Kit crash replacement discount

Club kit crash replacement discount policy

Wearing the South Perth Rouleurs club kit is a privilege restricted to club members, and we want our members to wear their kit with pride.

To ensure that those who purchase kit have the chance to wear it as much as possible the club has instituted a crash replacement discount policy. Essentially, if your club kit is accidentally damaged through accident or misadventure, in the course of riding your bike, the club will help you to replace it by giving you a 30% rebate on any items that you replace.

There are some conditions, of course.

  1. Kit does not last forever. For kit to be subject to this policy it must be damaged through accident or misadventure, not through normal wear and tear†. Eligibility for this rebate will be at the discretion of the kit sub-committee and will be based upon the information in the claim submitted.
  2. You can only receive a rebate for items that you purchase to replace items that are crash damaged on a like-for-like basis. For example, if you damage an SPR Standard Fit Jersey you cannot get a 30% rebate on the more expensive SPR Aero Fit Jersey as a replacement.
  3. The rebate will be paid directly to you by the club once your claim is approved by the kit sub-committee, and after you have paid for your new kit through MAYEUR.
  4. The rebate is only available on items of kit that can be purchased via the MAYEUR online ordering portal.
  5. Replacement items will be available on the next available production run as part of the standard kit ordering cycle.
  6. As per the club’s standard kit purchasing policy, you must be a current financial member of SPR to claim this rebate.

In order to claim your rebate you need to send an email to stating what items you are seeking a rebate for, and why. Include photos of the damage if you can, or other corroborating information that will help us to substantiate your claim. Please also provide information about when you purchased the item and how much use it has had.

This policy is effective January 1, 2016.

If you have items that have failed or deteriorated faster than what might normally be expected through normal wear and tear please contact the kit sub-committee to discuss whether or not a warranty claim might be appropriate.

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