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these custom lycra cuff socks feature a paisley design with a chain and cog motif using spr colours.  lycra socks provide a snug aero fit and are not bound by the usual design constraints that stitched socks are.

available in 3 sizes, these socks will be a one-off order and are not the official club sock.

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Medium, Large, Extra Large

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  1. When I first saw these socks, I knew they were a must have item for any SPR member. Only the finest cycling wear comes out from the Presidential Design Studios and these socks are no exception. To really appreciate the design I viewed the socks on my Retina Iphone 6 before buying. Sliding my feet in for the first time I instantly felt the unlimited detail Lycra design make my legs appear 45% stronger and added an element of euro heritage to my whole body. Would buy again, 4.5 stars.

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