shortest possible time with no tools or assistance other a hand pump.

DSC_0093 (1280x850)

The winner by a pinch flat was Bill in the extraordinary time of 2 minutes and 20 seconds…impressive! How long can he hold onto the record? For quite some time we suspect…well at least until the next social event.

DSC_0098 (1280x850) DSC_0100 (1280x850)

A good time was had by all and the prize of a pizza voucher for the best dressed went to Cathi Dixon who was resplendent in her full Maglia Rosa regalia with Andrew and Jimmi close runners up. For a full photographic record of the evenings undertakings please see below.

Thank you to all who supported the evening. As we countdown to what is arguably the biggest Grand Departe of the year, watch the SPR blog for details of our next big SPORROLERS event which will be a Tour de France dinner planned to coincide with the end of the Tour. Details will be posted very soon.

And until next years Giro, arrivederci, ciao and buona ciclismo!

Graham Hoskins